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Version (16.09.2015) - Added the ability to open a remote powershell session to the entered machine within the "Tools" menu. Version (15.09.2015) - Bugfix: Context Menu "Terminate Process" was shown although no process selected - Feature: Sessions can be now logged of by Context Menu (no multiselect at this time) Version (23.07.2015) - Bugfix: With Version WMI Warning appearing constantly when connecting to an unknown client from previously connected client - Bugfix: Datagrids won't be all cleaned after disconnect and current tab still selected Version (02.05.2015) - Bugfix for Version and earlier: Open C$ deons't work, instead you got Error Code 2! - Bugfix for Version and earlier: Performance Counter now implemented over WMI, should work now more stable. Version (23.04.2015) - New Feature: Remote Computer Management over Tools Menu - New Feature: New Sessions TAB to see active and inactive sessions on the target machine => This prerequisite for upcoming logout user function within the "Sessions" -TAB! -Bugfix: If counters couldn't be initialised, not high consums were displayed, now high consum process will be shown regardless of uninitialised performance counters. - Bugfix: Removed a performance issue with getting open files, this info will now be gathered by klicking the depending tab. - Known Issues: Using the Sessions Tab opens a console window for a short timeframe (try to fix this asap) Version (10.02.2015) - Bugfix: UAC will now be Used, so you have to be admin to start rPE - Bugfix: CPU, RAM and Pagefile fields were editable, now they are read-only. Version (22.10.2014) - Bugfix for Klick on Griview after Logoff - Bugfix for suddenly disconnected clients Version (13.08.2014) - New Feature: Open Service Manager UI For Remote Machine (Menu Tools) - New Feature: Open Eventlog UI For Remote Machine (Menu Tools) - New Feature: Open User Manager UI For Remote Machine (Menu Tools) - New Feature: Open Windows Update Log For Remote Machine (Menu Reporting) - New Feature: Open Windows Update Reporting Log For Remote Machine (Menu Reporting) Version (12.08.2014) -Bugfix that loops a MessageBox in case of loosing connection to the target Version (15.07.2014) - Bugfix: 32 Bit Software won't shown on 64 Bit Systems Version (25.06.2014) - Bugfix: System Report was executed with local user rights instead of given adminuser Version (28.03.2014) - Fixed Copy-Paste issue on EVentlog entries - Fexed a small Bug while getting process owner => "Failed to get processes" Version (20.03.2014) - Fixed wrong encoding within GPResult Textbox Version (13.04.2014) - Added Client Time in InfoBox Version (12.04.2014) - Added 'Source' Column to Eventlog - New Feature: If a logged on user on the remote machine is found, you can use a new tab called GPResult (which is obviously getting the GPResult) => This Tab dissapears if no logged on user is found Version (18.10.2013) - Bugfix: Connection to a remote machine with Active Firewall or not responding to ping leads to hung of rPE Version (24.09.2013) - Bugfix: Connecting to a machine which is resolvable but not online will lead to frozen rPE Version (15.08.2013) - Bugfix: If machine returns a wrong value for uptime, rPE hung Version (25.06.2013) - Feature "logout button" added Version (08.05.2013) - Changed Reports: Now Using msinfo32 for complete report instead of two single reports => Much more details included in the msinfo32 report than in the single repors, enjoy! Version (03.05.2013) - Minor Bugfixes (CPU utilization with 3 digits to avoid bad sorting - Change Performance Counter Interval through context menu Version (10.04.2013) -Minor Bugfixes Version (09.04.2013) - Feature Reports: From the menu bar you now able to chose 2 different reports, SystemInfo and Driver Report - Feature Processes with high CPU consumption will be displayed - Feature Processes with high Memory consumption will be displayed - Added information about shares on the remote system. Will be shown within the right upper Infobox - Executable shortened to rPE.exe Version (19.03.2013) - Feature: Within the Info Datagrid, the selected value can now be copied to the clipboard - Internal: New helper class PerfCounterHelper Version (11.03.2013) - Bug: Logged in User will stay if host is changed, although