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v0.49 2011-12-06 1414 weekly downloads
v0.48 2011-11-17 0
v0.47 2011-05-28 0
v0.46 2011-05-18 0
v0.45 2011-05-16 0
v0.44 2011-04-13 0
v0.43 2011-04-08 0
v0.42 2011-04-03 0
v0.41 2011-03-30 0
v0.40 2011-03-21 0
v0.39 2011-03-17 0
v0.38 2011-03-09 0
v0.37 2011-02-23 0
v0.36 2011-02-14 0
v0.35 2009-07-05 0
v0.34 2009-07-02 0
v0.33 2009-06-28 0
v0.32 2009-06-24 0
v0.31 2009-06-20 0
v0.30 2009-06-16 0
v0.29 2009-06-07 0
v0.28 2009-06-01 0
v0.27 2009-05-19 0
v0.26 2009-05-17 0
v0.25 2009-04-27 0
v0.24 2009-04-23 0
v0.23 2009-04-16 0
v0.22 2009-04-13 0
v0.21 2009-03-31 0
v0.20a 2008-12-14 0
v0.20 2008-12-14 0
v0.19 2008-11-30 0
v0.18 2008-11-09 0
v0.17 2008-10-09 0
v0.16 2008-10-06 0
v0.15 2008-09-21 0
v0.14 2008-09-09 0
v0.12.5 2008-09-07 0
v0.12 2008-09-06 0
v0.11 2008-09-01 0
v0.10 2008-08-28 0
v0.09 2008-08-27 0
v0.08 2008-08-20 0
v0.07 2008-08-15 0
v0.06 2008-08-14 0
v0.05 2008-08-11 0
v0.04 2008-08-08 0
v0.03 2008-08-07 0
v0.02 2008-08-06 0
v0.01 2008-08-02 0
readme.txt 2011-12-06 7.7 kB 0
Totals: 51 Items   7.7 kB 14
v0.01 (2008-08-03) Program parses one SQL query and generates a diagram including joins, where conditions, aggregations, group by etc. Source code includes testing code with sample queries. v0.02 (2008-08-06) The next version will have a different approach to reduce all functions based on regular expression "func_name(params*)" instead of enumerating known functions for each SQL dialect. This will also process ex: NVL(SUM(x)) v0.03 (2008-08-07) Added end of line comments ex: " ..x=2 -- comment" .Now <> comparison apears correctly in diagrams (previosuly showing only <) v0.04 (2008-08-08) Support for IN clause "xx in (1,2,3)" .Edge color for outer joins is fixed in dir.g (Thanks Emden) -Support for outer joins syntax "x=y (+)" v0.05 (2008-08-11) Added select * , table.* Added Like operator. Sometimes text was clipped in Graphviz. Now fixed by specifying textsize v0.06 (2008-08-14) Added BETWEEN clause ex: 'x between 1 and 2' v0.07 (2008-08-15) bugfix for "class Simplifier()", so it runs also in Python 2.4 v0.08 (2008-08-20) Added a simple graphical interface v0.09 (2008-08-27) The "Outer side" of an outer join is identified with a big dot v0.10 (2008-08-28) bugfix: edges had only head but no tail, this caused gvpr script to crash v0.11 (2008-09-01) Added support for 'x NOT IN (1,2,3)' and 'x NOT BETWEEN 1 and 2'. Added a menu in the GUI to increase the distance between nodes for cluttered diagrams v0.12 (2008-09-06) Now it really runs on Unix (previosuly only Mac and Win). Modified the GUI to report errors and display welcome note (only if installed correctly) v0.12.5 (2008-09-08) It is no longer needed to maintain a list of SQL-specific functions. Now functions on top of aggregates are processed, EX "nvl(sum(x), 0) ". v0.14 (2008-09-09) Added a simple web app based on CherryPy . There is a demo at www.snowflakejoins.com/revj v0.15 (2008-09-22) Added partial support for subselects. Test code is in own file. v0.16 (2008-10-07) Subselects are renderred in a nicer way. Note that only "correlated subqueries" are supported. Algorithm is temporarily disabled, always "neato" is used. v0.17 (2008-10-10) Initial support for "xx in (SELECT..)" style subselects v0.18 (2008-11-09) Column aliases appear now in the diagram. Restored the "algorithm" parameter when generating graphs v0.19 (2008-11-30) Support for mixing where clause fragments into ANSI joins Ex: " select * from t1 left join t2 on t1.b=t2.x and t1.c=1 left join t3 on t1.b=t3.p where t1.c=2" v0.20 (2008-12-14) support for multiline comments /* */ v0.20a (2008-12-14) bugfix: raise exception on unsupported UNION keyword. Create directory ./static (if missing) v0.21 (2009-03-31) "select column from one_table" does not require anymore qualifying the columns with table/alias name. Support for CASE statements v0.22 (2009-04-13) Characters $@ allowed in identifiers; dollar expansion for identifiers ex: ${table} ; use square brackets for aliases in addition to double quotes; added more operators !> !