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Note: While most parts of Rumble work very well, and its design is awesome, you are about to download a piece of unfinished software.
Test it all you like, marvel in the spiffiness of the web interface, but beware of unforseen bugs if you plan to use it for business purposes
(unless you just need an SMTP server, in which case it works like a charm).

If you find a bug or missing feature: Please, please, please submit a ticket in the bug tracking system already!
I'm working as hard as I can to find bugs myself, but I only have two eyes (and subsequently, I do not see in 4D)

Download Rumble:

This page shows the various package solutions available for download.
The currently available options are:

Other architectures

If you have access to other architectures than the ones listed, and you have sufficient knowledge to compile the binaries, do let me know, and I'll upload your copies of the binaries!

Stability on services

  • POP3: Very stable and finished core-wise (some additional extensions and data gathering may be made)
  • SMTP: Stable and mostly finished. A few tweaks are still needed, but the core service works like a charm
  • IMAP4: Somewhat stable but unfinished; Searching emails and full LEMONADE compliance is in the works.
  • Mailman: Stable and finished on SQLite. MySQL still has a few hiccoughs caused by poorly written drivers from Oracle (booh!)


  • Rumble version 0.35 (or below) is known to have a very poor MySQL support (which is mainly MySQL's own fault for writing bad drivers)
  • Rumble version 0.27 (or below) contains a known DoS vulnerability and should not be used commercially.
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