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  • like it. exactly what i wanted in my gui. i just want to mirror some folders daily. hasnt failed on me yet. also allows editing the by robomirror preconfigured command line

  • Wow, an amazingly functional and easy-to-use FREE app - runs circles around most others. Many thanks for creating this! Also available for download in a portable edition. -JT

  • Klare Programmstruktur und Beschränkung auf die wesentlichen Funktionen von robocopy. Gute GUI, intuitiv bedienbar. Nutze robocopy seit vielen Jahren, das ist der beste Scheduler und die beste GUI zur Zeit!

  • No ads, no fuss, no tricky installs. Works as advertised and by far the best backup freeware I have ever used.

  • good easy to use

  • Great GUI wrapper for RoboCopy. Very simple to configure and use.

  • This is a very useful program. Thank you to the author. I experienced some good news and some bad news when I tested RoboMirror: My first test was copying the contents of a folder on one drive to an empty folder on another drive. This was on a Windows 8.1 64b system. The pleasant surprise was that the Last Modified date of all folders in the new destination were retained. No apparent need for the DCOPY:T switch. My second application (having assumed my test was valid) was to copy the contents of one folder on a W2K system to an empty folder on a W7Pro system. In this instance the folders copied to the destination all showed the current date for Last Modified. So I assume you should always specify the DCOPY:T switch.

  • This is truly an awesome app. I'm using it daily ;-)

  • What a backup program should be - simple, reliable and easy to use.