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  • great project!

  • It's very powerful and useful.

  • i want use this to remote windows to windows os, but i don't how do it, pls help me

  • I have seen the application of rdesktop but unable to understand it clearly. So can anyone help me to explain its application and how to use it in business development as i am having computer & software business and i want to explore it through the softwares and applications like rdesktop in windows 7 & 8. Kindly please email me or its much better if someone can send me a tutorial or informative documents. Many Thanks.

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Excellent software, thanks to everyone involved in its development!

  • rdesktop works nicely

  • Tell me please how compile rdesktop for windows ce?

  • thanks best software

  • I can't use flag RDP_LOGON_AUTO! How to auto log on PC? help me,please! Thanks.

  • very good project

  • Works just fine in most situations. Would be nice to see some support for the newer RDP versions.

  • I used rdesktop quite a bit but lately I've started watching the FreeRDP group's work as well. So I'll give rdesktop the thumbs up even if it still doesn't support the seamless app features of rdp 6.x and rdp7. I have been making use of a very cool Remote Desktop application called Remmina and learned from one of their developers that Remmina was adopting the work of FreeRDP because they are working on adding in most of the features of msoft's rdp6.x and rdp7 protocol. Sidenote on Remmina -- it automagically does a couple neat things for you such as mapping your linux home directory so windows apps can access it, print from windows to your linux printers etc.

  • Fantastic ! Works perfectly to connect Windows 2003 server Terminal Server. I can connect under my Slackware 12.1 and my ubuntu 8.04 without downloading other package...Just a wonderful software :D

  • Great .... I am using 1.6.0 on ubuntu 10.04 connecting to windows server 2003

  • good

  • Used it some time ago under FreeBSD, and now under Mac OS X