no one is logged on. - Bug: Color azure will stay instead of show system color if no one is logged on (the remote host). Version (08.03.2013) - Fixed some scalable mistakes - If logged on user is found, line will be prsented in azure Version (07.03.2013) - Now RPE has a scalable frontend - Changed some names, so that more important info values will shown on first look Version - Bugfix for Software that pretends get Active Driectory Groups calling them the second time - Bugfix that shows "User entered" instead of "Host entered" within the Logfile Version (09.01.2013) - Bugfix for determine NIC Version (07.01.2013) - Bugfix for getting Software Version (02.01.2013) - New Icon (selfmade) - Bugfix: If more than one active NIC found a message box is shown with content like "Key already being added". - Happy New Year Version (14.12.2012) - New Tab Software - Fixed Bug for local host usage - Some minor changes Version (04.12.2012) - Changed mechanism to determine logged on user - Changed Textbox for Info to DataGridView with marking Uptime > 30 Days and Active Processes > 50 - Using Backgroundworker for getting Uptime and CPU-Information now. Version (15.11.2012) - Info box now contains additionally information about CPU and Network-Adaper - Fixed some typos and color mismatch Version (10.08.2012) => No public release! - If Remote Registry not running you are now able to start it directly from the MessageBox Version (18.06.2012) - New Feature: OpenFiles => Disconnect single files, multiselected (context menu) and all files (context menu) that are openened on the remote host - arguments has to be passed in the following way (neither sequence doesn't matter nor the letter case): /? /h: (host, either FQDN or netbios) /u: (username) /p: (password: ATTENTION! It is passed in clear readable text!) If all three params given rPE directly connects to the host without any further interaction. Version (28.05.2012) 1.) Feature: Added the ability to pass arguments, use remoteprocessexplorer.exe /? to see how it works. Attention: At this time passing the password works only in clear text, so the password is visible for everyone during enter it or if used in a script! 2.) Fixed automated documentation with ghostdoc Version (02.05.2012) 1.) Fixed Copy-Paste-Bug for Active Directory Tab 2.) Fixed that only FQDN or IP-Address can be used for host names 3.) Added: Change IP-Address to FQDN if it can be resolved Version (30.04.2012) 1.) Fixed that no services and events shown if ipaddress used 2.) IP-Address input is EXPERIMENTAL, so check it out and give feedback to! Version (27.04.2012) 1.) Added IP-Address Support (with reverse lookup to get the FQDN or use hostname as domain) Version (24.04.2012) 1.) Small performance increase (Bugfix: Loaded SystemUptime two times on every refresh and initial) Version (25.01.2012) 1.) All in english language now (hopefully) 2.) Search within processes and services now per beginning letter 3.) Some typing errors fixed 4.) Multiselect within Processes and the selected can be copied to clipboard with CTRL-C Version 1.) Small Bugfox for: Folder %LOCALAPPDATA% suddenly appears after click on ActiveDirectory Info Tab and no user coud be determined Version 1.) Logfiles older than 10 days will be be deleted from now. 2.) If a WMI-Class (p.ex. PerfMon) has no instances, a message box will be displayed. Version 1.) Bugfix: Rebooting the remote host or remote host is going down during working with it results to an unhandled exception => Added a Messagebox to inform the user about this 2.) Buttons for AD-User and Machines now highlited in FaleGreen instead of "Capion" Version 1.) Fixed that an Exception is thrown if the remote registry will be stopped in services tab 2.) Status of stopping and starting of services will be displayed within the toolstrip Version 1.) Auslagerung von Helper Funktionen (internal) 2.) App- and Syseventlog now stored into an ListView (with STRG-A and STRG-C functions) 3.) App- and Syseventlog not fetched on every klick on tab, only an refresh or machine name change Version 1.) Added Fresspace on drive c:, shown it the right upper info window 2.) Several Bugfixes when executed on and for the local machine 3.) Started to use classes and helper functions (Thanks Bernie!)
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