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README.txt 2015-04-20 6.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
reiser4-for-3.19.5.patch.gz 2015-04-20 623.3 kB 33 weekly downloads
reiser4-for-3.18.6.patch.gz 2015-02-07 623.7 kB 22 weekly downloads
reiser4-for-3.17.3.patch.gz 2015-01-11 623.6 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.17.2.patch.gz 2014-10-31 621.9 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.17.patch.gz 2014-10-26 622.5 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.16.2.patch.gz 2014-10-12 623.1 kB 33 weekly downloads
reiser4-for-3.16.1.patch.gz 2014-10-12 616.9 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.15.2.patch.gz 2014-08-24 616.4 kB 0
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reiser4-for-3.14.1.patch.gz 2014-05-05 616.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
reiser4-for-3.13.6.patch.gz 2014-03-14 611.9 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.13.1.patch.gz 2014-02-05 612.0 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.12.6.patch.gz 2013-12-20 612.0 kB 22 weekly downloads
reiser4-for-3.11.1.patch.gz 2013-09-23 612.3 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.10.patch.gz 2013-07-16 611.9 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.9.2.patch.gz 2013-05-25 612.0 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.8.5.patch.gz 2013-04-05 612.1 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.7.1.patch.gz 2013-01-06 612.5 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.6.4.patch.gz 2012-10-28 612.7 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.6.2.patch.gz 2012-10-21 612.7 kB 0
reiser4-for-3.5.3.patch.gz 2012-09-08 612.4 kB 0
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Reiser4-for-3.19.5: Ivan Shapovalov . Port for Linux-3.19: Adjust to upstream's commits: 1) fb32c76d16aa40f3057f53273ac483a8e2468004 "VFS: Convert file->f_dentry->d_inode to file_inode()". 2) 78d28e651f97866d608d9b41f8ad291e65d47dd5 "kill f_dentry macro". "f_dentry is gone; use f_path.dentry 3) 75cbe701a4251fcd8b846d52ae42f88c9a8e5e93 "vfs: Remove i_dquot field from inode". Reiser4-for-3.17.3: Edward Shishkin . Roll back space grabbing fixes (self-NACK of Intelfx); . Rewrite handling compressed files at flush time; . Don't panic in do_readpage_ctail(). Return EIO instead and suggest to fsck. Reiser4-for-3.17.2: Ivan Shapovalov . Space grabbing fixes Reiser4-for-3.17: . Port for Linux-3.17 Reiser4-for-3.16.2: Ivan Shapovalov . Add basic discard support for SSD devices Reiser4-for-3.16.1: Edward Shishkin . Port for Linux-3.16; . Fix the problem of non-deletable directories. Reiser4-for-3.15.2: Edward Shishkin . Add ->remount_fs() super option, which performs sync_filesystem() needed when when transitioning from read-write to read-only, see http://marc.info/?l=samba-technical&m=139550798721412&w=2 for details. . Do panic when flushing read-only file system. Reiser4-for-3.15.1: Edward Shishkin . Fix up incorrect calculation of REISER4_SUPER_MAGIC_STRING size; . Fix up incorrect initialization of dataonstack, dotdot_entry, dotdot_name variables in reiser4_rename_common(). Reiser4-for-3.14.1: Mathieu Belanger . Port for Linux-3.14 Edward Shishkin . Add different transaction models: . Introduce a layer/interface REISER4_TXMOD_PLUGIN_TYPE called at flush time to perform high-level block allocation in various contexts; . Add 2 TXMOD plugins (allocators): 1) JOURNAL_TXMOD_ID, which implements classic Journalling transaction model; 2) WA_TXMOD_ID, which implements classic Write-Anywhere (COW) transaction model; . Add the single hardcoded allocation introduced by Hans and Josh as a (default) HYBRID_TXMOD_ID plugin; . Add new mount options to specify the transaction models. more comments at http://marc.info/?l=reiserfs-devel&m=139449965000686&w=2 Reiser4-for-3.13.1: . Adjust to insignificant changes in fs-writeback Reiser4-for-3.12.6: