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NOTES ===== This third service release for the stable 0.9 series fixes 25 bugs including two minor XSS vulnerabilities with HTML messages and signatures. Along with that, we optimized the UI behavior for touch devices to make Roundcube work nice and smoothly on tablets running iOS or Android. It's considered stable and we recommend to update all productive installations of Roundcube with this version. CHANGELOG ========= - Optimized UI behavior for touch devices - Fix setting refresh_interval to "Never" in Preferences (#1489286) - Fix purge action in folder manager (#1489280) - Fix base URL resolving on attribute values with no quotes (#1489275) - Fix wrong handling of links with '|' character (#1489276) - Fix colorspace issue on image conversion using ImageMagick (#1489270) - Fix XSS vulnerability when saving HTML signatures (#1489251) - Fix XSS vulnerability when editing a message "as new" or draft (#1489251) - Fix rewrite rule in .htaccess (#1489240) - Fix detecting Turkish language in ISO-8859-9 encoding (#1489252) - Fix identity-selection using Return-Path headers (#1489241) - Fix parsing of links with ... in URL (#1489192) - Fix compose priority selector when opening in new window (#1489257) - Fix bug where signature wasn't changed on identity selection when editing a draft (#1489229) - Fix IMAP SETMETADATA parameters quoting (#1489231) - Fix "could not load message" error on valid empty message body (#1489228) - Fix handling of message/rfc822 attachments on message forward and edit (#1489214) - Fix parsing of square bracket characters in IMAP response strings (#1489223) - Don't clear References and in-Reply-To when a message is "edited as new" (#1489216) - Fix messages list sorting with THREAD=REFS - Remove deprecated (in PHP 5.5) PREG /e modifier usage (#1489174) - Fix empty messages list when register_globals is enabled (#1489157) - Fix so valid and set date.timezone is not required by installer checks (#1489180) - Canonize boolean ini_get() results (#1489189) - Fix so install do not fail when one of DB driver checks fails but other drivers exist (#1489178) - Fix so exported vCard specifies encoding in v3-compatible format (#1489183)
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