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  • cool

  • Excellent boot manager. Great improvement over the original rEFIt (that was also a great one also but, unfortunately, stopped being maintained.) Thank you for the great job Roderick (and Christoph for the original rEFIt as well)

  • Roderick W. Smith does great job! First, He developed the great tool. Second, He collected and shared much of valuable information on rEFInd's page. Unfortunately, it's not allowed to post its address.

  • It's the easiest and most beautiful boot manager I have ever used.

  • Great and futureful boot manager

  • I have used this on a dual boot HP 500-164 Desktop PC, Windows and Ubuntu. Also, with an Asus laptop K55N, boot Ubuntu and Kali.

  • To all those noting below that it doesn't load this or that... it just isn't true. If time were spent learning instead of giving one star reviews for things not understood, maybe the result would be success. ..... Great effort (arguable the best) into making UEFI friendly. Yes to installer and UI over time, but yes to a valiant and successful effort into an area (bootloading) that is so headache prone, crappy reviews are a guarantee. ..... Booting various Linux, FreeBSD (+ TrueOS), OpenBSD, Windows, macOS direct from refind on Macs & PCs... couldn't get NetBSD to go - but that's its fault for having an "efi" loader yet. Even have it on a 32-bit EFI MacBook Late 2008, which won't do Windows non-legacy ... but does the others.

  • Does exactly what it claims to.

  • best utility for macbook pro mid 2009

  • Could be better. Needs design improvements, but hey, it can be hard to make working OS finders. An installer would be nice. Some glitches here and there, but it is still a beta. Doesn't load Ubuntu.

  • Running Windows 10 64-bit, Did not recognize EFI boot, Was a waste of my time.

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  • 'rEFInd found on Superb Owl Sunday'. Leo Laporte has a radio call-in show on Premier network. To hear Greg's recommendation of rEFInd from Leo's Feb 7, 2016 show just visit techguylabs dot com and see hour three caller number six.

  • Beats Grub2 hands down. If I could get rid of Grub and just use rEFInd that would be ideal. But you can achieve this by just booting the Linux kernel directly in rEFInd and you never see the Grub menu at all. Excellent!

  • It is the perfect utility for macs (and new windows)

  • How to install rEFInd at windows 8? Thank you very much

  • Finally i can select to boot windows 8.1 or ubuntu 14.04 on my Asus U38n!

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  • Very usefull and easy to install

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  • What a great boot manager! Easy to use, customizable, and powerful. Much preferred over GRUB...

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  • Saved me when I went astray doing a kernel update.

  • Just a great tool.

  • Perfectly, worked like a charm. Now I can boot linux mint 17.1 on my late 2010 iMac.

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  • It does not take over the system or boot manager, but it can be overridden by the standard methods of specifying the hard drive through the System Preferences of the current operating system, and its functionality is localized to the hard drive partition on which it is installed. If you install it on every partition that has a Mac operating system, then you are pretty well situated. However, you would really only need to install it on the partition with the lowest ID (or perhaps in the future, this will be the partition that loads the fastest) which would be the one recognized as the primary partition and operating system. Anyway, keep the installation shell executable and its folder somewhere obvious like at "/" on the partitions where you want to use it, and just run the .sh installation file every time you need to re-apply it as your boot manager on that drive. I would suggest that in the future, the EFI Manager uses a different name for itself, so that the standard Mac OS boot manager can list it with a name besides "EFI Boot", and I recommend including the drive name there, like if the name of your drive were "My HD 1", then it might give itself the standard boot manager entry name, "My HD 1 (EFI Boot)". I don't know anything about the support for this product, so I gave it a "mediocre" rating for that, but the rest of it, given the current technologies, is useful in a simple way and definitely recommended by me if you plan to have more than one operating system accessible to your computer.

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  • This product is certainly extremely timely, with the advent of EFI boot computers in so many manufacturers recently. It works well, is easy to configure, and even has an attractive interface. I found it a pleasure to use. It's also quite well documented and the documentation is well written to be very accessible to the user.

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  • Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't like this, and refuses to install it unless you override it. Problem seems to be with malformed author info and incomplete email contact.

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