Mathieu Belanger . Adjust to new shrinker API Ivan Shapovalov . Add module alias for 'reiser4' filesystem . Support user namespaces and kuid_t/kgid_t. Edward Shishkin . Remove not used readahead stuff from struct fsdata Reiser4-for-3.11.1: Ivan Shapovalov . Port for linux-3.11: . use length argument in ->invalidatepage(); . use ->iterate() instead of ->readdir(); . fix up namespace collision: rename d_lock to d_c_lock; . replace num_physpages (went away) with totalram_pages; . replace d_count of struct dentry with d_lockref.count Edward Shishkin . use free value 0x00000002 for PF_FLUSHER; . init wb_writeback_work->for_sync with 1 in reiser4_sync_fs(). Reiser4-for-3.10: . Port for linux-3.10 . fix up incorrect cluster nodes accounting resulted in rare-occurred oops "kernel BUG at fs/reiser4/block_alloc.c:151" when using transparent compression. Reiser4-for-3.9.2: Ivan Shapovalov . Port for linux-3.9: do not depend on EXPERIMENTAL; reposition PF_FLUSHER bit. Reiser4-for-3.8.5: Ivan Shapovalov . Port for linux-3.8; Edward Shishkin . Fixed assertion (false positive) in balance_dirty_page_cluster(); don't throttle writes, if no pages were dirtied; . Remove bugop stubs in directory address space operations. Reiser4-for-3.7.1: Ivan Shapovalov . Port for linux-3.7; . make reiser4 mapping not movable (always fail migration). Edward Shishkin . Ifdef reiser4_migratepage to prevent compilation error in the case when CONFIG_MIGRATION is not defined; . Use separate foo_bugop() instead of the common bugop() to understand in what stub the oops occured; . Don't set zeros to the body of ctail item in debug mode (where extra-modifications are highly undesirable); . Use "dispatch" prefix for file operations, which pass management to FILE plugins in accordance with inode's plugin table (pset); . Update comments. Reiser4-for-3.6.4: Edward Shishkin Fixed bug in the flush procedure (squeeze_right_twig): update dkeys of the pair of nodes, which took participation in the "implicit shift" determined by the following pair of functions: . squalloc_extent() - append units to the @left . squalloc_right_twig_cut() - cut the units from @right Reiser4-for-3.6.2: Ivan Shapovalov . i_dentry is now hlist; . kill write_super of super_ops: upstream commit f0cd2dbb6cf387 "vfs: kill write_super and sync_supers". It kills ->write_super() along with its sole user, thread sync_supers. Removed from reiser4. . kunmap_atomic became single: upstream commit 167885e593 "feature-removal-schedule.txt: remove kmap_atomic(page, km_type)". The second argument was actually unused long ago. Kill it. . create and lookup do not take nameidata Edward Shishkin . fixups in cryptcompress plugin: Fix up the main search procedure of cryptcompress plugin: . make full-fledged tree traversal in the case when we encountered empty right neighbor; . unlock the left neighbor only in the case when we moved to right. . lock the wb-list, when calling writeback_sb_inodes; . Capture super block when syncing fs to synchronize the superblock with the other stuff. Make gcc happy. Reiser4-for-3.5.3: Marcin Baczyński . Port reiser4-for-2.6.39 to 3.2 Ivan Shapovalov . Adjust reiser4-for-3.2 to 3.5; . Use umode_t as file mode type; . show_options() takes dentry; . Use d_make_root() instead of d_alloc_root(); . Use clear_inode() instead of end_writeback(); . Adjust to changes in encode_fh() API; . lock ->i_mutex in reiser4_sync_file_common(); . Introduce INODE_{INC,DROP,CLEAR,SET}_NLINK macros, which use library function for i_nlink manipulations; . Do not make reiser4_permission_common() bail out on rcu-walk; . Don't clear nlink in reiser4's do_create_vfs_child(). Edward Shishkin . Reserve space in reiser4_write_begin() properly. Fix deadlock (reiser4 lock ordering violation): release page lock in reiser4_dirty_inode() before acquiring a longterm lock;
Source: README.txt, updated 2015-04-20

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