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### RapidMiner Feature Selection Extension ### This extension to RapidMiner 5.x provides further feature selection and classification algorithms well suited for high dimensional data. You will find the latest release at and some information at the previous project site Please note, the this is just experimental software and might contain bugs or unfinished operators. If you have any questions, drop me a line. You can find me at: ### Installation ### Just copy the file "rapidminer-Feature-Selection-Extension-1.0.x.jar" to the /lib/plugins folder of your RapidMiner 5 installation. For windows users thight could be "C:\Program Files\RapidMiner\lib\plugins" or similar. ### Operators ### In the current version (1.0.3) the extension contains the following operators: Attribute Selection - Meta-Operators: - Ensemble Feature Selection - Windowed Weighting - Recursive Feature Elimination (RFE) - Feautre Selection Stability Evaluation Attribute Selection: - Select by SVM-RFE - Select by MRMR / CFS - Select by Feature Quantile Filter - Performance (MRMR) Attribute weighting: - Weight by Correlation based associations - Weight by Maximum Relevance - Weight by Welch-test - Weight by SAM Classification: - Least Angle Regression (LASSO / LARS) - Change LARS Model Parameters - SAM Utiliy: - Select top k features - ValueReplenishmentWithOffset - Selection2Ranking - Weights2Ranking - MRMR Cache Creator ### Building ### Prerequisites: You need a recent version of the RapidMiner 5.x source code. It should be located at "../RapidMiner_Vega" relative to this directory. If this does not apply, change the "rm.dir" property in the build.xml file. Go for it: Just type ant for building the plugin. If you want it packaged, type ant createJar and if you are running RapidMiner from your RapidMiner_Vega source directory you can also type ant installJar which packages the plugin and places it in "RapidMiner_Vega/lib/plugins". [Then start RapidMiner.] That's it. Enjoy, Ben
Source: README, updated 2010-12-14