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NOTES ===== This is the long awaited stable release of version 1.0. After adding some new features in 1.0-beta we cleaned up the code, fixed some more bugs and prepared everything for the big one. Since the last major release 0.9.x, the following new features have been added to Roundcube Webmail 1.0: * Canned responses to save and recall boilerplate texts * Save drafts in local storage for recovery * Attachment reminder plugin * A toggle to switch between HTML and plaintext view * Advanced LDAP address book functionality * Importing email messages and contact group assignments * Improved keyboard navigation in messages list * Cleaned up the configuration into a single file * Improved minified JS files handling, added CSS minification And of course plenty of small improvements and bug fixes. WARNING: the old configuration files from version <= 0.9.5 named and are now deprecated and should be replaced with one single file. Run the ./bin/ script to get this conversion done or manually merge the files. NOTE: the new should only contain options that differ from the ones listed in CHANGELOG ========= - Fix style of disabled protocol handler link on IE (#1489569) - Fix message import dialog when no file is selected (#1489685) - Fix opening compose screen in new window after saving as draft (#1489643) - Added toolbar button to move message in message view - Fix directories check in Installer on Windows (#1489576) - Fix issue when default_addressbook option is set to integer value (#1489407) - Fix Opera > 15 detection (#1489562) - Fix security issue in DomainFactory driver of Password plugin - Fix invalid X-Draft-Info on forwarded message draft (#1489587) - Fix regression in handling of 'attachments' result in message_compose hook (#1489627) - Fix issue where printed the message to STDOUT instead of a file (#1489634) - Fix fatal error in database_attachments plugin under some conditions (#1489726) RELEASE 1.0-rc -------------- - Small CSS fix with message notice boxes in Larry skin (#1489497) - Include groups in contacts search on mail compose (#1489082) - Add mime-type mapping for .7z files (#1489512) - Invoke update scripts with php to circumvent execution restrictions (#1489322) - Fix drag & drop message/contact moving on touch device (#1489431) - Fix canned responses in HTML mode (#1489536) - Check/create default folders on every login not only the first (#1489423) - Update to jQuery-1.11.0 and jQuery-UI-1.9.2 - Support SMTP socket context options via new config option 'smtp_conn_options' - Fix compatibility with PHP 5.2 in html.php file (#1489514) - Remove expand/collapse with plus/minus keys (on numeric keypad) (#1489513) - Fix issue where filesystem path was added to all-attachments (zip) file (#1489507) - Fix case-sensitivity of email addresses handling on compose (#1485499) - Don't alter Message-ID of a draft when sending (#1489409) - Fix issue where deprecated syntax for HTML lists was not handled properly (#1488768) - Display different icons when Trash folder is empty or full (#1485775) - Remember last position of more headers switch (#1488323) - Fix so message flags modified by another client are applied on the list on refresh (#1485186) - Fix broken text/* attachments when forwarding/editing a message (#1489426) - Improved minified files handling, added css minification (#1486988) - Fix handling of X-Forwarded-For header with multiple addresses (#1489481) - Fix border issue on folders list in classic skin (#1489473) - Implemented menu actions to copy/move messages, added folder-selector widget (#1484086) - Fix security rules in .htaccess preventing access to base URL without the ending slash (#1489477) - Fix regression where only first new folder was placed in correct place on the list (#1489472) - Fix issue where children of selected and collapsed thread were skipped on various actions (#1489457) - Fix issue where groups were not deleted when "Replace entire addressbook" option on contacts import was used (#1489420) - Fix unreliable mimetype tests in Installer (#1489453) - Fix performance of listing writeable folders (#1489451) RELEASE 1.0-beta ---------------- - Fix handling of invalid closing tags in HTML messages (#1489446) - Set real content-type for file downloads (#1489439) - Update TinyMCE to version 3.5.10 (#1489442) - Fix keyboard navigation in list widgets (#1489392) - Allow plugins to grab the reference of opened windows (#1489413) - Larry skin: Improved status message display for better visibility (#1488974) - Fix Internet Explorer 11 detection (#1489434) - Fix date column width to fit the widest possible date format (#1489368) - Move certain user preference options to a collapsed "advanced" block (#1488829) - Add file type icons for Powerpoint and Open Office presentations (#1489225) - Fix operations on folders with trailing spaces in name (#1489419) - Improve identity selection based on From: header (#1489378) - Fix issue where mails with inline images of the same name contained only the first image multiple times (#1489406) - Use left/right arrow keys to collapse/expand thread and spacebar to select a row, change Ctrl key behavior (#1489392) - Fix an issue where using arrow keys to go up a list can result in selected message being under headers (#1489403) - Fix an issue where Home/End keys don't focus list row properly, don't scrollTo properly (#1489396) - Add an option to disable smart Reply-List behaviour - reply_all_mode (#1488734) - Fix an issue where