> ^= %= ; added more aggregation functions v0.23 (2009-04-16) Bugfix: now works if path contains spaces (for example under "Documents and Settings" folder). v0.24 (2009-04-23) Less clutter in output . Ex in "select * from t1 inner join t2 on t1.a=t2.b where t1.a=4" there are no more separate entries for "a=4" and for the join -code refactoring v0.25 (2009-04-28) Performance improvement. For queries over 20 table runtime can decrease to more than 50% v0.26 (2009-05-17) Added support for USING ex: .. from table1 inner join table2 using (id) .. . Bugfixes: Raise AmbiguousColumnException if there are no more tabes in one select, and the columns are not qualified . Empty string constat did not work previously. Remove Postgres-speciffic slice operators (ex birthday[1:4]). Better error reporting for mismatched parentheses and quotes. Allow spaces in alias names v0.27 (2009-05-19) Bugfix: mixed ANSI joins and tables. EX: FROM TABLE_1 T1 LEFT JOIN TABLE_1A T1A ON T1.ID=T1A.ID, TABLE_2 v0.28 (2009-06-01) Added support for ORDER BY and DISTINCT in aggrgates ex: COUNT(DISTINCT). Note that the general SELECT DISTINCT is not yet implemented v0.29 (2009-06-07) If possible, aliases are displayed inside the tables they belong (previously they were displayed each in it's own frame). Some progress with subselects, to be finalized later. v0.30 (2009-06-16) The sub-queries look better ex: ..where x in (select y from t) . Some progress with derived tables ex: select .. from (select ..) as derived_1, (select ..) as derived_2 ... . Nested subselects do not work yet. If same table appears in more subselects, diagram is wrong. v0.31 (2009-06-20) Fixed bugs related to .. join using(a,b,..) . The "using" clause works correctly only when joining two tables. v0.32 (2009-06-24) Enhancements: expression aliases are displayed consistently "... AS alias". Better error detection for duplicated "from" etc. Bugfixes v0.33 (2009-06-28) "As" becomes optional for column aliases. Bug fixes: "select count(*)" displays correctly. "Having" clause was not displayed. v0.34 (2009-07-03) Support for "ORDER BY x DESC". Fixed bugs related to "case" . v0.35 (2009-07-05) If aggregates are found in multiple tables than issue warning for fan and/or chasm trap. Bugfixes related to ORDER BY alias v0.36 (2011-02-11) Bugfix: remove multiple /* */ comments v0.37 (2011-02-23) Bugfix: "Select distinct a.id from" a does not display id field in graph v0.38 (2011-03-09) bugfix: support for Oracle bind variables ex a = :1 bugfix: "select field from schema.table" failed when there was no table alias or explicit table.field v0.39 (2011-03-17) Better parsing of nested SQL statements bugfix: Field a.b is now recognised in "SELECT a.id from a where a.b in (select c from d)" v0.40 (2011-03-21) Linking subselects and their aliases. Ex: select fact.*, region.name, product.name from fact, (select name, id from translation where lang='EN' and type='region') region, (select name, id from translation where lang='EN' and type='product') product where fact.region_id = region.id and fact.product_id = product.id; v0.41 (2011-03-30) bufix: incorect fan trap warning in SELECT id,sum(val1),sum(val2) from tab group by id bugfix: properly reduce constants in "select nvl(a111 + 2222, 3333, 4444) from table" v0.42 (2011-04-03) Improved simplifier (ex: not complaining about column concat, wich is a function). Improved subselects. ex: select * from (select * from ta A,tb B where A.x=B.y) D1, (select * from ta A,tb B where A.x=B.y) D2 v0.43 (2011-04-08) Fixed missing edge for nested IN (subselect..) . Ex: select * from (select A.id from A where A.id IN (select B.id from B where v=5)) D1 v0.44 (2011-04-13) Fixed anonymous subselects. Ex: select * from (select A.id from A) Long IN clauses are truncated. Ex: table.field in (1,2,3,4...999) v0.45 (2011-05-15) Added support for UNION. Fixed exception during processing of "select o.x from out o where o.y in ( select * from t1 at1 )" v0.46 (2011-05-18) Fixed union at top level. Fixed column without alias and IN subselect, Ex "SELECT * FROM A WHERE x IN (SELECT y FROM B )" v0.47 (2011-05-28) Fixed case sensitive UNION SELECT . Ex "SELECT a FROM A UNION seLECT b FROM B" now works. v0.48 (2011-11-17) Fixed union all. Ex: "select t1.a from T1 union all select t2.b from T2 union all ..". Fixed functions without parameters and parens, ex: "Select .. where t1.x=sysdate" v0.49 (2011-12-06) Fixed "cast(x as integer)" that previously produced an error
Source: readme.txt, updated 2011-12-06

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