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Rosegarden 11.11.42 Alpha 2 Release for Windows =============================================== This is the second package of a Windows build of Rosegarden. Improvments you'll see this time are: - Recent merge from main branch so most of the 11.11.42 features should be available. - Localised language support is working. - All support files from the regular rosegarden distrubtion as well as all necessary DLLs are now packaged. - Fonts are installed automatically. - If you also install Lilypond then Print Previewing/Printing is working. - Path problems should be fixed. Notes: - Installation goes to the $PROGRAMFILE\Xyglo\Rosegarden directory. - rosegarden.exe executable rather than garderobe.exe as in previous version. - When Rosegarden runs it creates an audio folder under AppData profile (Roaming) called 'rosegarden'. - Under the HOMEPATH directory a .local/share/rosegarden folder is created also - Under registry key HKEY_USERS\YOUR_USER_ID\Software\rosegardenmusic you get the configuration information. - Temporary directory for example: C:\Users\bownr\AppData\Local\Temp Limitations - Lilypond export creates a few temporary files which cannot currently be removed by the software so these will build up. - No improvements or changes to MIDI code at this release. Cheers, Richard Bown December 2012
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