pressing minus key on contacts list was hiding list records (#1489393) - Fix an issue where shift + arrow-up key wasn't selecting all messages in collapsed thread (#1489397) - Added icon for priority column in messages list header (#1489234) - New feature "Canned Responses" to save and recall boilerplate text snippets - Fix HTML part detection when encapsulated inside multipart/signed (#1489372) - Add spellchecker backend for the After the Deadline service - Replace markdown-style [1] link indexes in plain text email bodies - Improved mailto: link arguments handling (#1489363) - Use DOMDocument LIBXML_PARSEHUGE and LIBXML_COMPACT options if possible (#1489302) - Support HTTP_HOST, SERVER_NAME and SERVER_ADDR values in include_host_config feature - Make default font size for HTML messages configurable (request #118) - Fix XSS issue in addressbook group name field [CVE-2013-5646] (#1489333) - After message is sent refresh messages list of replied message folder (#1489249) - Add option force specified domain in user login - username_domain_forced (#1489264) - Add option to import Vcards with group assignments - Save groups membership in Vcard export (#1488509) - Workaround broken PHP function timezone_name_from_abbr (#1489261) - Make cached message size limit configurable - messages_cache_threshold (#1489317) - Log also failed logins to userlogins log - Add temp_dir_ttl configuration option (#1489304) - Allow setting INBOX as Sent folder (#1489219) - Fix replacement variables in user-specific base_dn in some LDAP requests (#1489279) - Fix image scaling issues when image has only one dimension smaller than the limit (#1489274) - Fix issue where uploaded photo was lost when contact form did not validate (#1489274) - Move identity selection based on non-standard headers into (new) identity_select plugin (#1488553) - Fix downloading binary files with (wrong) text/* content-type (#1489267) - Respect HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and HTTP_X_REAL_IP variables for session IP check - Simplified configuration by merging it into one file + defaults (#1487311) - Make message list header stay on top when scrolling (#1295420) - Add support for 'enchant' spellcheck engine - Check filetype detection in installer and update script (#1489193) - Fix folder names truncation in Classic skin (#1489220) - Make possible to disable some (broken) IMAP extensions with imap_disable_caps option (#1489184) - Contacts drag-n-drop default action is to move contacts (#1488751) - Added possibility to choose to move or copy contacts from drag-n-drop menu (#1488751) - Fix Close link and remove About link on error pages (#1489109) - Improved/unified attachment preview screen, added print button - Fix lack of space between searchfiler and quicksearchbar in Larry skin (#1489158) - Cache LDAP's user_specific search and use vlv for better performance (#1489186) - LDAP: auto-detect and use VLV indices for all search operations - LDAP: additional group configuration options for address books - LDAP: separated address book implementation from a generic LDAP wrapper class - Allow address books to browse a multi-level group hierarchy in the contacts list - Fix session issues when local and database time differs (#1486132) - Fix thread cache syncronization/validation (#1489028) - Added feature to import messages to the currently selected folder - Add option show_real_foldernames to disable localization of special folders - Fix database cache expunge issues (#1489149) - Fix date format issues on MS SQL Server (#1488918) - Add imap_cache_ttl option to configure TTL of imap_cache - Make LDAP cache engine configurable via ldap_cache and ldap_cache_ttl options - Fix "duplicate entry" errors on inserts to imap cache tables (#1489146) - Improved handling of Reply-To/Bcc addresses of identity in compose form (#1489016) - Added user preference to open all popups as standard windows - Implemented shared cache (rcube_cache_shared) - Change Reply-All button label/title when mailing list is detected (#1488938) - Fix SMTP connection using IPv6 address in smtp_server option (#1489024) - Added attachment_reminder plugin - Make PHP code eval() free, use create_function() - Add option to display email address together with a name in mail preview (#1488732) - Support CSV import from Atmail (#1489045) - Add db_prefix configuration option in place of db_table_*/db_sequence_* options - Make possible to use db_prefix for schema initialization in Installer (#1489067) - Fix script so it recognizes also table prefix for external DDL files - Fix parsing invalid date string (#1489035) - Add "with attachment" option to messages list filter (#1485382) - Call resize handler in intervals to prevent lags and double onresize calls in Chrome (#1489005) - Add rel="noreferrer" for links in displayed messages (#1484686) - Add ability to toggle between HTML and text while viewing a message (#1486939) - Remove "HTML message" from attachments list while viewing a message in text mode (#1486939) - Support IMAP MOVE extension [RFC 6851] - Add attachment menu with Open and Download options (#1488975) - Display user-friendly message on IMAP "over quota" errors (#1484164) - Extended archive plugin with user-configurable options to store messages into subfolders - Fix export of selected contacts from search result (#1488905) - Feature to export only selected contacts from addressbook (by Phil Weir)
Source: README_1.0.0.txt, updated 2014-04-07

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