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renamerV2 by p4rAn0id (2012) ============================ Simple Tool. Usefull to remove or replace strings on directory- and filenames. It is also possible to "Folder" and "Unfolder" files. In a early Beta-State is an Unpacking feature that depends on an available 7za.exe. Use the simulate Button before you start the real Action. So you can check if your Settings are correct. Perhaps this Program can be a Securityrisk. Don't use this Tool as Admin! (in this Case, you must ultra very well be sure, that you know, what you do). The Programm will perhaps crash, if you use it on Directorys/Files, without the needed Permissions or wrong settings/values! Please report such crashes. Feel free to rate, comment and share this tool. !!! Support the Occupy Movement !!! We are the 99% !!! !!! We arn't their slaves !!!! Report Ideas and Bugs at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/renamerv2/support Runs with: .NET 4.0 (ClientProfile) mono Tested in: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit MacOSX 10.6 Compiled for 'Any CPU' runs in 32- and 64-bit environments FAQ - or something else ----------------------- Q: What is LoS? / For what is the File "list_of_strings.txt"? A: LoS is my Shortname for the File "list_of_strings.txt" In this File you can edit/add/remove Strings (with your preferred Texteditor). Only one String per Line. Use only Chars, that are allowed in File- and Directorynames, else the Program can Crash. I dont Check your Input! You must know, what you do! Q: How can i Edit an added String in this Box? A: Here a little 'How-To' edit an ListBox-Item To Edit an ListBox Item you can Doubleklick it select and press 'Enter' or 'F2' To delete selected ListBox Items, you can select and press 'Del' or 'Backspace' select and click the 'remove'-Button The Item will only change, if you press 'Enter' To exit the Editfunction, without changing the Item press 'Escape' It's still possible, to click the Buttons/Checkboxes it's not a Bug, it's a Feature! You can still close the Program Q: Can i get Support? A: If you are lucky, there is a Community, or better, you can help yourself. Otherwise, you can try this: https://sourceforge.net/projects/renamerv2/support Q: Why is this nice tool not on thepiratebay available? A: It was. For 1 day or sowhat. Then my account got "deleted" and the torrent was nomore available on tpb. I cant create a new account with the used email. Yes, it sounds strange, but it is really happened. ToDo: - add more async workers - more Checking (ex. Permissions) and Errorhandling - Multiload of diffrent LoS-Files - Options for appending or replace to/the ListBox's Content (from/with LoS-Files) - more Preferences for setting Defaults for Dynamic and Hardcoded Values - implement db4o to store Logs and/or Settings - Installer (currently the updater can be abused for) - store settings to the Registry - add Version-Check to the Updater atm the Updater get the actual renamerV2.exe without worry about existence and version when it get started manually mono - known issues -------------------- The moving of multiselected items in the Listbox isn't so nice as under win7. Selected items can lose their selection. Moving a single item work as expected. Updater can start new renamerV2, but the started renamerV2 get closed too if the Updater get closed. The start on a Unix/Mac is disabled and a Message get displayed. Updater can't close running renamerV2. This is because the renamerV2 runs as 'mono' and not 'renamerV2'. The start of the Updater from within renamerV2 is disabled under Unix/Mac and a Message get displayed. Relatively pathes aren't supported as in windows. I use the Application.StartUpPath when a Unix/Mac is detected. And the portable Mode get disabled by default. On Unix/Mac in the 'About' is the Text-Scrolling disabled Changelog/History ------------------ renamerV2 v2.8.4733.26528 (16.12.2012) ~ Bugfix: Catch error when Directory or Filename is too long renamerV2 v2.8.4711.5217 (24.11.2012) ~ Bugfix: in unfolderer mode the cutting failed under special circumstances renamerV2 v2.8.4711.2454 (24.11.2012) - extended the 'Folderer' - added an 'unfolder' mode (must get enabled because it is at the moment an 'experimental' tool) - use the simulate before using - define a string that a file must contain that it get un-/foldered - say where to Cut a name from rootDir (only unfolderer) - define a destintion for un-/foldering else a directory get created named with the 'Contains' else it get foldered in the containing