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  • I Really consider this software one of the best app I at all times used! => check this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • I sincerly think this app the best program I ever used! => have a look at this site for Free Goods :

  • I'm using Roundcube for a while and can confirm, it's simple, useful, stable and easy to deploy. My recommendation.

  • Convenient Web-GUI for mail. It is possible to configure the interface for each user. Easily work with plug-ins. Fast, beautiful, high-quality product that will appeal to all at once on the company.

  • why I cannot install it ?who can help me?thanks all!

  • This is the most promising Webmail on this planet which can match up with almost all required need as a Webmail Client. Best Regards Lekh Khade @ RoundcubeSkins.Com

  • its very nice mail. I am using it everyday :)

  • Very easy web mail, fully featured. One of our users said that it was the best webmail he'd used, after Googlemail. It does require an IMAP server with no additional folder prefix (We upgraded to Dovecot at the same time as we upgraded from IlohaMail to Roundcube), but the transition was smooth, and as long as you meet the minimum requirements this works very well.

  • good

  • Nice Webmail client, this is very user friendly for my Webmail client. Thank to team for this awesome work. Have you aware about the, this website having a huge collection of mobile and desktop skins which is compatible and flexible with all devices. I have also downloaded the fee desktop skin form

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  • Nice Project..

  • Roundcube is a great Web e-mail client. It is very user friendly, it is very simple, yet powerful. From the end user viewpoint it is very easy to use and from the viewpoint of system administrator it is easy to install, configure and maintain. There are many plugins exist so that it is possible to enable additional functions and only those which you want, thus it is very flexible. Thank you very much development team!

  • This is great. My all employee loves it. Thank you for your work guys! Also I got very clean, decent and colorful DESKTOP as well as MOBILE compatible skins @ in cheap price.............. Thank you for them as well for there great work. Good work

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  • I'm using Roundcube Webmail from last 2 year. Recently I updated my Roundcube Webmail version. When I go through the Roundcube Webmail Forum I got to know there is mobile skins are available which are compatible with latest version of Roundcube Webmail. I purchased Royal-Blue Mobile Roundcube Skin from Awesome work done.

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  • yes Roundjaiho... I have purchased some colour mobile skin from Have good collection of Skins with affordable prices.. Now waiting for More skins :)

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  • This is really awesome to have Webmail like Roundcube and also for Roundcube Webmail I found the comical mobile compatible skins at

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  • We started using Roundcube and everyone likes it.

  • Very usefull and easy to incorporate in your apps.

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  • Very good Software.

  • Ever growing web mail but keeping focused on its core. Only minor drawback a native mobile theme. But really an option to try if you want your own webmail.

  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

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  • simple, fast and intuitive to use. You wont find better.

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  • Thanks! This is the best open source web mail client! Amazing interface is able to view mail without page refreshes.

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