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======================================================================== ======================================================================== Revcoasters Huge ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON® 3 ModPack =Readme= Revcoaster ModPack 1.4 ======================================================================== ======================================================================== FAQ Q. How many mods are there? A. Too many to count! But over 2000+! :D Q. RCT3 Is not starting! Help? A. You diden't install the ModPack correctly!, or are not using the expansion packs *Soaked, *Wild!!!! Q. An no SVD: for SID error poped up and crashed my game! A. This means the object you clicked is falty, and does not work! =ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR MAPS WHEN USING CUSTOM OBJECTS!!!= Q. Is there a Mac OSX version of the pack? A. Yes! It is up for download! Though. it is still in a testing stage! Problems may arise. NOTE: The OS X verison is a 1.3.1 port of the ModPack. Q. My map isen't working any more and crashed my game trying to open it! (Using custom objects) A. Your map is now corrupted, because something is not working correctly in your map! =ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR MAPS WHEN USING CUSTOM OBJECTS!!!= Q. Im having problems on Mac OS X! A. Please message me on my YOUTUBE channel, and il help you out! :D Q. I clicked a Rollercoaster, and the game crashed saying (Missing Trk File) ,Or (Missing a track section) A. The Rollercoaster you clicked doesen't work. In turn, crashed your game. =ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR MAPS WHEN USING CUSTOM OBJECTS!!!= Q. What is the extra setup for with the ModPack? A. It gives you same extra stuff for your documents folder, this is not required to download. :P Q. What is "PeepFactory"? A. PeepFactory is an older program for RCT3 that alows you to generate "Custom Peeps", and set "Cheat Codes" without going ingame, or typing! This program was not created by me, but is free to use/distribute. Q. How is the installer only 0.99 GB's, and its containing files a total of over 4 GB's??? A. The ModPacks files are compressed inside a .ZIP, and is extracted from there. :P -------------------------- Min Requirments For 1.4 (Complete) 5.0 GB HD Memory 1Gb RAM Memory ATI Radeon 3000, Or above Suggested Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable MS Windows XP, Vista, Or Windows 7, Obvously Mac OS X 10.4.11 or above recomended for package to run! <- Lower requirments (1.3.1) High process capability TURN OFF SHADOWS "IN-GAME" -------------------------- Min Requirments For 1.3.1 (BETA) 1.5 GB HD Memory 1Gb RAM Memory ATI Radeon 3000, Or above Suggested MS Windows XP, Vista, Or Windows 7, Obvously High process capability TURN OFF SHADOWS "IN-GAME" ====================================================== How To Install! 1. Download the setup program to your desktop! :D Should work for Windows XP, and up! :P 2. Open, and Run the setup! 3. Follow the prompts given! :D 4. When prompted where to extract, Extract the files to your "RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum" folder. usualy located in your "C:\Program Files\Atari" folder! :D 5. Complete, close and delete the installer! 6. Open RCT3 6.5. You should notice a lower speed when loading! :D 7. If there's a crapload of new stuff located in the pack! Whoohoo you did it! :D 8. Have Fun!!! :D ====================================================== Legalz! :D About 80 to about 85% of all files in the sourceforge page, and the installer are ABANDONWARE! Which means the creator has stoped working on the project, and has no plans what so ever to work on it! ALSO because about all the mods are Abandonware, it is almost Impossable to contact the creator for ANY type of permision of the project for use, as most have gone on to diffrent projects. Some mods I even got from 2nd hand sites myself...from a diffrent a diffrent language. XD Lol! Which had no creator info for me to state anyway! :) Because I could not get any information on most of the creators. If your project is in my repository! Please message me on my Youtube, or SourceForge Page! I would love to keep your project in my SF Repository! :D I would LOVE to keep your custom ride/scenery/and other creations on my SF page, and in the installer! But, of course if you just want to remove your project from the SF (please don't :P), OR request a credit, and your proven the owner, I will be happy to remove it, OR Add the requested credit! If it is just on the SF page it will be easy to remove, but if on the installer it will take me awile to remove, replace, and upload a new version of the installer to suite your needs all mighty creators! But, I hope I will be able to keep your project to stay alive for Years to come! :D
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