folder or it get unfoldered to the parent of containing folder - as always, simulate before real use - now multiple WorkDirs can get defined (in ALL Tools!) e.g.: C:\folder1;D:\folder2;e:\folder3 - removed directory-checks on config-loading this happens when starting an action - now the 'About&Thanks' can get closed with the 'About'- Button and also the text-scrolling is disabled on Unix/Mac, because it caused a strange graphic-bug - implemented an 'surprise' somewhere ;) ~ Bugfixes: - now the check for nfo and url files converts to lower because it was case-sensitive Settingsmanager (v0.7) - added config-GUI for 'Unpacker' - extended config for 'Folderer' New Feature: 'Unpacker' - that this work it must get enabled in Settingsmanager (System/show "experimental" Tools) - you also have to copy an 7za.exe to the renamerV2.exe or add the Path to an 7za.exe to your PathEnvironment You can get it here: http://www.7-zip.org ~ known Bug: doesn't work with parted Archives renamerV2updater v0.4.4711.2454 - added check for existing MainExe (renamerV2.exe) - added VersionCheck and asks if the update isn't newer - while AutoUpdate it will no question displayed and the Update get aborted renamerV2 v2.7.4606.42562 (12.08.2012) - implemented OS-detection - runs now under mono tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and MacOSX 10.6 ~ Bugfixes - fixed the "Log"-checkboxes handling - for compatibility the version of files now get through the FileVersionInfo - fixed the Progressbar in 'Folderer' - fixed the errorhandling in 'Folderer' - fixed handling of defaults - Settingsmanager (v0.6.6) some changes for Unix/Mac compatibility renameV2updater v0.3.4606.42561 - implemented OS-detection - runs now under mono tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and MacOSX 10.6 renamerV2 v2.6.4605.2251 (10.08.2012) ~ Bugfix: corrected handling of configuration now the defaults get handled correct renamerV2updater v0.2.4605.2251 ~ Bugfix: same as above renamerV2 v2.6.4604.42748 (10.08.2012) ~ Bugfix: when the "Log"-Checkbox is checked you get a few details about the renaming (old and new name and what done). While code reorganizations this got lost - when an error occurs you get a short message to enable a bit more information add the following line to rV2-default.cfg: Log_Extended=1 - Settingsmanager (v0.6.5) added Tab 'Log' configure Extended Output (Log_Extended) Tab 'Update' added setting to preserve updated files renamerV2updater v0.2.4604.42747 - preserves updated files if configured renamerV2 v2.6.4599.36991 (04.08.2012) ~ Bugfix: catch now the '\r' when check the Hash of an downloaded File. This Bug occured with Webfiles generated through the ReleaseHelper. ReleaseHelper got bugfixed too. With AutoUpdate enabled and check for Update on Start, this ended in an endless loop, in which the renamer got started and closed and the updater got started again and again. renamerV2updater v0.2.4599.37678 ~ Bugfix: same as above ~ Bugfix: stop starting renamerV2 when check on Start is enabled and the update failed renamerV2 v2.6.4598.37254 (03.08.2012) - implemented an 'About' page - implemented 'BackgroundWorkers' resets the Progressbar after Work (after 2 seconds) scrolls the text in the About page - corrected some typos and grammar in the GUI Thanks to the 'punto-informatico.it'-Community for the input renamerV2 v2.6.4587.21537 (23.07.2012) - some performance optimizations - made the items in list movable you can move multiselected items - possibility to save the actual ListboxItems to own LoS if you save the LoS as a new File and you want to use this LoS when you open renamerV2 next time you have to open the Settingsmanager and click on one of the 'Save' Buttons. You can anytime configure your own LoS in the Settingmanager under: System/LoS-File - changed the default Backup directory from 'cfg_backups' to 'Backups' because i write Backups of LoS to this Folder too - Info: the 'Access denied'-Bug seems solved with the new renaming Logic - Settingsmanager (v0.6.2) ~ Bugfix: Portable_Mode now handled correct - when LoS is changed it get loaded when saving Config renamerV2 v2.6.4581.32537 (17.07.2012) ~ Bugfix: now the state for the deleting nfo / url files checkboxes get recognized from config object This got lost while changing the config handling renamerV2 v2.6.4581.31316 (17.07.2012) ~ Bugfix: implemeted config handling like in updater ~ Bugfix: on first finding of a string an item(dir/file) get added to the renaming list and i will no longer search for other strings. This prevent from sensless