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  • Looks great though unfortunately it's missing `markdown` support.

  • Exactly the kind of journal app I have been looking for, but lacking a few important features, and a little disappointing in the interface/design department. The word cloud feature can't be toggled on/off (it's a 'neat' feature which probably won't ever be used for anything, yet it occupies a big chunk of the window real estate). Not possible to insert relative paths to pictures (making adding pictures pointless - imagine inserting hundreds or thousands of pictures over a number of years using absolute paths, then all of them breaking because you had to move some files around on your system). The tagging interface is a bit clumsy, and not very intuitive. Also the tagging panel takes up the whole right side of the window, when it should have been integrated into the left side along with the calendar (in my opinion). The export as PDF feature is great, but I would like to see more customization in the way it looks, including page breaks. And finally, the most important feature it is lacking is an entry tree (like what you see on the side of most blogs, or TreePad). Without this feature, it's impossible to get an overview or conveniently navigate your journal. Your only option is to use the calendar, which leaves you feeling in the dark, as you have no indication of how many entries there are or how many months/years your entries stretch back. Oh, one last thing, in regards to the dating system. It would be nice to be able to assign ambiguous dates to entries. For example, if I have a journal entry I want to create, describing an event which took place sometime in July 2005, without knowing the exact day, I should be able to mark it as such. A good idea on the right track, which will be perfect with some more development. Red Notebook very nearly became the center of my workflow and life (I have been looking for an app which can replace my paper and pen journals for some time, and this is the closest thing yet), and I will be keeping a close eye on this project for sure.