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Resara Server 1.1 Released!

The Resara team is proud to release Resara Server 1.1! Its been a very exciting year for Resara Server, with new users all over the world ranging from small businesses with a handful of employees, to large enterprises with thousands of users and computers. The priorities for the 1.1 release were infrastructure improvements, scalability, and overall refinement. With this release comes multi-server replication for redundancy and expansion for large networks, a new installable ISO to make setup and configuration even easier, and many other features and improvements.

Take a look below for a detailed list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. If you are using Resara Server now, click here for instructions on how to upgrade to 1.1. If you are not using Resara Server or haven’t tried it, download our new ISO and check it out! We are looking forward to another exciting year bringing the best domain controller solution available to the IT industry!

~The Resara Team


Users of VirtualBox should enable the “Use Host I/O Cache” option. Due to a bug in recent versions of VirtualBox, the 1.1 upgrade process may cause DISK CORRUPTION if this option is not used. For more details on how to enable this option, please see for more details.

Resara Server 1.1

Major Features

  • Added NTP server support
  • Added dynamic DNS update support
  • Upgraded to Smaba4 Alpha17
  • Created an installable ISO


  • Improved command line syntax for rdscontrol
  • Show built in users and groups when showing system objects
  • Added the mac address to the server status tab
  • Made the text in the server status tab selectable
  • Improved support for NTFS volumes
  • Added email address fields to the user management console
  • Allow editing of the group account name as well as it's full name
  • When cloning a user, the home directory for the new user is renamed and created
  • Improved the speed of the login scripts by reducing the number of LDAP requests they make


  • Fixed out of date network information during setup by looking up network information just before it is needed
  • Fixed some graphics issues that were causing crashes on Macs
  • Fixed crash when using a GTK theme with the binary linux admin client
  • Allow canceling the new folder prompt in the file browse dialog
  • Fixed the behaviour of the "Hard Disk" volume when UDisks is not available
  • Fixed the allingement of password in the password generation dialog
  • The server description string is now set properly
  • Fixed some spelling errors
  • Disabled adding a DHCP object when the DHCP server is not configured
  • Fixed setting the date and time on non English systems
  • Made it less likely for duplication of rds admin users
  • Fixed drive string formatting issues
  • The server list in the login window now handles multiple servers better
  • Fixed several parsing issues with the DNS configuration files
  • Many bug fixes for the QtRPC communications library
  • Improved performance when looking up information on storage devices
  • The default domain suffix is now .lan instead of .local
  • Fixed authentication for command line utilities
  • Stay on provision status page when an error occurs
  • Allow user and groups names to start with a number
  • Make sure the server's host name is no more than 14 characters long
  • Fixed a crash when the admin console was closed without connecting to anything
  • The admin console now adds a menu entry on Linux clients
  • Samba is now restarted after a share is removed
  • The rdssamba4 package now removes samba3 packages
  • The location of the Domain Users group is looked up instead of assuming it's in the default location
  • Make sure the sysvol and netlogon shares are hidden at provision time
  • Fixed the spelling of reloadconfig in the rdscontrol tool
  • Fix drive maps for specific computers
  • Don't add a user if failed to set the users password
  • Prevent the Domain Admins, Domain Users, and Domain Guests groups from being deleted
  • Properly set the hostname of the server in the /etc/hosts file so that the FQDN is correct

Resara Server Commercial Edition

Major Features

  • Multi-Server support: The ability to add multiple servers to a domain with replication and fail-over


  • Make sure the service check cron script doesn't email root each time it's run
  • Add rdsimport to the rdsutils package
  • Fix permissions when rdsimport is creating a users home directory
  • Cleaned up command line parameters for rdsimport
  • Improve the handling of badly formated CSV files in rdsimport
  • Improve error messages when the Admin Console fails to get a license
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