and timeconsuming searching and a lot error output. Be aware that you have to enter longer before shorter strings. Example: Filename => aaaa123.txt add the string 'aaaa' before 'aaa' else you get a123.txt and not 123.txt - Time messurements between v2.5 and v2.6 Did testing with 390 Files and 129 Folders Did not test with deleting nfo / url run test in minimum 2 times per version Scanning without output v2.5 1.0-4.3 seconds v2.6 0.34-0.44 seconds Scanning with output v2.5 2.9-3.9 seconds v2.6 7.0-10.0 seconds give out 3 times so much info as in v2.5 Renaming without output v2.5 11.3 seconds v2.6 6.4-7.0 seconds Renaming with output v2.5 11.4 seconds v2.6 - produces only output when an error occures renamerV2updater v0.2.6.4580.29501 (16.07.2012) ~ Bugfix: set now defaults and then read the config so it isn't important if a value is set or not in rV2-default.cfg - before, i setted defaults only if no configfile was available. So no defaults for new settings get set. This caused the updater not closing himself in autoupdate mode. In next release of renamerV2 the config get handled the same way. renamerV2 v2.6.4580.27728 (16.07.2012) ~ Bugfix: Enabled radiobuttons in Settingsmanager's Changer-Tab ~ Bugfix: Setting for Backup-Directory can now be empty when it is empty, the backup created in programs root - in Settingsmanager(v0.6.1)/rV2-default.cfg can now the time configured, that the Updater should wait before close take only effect when automatic Update is enabled select between 3-210 seconds renamerV2updater v0.2.4580.27829 - get the time for auto closing from config file renamerV2 v2.6.4575.33302 (11.07.2012) - extended errorreporting a bit now the old name, new name and renaming type get displayed when an error occures - extended Settingsmanager (v0.6-beta) new Tab 'Update' decide to perform an Updatecheck on Start decide to run Update without interaction renamerV2updater v0.2.4575.33300 - extended with Autoupdating You have to enable it in the Settingsmanager or edit rV2-default.cfg no Userinteraction needed Summary get 10 Seconds displayed after renamer will get started and before the Updater will close You can cancel the closing with the 'Esc'-Key renamerV2 v2.6.4572.34051 (08.07.2012) - reorganized a lot Code created a renaming object to handle all easier - changed output for user - now only errors get printed out log is for errordetails - changer now able to change strings in file- and directorynames - prograssbar now works correct renamerV2 v2.5.4552.31657 (18.06.2012) ~ Bugfix: restored previous Hash function renamerV2updater v0.1.4552.31831 ~ Bugfix: restored previous Hash function renamerV2 v2.5.4552.29774 (18.06.2012) - simplified the Hash function renamerV2updater v0.1.4552.29774 - added some exception handling renamerV2 v2.5.4551.35704 (17.06.2012) - using now the WebClient class for downloads HttpRequest was used before Proxy still supported - added renamerV2updater.exe v0.1.4551.35702 reads local config file for Proxy settings kills running renamerV2.exe get list for updates from web Download und installs updates start new renamerV2.exe - reorganized update functionality check for and download new Updater ask to and start (new) Updater when a new renamerV2 is available - before a File get updated a backup get created - downloaded Files get verified through their hash (SHA1) if a download fails the file get restored from backup renamerV2 v2.5.4544.19929 (10.06.2012) - Configuration now handled as an Object less filereads of configfile simpler to write the config down - extended Settingsmanager (v0.5-beta) new Tab 'System' define own LoS-File to use define Backup directory for Config-Files define to use renamerV2 in a 'Portable Mode' Pathes/Files handled relatively to renamerV2.exe Only CfgBakDir an LoS! - some Grammar and GUI corrections - LoS-File updated - some display changes in readme.txt renamerV2 v2.4.4371.41650 (21.12.2011) - Info: the AccessDenied-Bug is still persistent ~ Bugfix: .nfo and .url files will now simulated/deleted whenever renamable files/dirs exist or not. The first fix didn't work. - implemented simple Proxysupport tries to get the DefaultProxy and using default Credentials (from IE-Settings). You can define your own Proxy URL/IP:Port no support for own credentials renamerV2 v2.4.4339.39338 (18.11.2011) - new Feature -> Folderer It creates subfolders in a given folder depending on the files within and moves a file to the created subfolder (to make this recursive it is neccessary to begin at the lowest level and working upward cuz else there is a