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  • I find it fascinating. It lies in between simple .txt file and Evernote. Here you can annotate texts like you can have bold, italics and it can do much more. But it does not store all files in a single database file. It keeps your entries as separate .txt files. Also, it gives more importance on date wise sorting which is not unexpected as this is a digital personal journal. It can embed figures inside note when you are exporting it. I think one can use it as personal health record keeping software; because software in this category are not easy to find and it does that job pretty well. You can also create multiple journals so you can create as many as you want!

  • Please update the latest version on the project page, It's 1.14 now

  • I have tried multiple diary apps and websites on various platforms and have always come back to RedNotebook. It's lightweight, simple to use, easy to install (I have it on my 2010 MacBook, two Lenovo PC laptops running Windows and Linux Mint, and a Chromebook running Kubuntu), and flexible enough for me to use both as a personal diary and as a work journal. I sync my notebooks using Dropbox and can easily access and edit them across all my workstations. For a multi-platform user who doesn't feel 100% comfortable with online diaries, RedNotebook is just ideal.

  • I have been using it for about two years on windows, linux and mac os as a smart notepad. Always find notes and check out notes on the past plus nice backup. Awesome project, thanks for making it!

  • Ok, I hunted around for ages looking for something like this. It does the job fast and used in combination with folder access and file launch and it's own little cloud can do almost anything you want it to. Simplicity in design is what makes it unique.

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  • A good program (1.71). But a more advanced search engine needs. ;)

  • Great tool. But needs password protection, Can not write unicode directly. Should have reminders. :)

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Excellent software, thanks to everyone involved in its development!

  • Love this app

  • Easy to use and works.

  • simply the best open source software.

  • An excellent app. Thank you for sharing your hard work. An excellent help page as well!

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  • Awesome tool, installed it on my VPS and have no need to login over ssh again

  • I like it - pretty stable and provides the major possibilities that i need

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  • Great App ,Excellent

  • Great App ,Excellent

  • Very smooth and non intrusive interface.

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  • Best soft in the niche.

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

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  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

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  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • Outstanding software, thanks

  • My thoughts are in order now! Thanks for such a great application.

  • Fast and simple.

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