Rescatux is a GNU/Linux repair cd (and eventually also Windows) but it is not like other rescue disks. Rescatux comes with Rescapp. Rescapp is a nice wizard that will guide you through your rescue and repair tasks.

When the wizard is not able to solve your problem you can also enjoy of Rescatux unique support features:

* Chat: Open the chat for asking help directly in Rescatux channel.
* Share log: After running an option you can share its log (the action registry that it has done) so that in the chat they can help you better. O better, even, you can help debug and fix Rescatux bugs on the fly.
* Share log on forum: Prepares a forum post alike text so that you can just copy and paste it in your favourite forum. Logs are nicely inserted into it with [CODE] symbols.
* Boot Info Script: Run Boot Info Script option to share your computer configuration (specially boot one).


  • Restore GRUB and GRUB2
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) Create a new UEFI Boot entry
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) Fake Microsoft Windows UEFI
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) Reinstall Microsoft Windows EFI
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) Update UEFI order
  • (>=0.31 beta 4) Update any GRUB2 menues
  • Update Debian/Ubuntu grub menues
  • Clear Windows passwords
  • Restore Windows MBR (BETA)
  • (>=0.31 beta 4) Promote a Windows user to Administrator role
  • Change Gnu/Linux Password
  • Regenerate sudoers file
  • File System Check (Forced Fix) (BETA)
  • (>= 0.40 beta 1) SELinux based systems are supported
  • (>=0.31 beta 3) boot-repair 3.199
  • (>=0.31 beta 1) Gparted 0.12
  • (>=0.31 beta 3) os-uninstaller 3.199
  • (>=0.31 beta 3) clean-ubiquity 3.199
  • (>=0.31 beta 3) photorec
  • (>=0.31 beta 3) testdisk 6.13
  • (>=0.31 beta 1) Gpart 0.1h-11+b1
  • (>=0.31 beta 1) extundelete 0.2.0
  • (>=0.40 beta 2) Gptsync - Create Hybrid MBR
  • (>=0.40 beta 2) Recompute Hybrid GPT/MBR CHS
  • (>=0.40 beta 2) Check bios_grub partition on GPT
  • Boot Info Script
  • Share a log (Support)
  • Share a log on forum (Support)
  • Show logs (Support)
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) UEFI Partition Status
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) Hide Microsoft Windows UEFI
  • (>=0.41 beta 1) Check UEFI Boot

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User Reviews

  • This is a really awesome tool, saved me tons of time! When installing the Ubuntu 16 on a laptop, somehow my grub got messed up and the machine won't boot, and not even see the grub, now within 10 mins, it fixed everything! Thanks!

  • Just saved me hours of reinstalling 2 OSes on my laptop. You guys are awesome.

  • Rescatux has saved my bacon on several occasions. An outstanding and free gem. Thank you SourceForge for your support of Open Source software ;)

  • A great software! some 3 years ago, when i tried to install linux - ubuntu in my win vista - laptop, i messed up and couldnt load windows anymore - i lost access to all drives except thro linux, if i remember right.. Horrible thing in the middle of a struggle to submit a thesis, - the service person didnt know how to fix it, he wanted to format it - but rescatux saved me.. thank you :) - i created this account today when i suddenly saw rescatux on featured downloads- had to say its good, right :)

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • great

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Information Technology, Education, System Administrators, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

X Window System (X11), Qt, Curses/Ncurses

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Unix Shell, Python