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  • I honeslty consider this app one of the best app I at all times used! => have a look at this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • I sincerly think this program the perfect app I at all times used! => consider having a look at this site for Free keys :

  • Interesting project that allows to eliminate Windows in some cases. Though emulation does not embrace all the cases. I hope it will be more perfect. It is already great.

  • Amazing experience the installation, tests and running! I tested some applications: Arduino, Cura, Lazarus and Scribus. There wasn't a deep test, but I have no problems. None problem with this apps.

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  • Excellent !

  • Great project! Let's bring open source to legacy applications. There's no excuse for not going Libre now.

  • Great project! Continue! Go ahead! :) Renato Freitas - ATC developer

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  • Microsoft beware. Keep up the amazing work!

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  • My gosh! These trolls that don't yet comprehend that ReactOS is for testing and on virtual systems only. It is alpha grade software... The interface is as expected, the functionality is the same, amazing progress. Will keep testing until it reaches beta! 0.4.3 - Well done!

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  • The first thing I got was a "can't load boot driver 'system32\drivers\cdfs/sus' error

  • +1

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  • I have great expectations for this project. It looks promising.

  • I tried to use the reactOS live on VBox and it worked just fine, so I went to install it on my laptop. I downloaded the 0.4.1 bootCD and burned it. When I tried to boot from the cd, it shows up a progress bar like windows xp installation and when it completes the screen becomes black and nothing happens. Hope this will be fixed in next releases.

  • DL-ed and burned ISO image of 0.4.1RC2 to an USB memory stick. Booted up on a Dell Optiplex desktop , with Intel 82Q963/Q965 graphics adapter. Couple of "loading xxx.dll" messages showed up, and screen stayed black ..... This is not ready yet!

  • @mcwerewolf ..pressed by mistake as helpful, well he have NO idea what alpha version is. So it's like Alpha Beta Gold/Final ReactOS is at it's childhood so alpha means tons of bugs, he expected a full fledge OS without issues and why not running under NTFS? ..why peoply "reviewing" things without even know what a review is?

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  • Although it's been an interesting project and I've long awaited the 0.4 version that made so many promises... it simply I've tried some very simple things, like: Try1: downloading and running Firefox 39 (from their package manager) -- Doesn't draw the window controls on the browser (minimize/maximize/close) It maybe works once, then crashes the browser first THEN locks up ROS on exiting the Mozilla crash reporter. Reboot, launch firefox, try to surf, lockup. reboot, ROS no longer starts. Reinstall ROS, try2: Get Firefox 28 this time from their package manager. Window frame looks better (standard). Go to a website or 2: only default times fonts everywhere. Downloaded something: ROS locks up. Won't boot again. Reinstall ROS, try3: grab a simple Neobook presentation. Try to run it: ROS locks up. Reinstall ROS, try4: OpenOffice 4.1 from their package manager (it's got to be OK for SOMEthing, right?) Won't install because "msiexec.exe" wants "msvcr90.dll". Did anyone even test these packages before including them?... try5: Inkscape (a gtk/ported application): takes forever to install. Try to launch it: process pins the CPU at 100% and nothing happens. Didn't work either. Conclusion: in its current state it is absolute garbage. I don't see how people can give this a high rating because it's obviously not at all working. "alpha state" is very optimistic.

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  • I love XP SP3. u give back to me... luv luv luv you

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  • Such a fascinating project!

  • Not bad but could use some work. Some stuff you might be able to use: Enjoy :D

  • ReactOS is totally broken garbage that doesn't work. I tried using the official ReactOS VMWare virtual machines. ReactOS crashed when I tried to put a shortcut to Firefox on my desktop. I rebooted. Then I tried to update Firefox. ReactOS crashed again. ReactOS is a cool idea, but terrible in practice. Don't waste your time with this garbage.

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  • I look forward for the final version of this awesome OS, I really love it!

  • Tested ReactOS0.4 RC1 .This is a very good OS.

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  • probado en máquina virtual muy bueno y bastante estable para no ser versión final un excelente trabajo, ojalá que más gente lo conozca y pronto tengamos una vesión final estable 100%

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  • У этого проекта нет будущего. Уж лучше kolibri развивать

  • All my votes go for this project! You guys are our only hope!

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