possibility for a infinity loop and this is not planned to implement in nearest future). I recommend to make a backup before using this new feature. renamerV2 v2.3.4303.34746 (13.10.2011) ~ Bugfix: .nfo and .url files will now simulated/deleted whenever renamable files/dirs exist or not. Also the simulation/deletion runs after the checks etc. of the renamingfunctions. This should fix a AccessDenied-Bug. 05.11.2011 Update: Bug not solved. It seems a Problem with locked Files renamerV2 v2.3.4291.32897 (01.10.2011) - implemented exceptionhandling extensive errormessaging atm ~ Bugfix: .nfo and .url files now only get deleted when the checkbox are checked ~ Bugfix: checkbox for Log now recognized renamerV2 v2.3.4279.30327 (19.09.2011) - added Settingsmanager v0.2.beta now it's possible to set the WorkDirectories and what should be checked/selected on start - Proxysettings are planned the settings are stored in the configfile rV2-default.cfg when changing and saving settings with the settingsmanager, an existing configfile will be backedup before the new will be written renamerV2 v2.3.4220.39912 (22.07.2011) - added the Options to delete .nfo- and .url-files Attention! There is no rescue-popup - use the simulate capability! - LoS-File updated LoS-File (25.06.2011) - updated renamerV2 v2.3.4192.36238 (24.06.2011) - Bugfix: Statuswindow -> got some issues when resizing, the textlines stuck together now, the wrap works correct and the text stays on his line \r\n was the magic - before only \n was used - LoS-File updated renamerV2 v2.2.4186.38006 (18.06.2011) - enabled "Updatefunction" check online the actual version, if a new one is available, you have the choice to let renamerV2 open directly your default browser with the downloadpage on sf.net - bit GUI-Work now only one Statuswindow is used renamerV2 v2.2.4178.42759 (11.06.2011) - reviewed the "Changer" functionality and corrected some bugs now it searches in the hole filename not only for fileending - a bit gui extending - a bit code review - updated LoS renamerV2 v2.2.4144.37295 (07.05.2011) - renamerV2 is now fully Grow- and Shrinkable renamerV2 v2.2.4144.31881 (07.05.2011) - did Codereview with FxCop v10.0 (10.0.30319.1) Code not clean with this Rules: Design Globalization Naming Following Rules are clean: Interoperability Mobility Performance Portability Security Security Transparency Usage renamerV2 v2.2.4140.37575 (03.05.2011) - only some GUI-Cosmetics renamerV2 v2.2.4140.32361 (03.05.2011) - corrected some grammer Fails - extended the ListBox-EditFunction To delete selected ListBox Items, you can use: Del, Backspace or still the remove-Button - disabled the remove-Button while in ListBox-Editmode - extended Stringremoving The nice Site torrent.to add's now there URL's to the Filenames (wtf, know they my Tool?). Now you can select from what the Strings should be removed (Directories/Files/both) - for adding Strings you can use Enter in the Textfield or still the Add-Button - did some Code Reorganisations ~ Bugfix: now the recursive Function work's correctly renamerV2 v2.1.4136.37879 (29.04.2011) - corrected some grammer Fails - extended the ListBox-EditFunction To Edit an ListBox Item you can use: Doubleklick, Enter, F2 The Item will only change, if you press Enter You can only exit the Editfunction, without changing the Item, with "Escape". it's still possible, to click the buttons/checkboxes (it's not a bug, it's a feature, so you can still close the app) - added FAQ to the readme/Info - documented some Functions a bit renamerV2 v2.1.4135.40907 (28.04.2011) - extended ListBox with Edit-Function ALPHA-Status it works but i must still catch some userinputs and interactions "Enter" is atm the magic Key - changed Fontcolor of the Statuswindow to CornFlowerBlue - set Tab "folderNames" as Starttab - added ToDo-List to the readme/Info renamerV2 v2.1.4132.29126 (25.04.2011) - added ListBox for Strings enables the adding of unlimited Strings before there was a limit of 3, because only TextBoxes used - reads on Start the File list_of_strings.txt for predefined Strings renamerV2 v2.0.4132.38852 (24.04.2011) - Programmicon changed renamerV2 v2.0.4131.40934 (15.04.2011) - extended for removing Strings from Directorienames - completly Redesign (GUI / some Code) - runs under .NET Framework 4 (Client) renamer v1.1 by drugfreak (2004) - added Functionality for recursiv-renaming renamer v1.0 by drugfreak (2004) - changing Fileendings - runs under .NET Framework 1.1
Source: readme.txt, updated 2012-12-16

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