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  • Great project... cheers. Helped me out downgrading my Macs SMC. Lovely interface for a loader :) The cdr format _is_ a little unusual though. My Fedora distro didn't know what to do with it, so I just downloaded the dmg instead.

  • will also be nice but it seems to me that it has been thought by some Linux-user because it is twisted as their programs and then i say ... with all the intelligence that is in the world it is necessary to make a format to burn the iso for windows with a .cdr extension ?!!! but what the fuck does it take to get it into a normal .iso ...? as do all the normal people in this world ..,? no, they have to do the above and make an image of the program with the extension .cdr and how do you think you could burn since it's impossible? and also with the software that the read it , says that is wrong and can not be used and all the crap of this world .. cabbage but do the simple things instead of doing great Masters of the Universe...!!!!

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  • Absolutely awesome. Apple can be a real hassle when you want to boot from a partition or remotely. Install was quick and easy, and now booting from my USB is no problem!

  • Amazing project, thanks for giving out

  • It saves my time. highly recommended

  • Great work

  • This is a wonderful project. TNX!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • refit works perfectly, thanks

  • It simply works!

  • excellent and very easy to use boot menu!

  • Interesting project, thanks!

  • Helpful for managing multiple OS installs.

  • very good cross-platform boot menu!

  • rEFIt is fast and easy to use... but we need continue in updates.

  • Useful tool. Recommended for everyone.

  • Just works and looks good too!

  • well done!

  • Really nice!

  • Nice, simple and powerful. It's great.

  • I have been a lot of problems with the Beta version

  • rEFIt used to be a great tool, but then it turned out the be incompatible with large hard disks - and chrisp ignores all bug reports on this. So the status of rEFIt to 0.14 as of today is: useless :-(

  • very good project

  • Great tool

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