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/* * $Id: README.txt 40 2011-01-03 09:37:09Z xander $ */ -= Note =- These drivers are for RobotC 2.00 and higher and are part of the version 1.8 of the 3rd Party RobotC Drivers suite. -= Changes in this version =- * common.h: added check for sensor type for all I2C calls. To disable this check, please refer to the source code. * DGPS: added missing DGPSreadDistToDestination(tSensors link) function * HT Angle Sensor: added Sensor MUX support * HT Compass: enhanced HTMCreadRelativeHeading() function * Lego US: Added lots of new functions: int USreadDist(tSensors link); bool USreadDistances(tSensors link, tByteArray &distances); bool _USsendCmd(tSensors link, ubyte command); bool USsetSingleMode(tSensors link); bool USsetContinuousMode(tSensors link); bool USsetOff(tSensors link); bool USsetEventCapture(tSensors link); bool USreset(tSensors link); * MS Dist: Commands can be sent to arbitrary I2C addresses now with optional argument * MS HID: Commands can be sent to arbitrary I2C addresses now with optional argument * MS NumPad: Added MSNPscanKeys() * MS NXT Cam: Removed printDebugLine from driver -= API Documentation =- The complete API documentation can be found in the html folder. Just point your browser at the index.html file. -= Downloads and support =- These drivers can also be downloaded from: The documentation is hosted here: For support questions, please use the RobotC 3rd party sensors forum: Thanks, Xander Soldaat ( /* * $Id: README.txt 40 2011-01-03 09:37:09Z xander $ */
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