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  • Rpgui works fine.

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  • I should admit that one reason for giving a thumbs down is somewhat self serving. I put 8,000+ hours & over 10 years into an ILE toolkit ( which we offer under a commercial license, and open-source projects make it harder for us to serve the same community. I've also shared a lot of information about our framework, which provided inspiration and ideas for Aaron to capitalize on, here. Notwithstanding the potential publicity of open-source projects, it would be insincere for me to "donate" some code, and "hold back" other under the typical bait & switch approach. Open-source projects bring out the best and worst in people. On one hand, a few selflessly donate ideas and intellectual property rights. On the other hand, a few download code, remove copyright statements, shamelessly incorporate it into their own private toolkits, and give nothing back. There may be a wide range of uses in-between those two extremes, but in my experience the majority are more likely to be disingenuous & self-serving. Under open-source, there tends to be big winners, and big losers. Publicists unfortunately both nurture and are nurtured by the appeal of people getting something for nothing. My inclination is to watch - from a distance - how this unfolds.

  • I guess anything being attempted on this subject should get a thumbs up. However, it seems a long way off the likes of and at the moment. I did download and install it, but I couldn;t get anything other than http://dory:81/rpgui/ping to display anything.

  • To the anonymous coward that did the original review. Yes, this project is meant to get a lot of publicity - would it be better if the project went unannounced? Could RPG programmers go directly to sources like and Sure, but they aren't pursuing the same goals as RPGUI is, and that is making the RPG programmer productive during modern UI development. On last note, how is this NOT applicable to RPG CGI programming? It is using Apache to talk back and forth to the browser using the Common Gateway Interface. Why don't you get off your bitter horse and tell us your name! Aaron Bartell