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Clipboard manager Store clips from clipboard into queue in memory and into disk. Retrive clips by repeatly press Ctrl-V. Advanced functions are avaiable by mouse click on tray icon or in preview windows You can even "enable" Ctrl-V for pasting clips into program that not using clipboard (like window console - cmd.exe). Instalation: Copy rclipstep.exe into any folder in your HD, where you have right to write. Program works in itself native language - Czech (menu, messages). If you want to run it in English or if you want to change setting of it, please copy file rclipstep.ini too. Add shortcut of it into Startup folder for automatic start. Troubleshooting: 1) Delete folder Clips 2) Get latest version from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/rclipstep/files 3) Restore rclipstep.exe and rclipstep.ini Thanks: Thanks to Pavel Koláø for testing and proposal new functions Licensing: Program is freeware under GNU licence. No warranty, use it on you own risk. History log: First level - mayor function changes Second level - minor function changes Third level - only bug fixing, without funcion changes. 6.07.008 - 27. 8. 2015 Small enhancement about finding clips. 6.07.007 - 3. 8. 2015 Fix sorting mistake. Fix unpredictible open text editor on slow machines. Fixed: Find clip is not working Improved performance with sorting. 6.07.002 - 16. 7. 2015 Fixed: Upper button in preview windows is not working. 6.07.001 - 15. 7. 2015 Reverse order in sorting is implemented. 6.07.000 - 14. 7. 2015 New menu item in preview mode - sorting clips by text, name, create date. New option $InitSort in rclipstep.ini file, that allow to define initial typ of sorting clips in preview mode. Small bugfix. 6.06.001 - 16. 3 2015 Add attributes into description of exe like product name and product version. 6.06.000 - 10. 6. 2013 New buttons for hide clip. Useful for hide password stored in clip queue. Hidden clips are shows as ******, but inserted is correctly. Technically - file on filesystem has got set attribute hidden. 6.05.000 - 22. 10. 2013 New option AutoClearQueue for invoke dialog for cleaning clip queue when limit of clips is reached. 6.04.005 - 11. 8. 2013 Fix persist some clips (before last fixed clip) in memory when clip queue has been changed. 6.04.004 - 19. 5. 2013 Title window has been changed to recognise view or editing clip. 6.04.003 - 6. 4. 2013 Change default value for AutoDestroyPreview from 0 to 1, change implicit number of clips from 1000 to 10000 6.04.002 - 23. 2. 2013 Defect calculate percent during delete clips has been repaired. New option $AllowDuplicity in rclipstep.ini. Set it to 1 means allow duplicity in clip queue. New clip will be always add at the end of the clip queue. 6.04.001 - 17. 2. 2013 Defect about change row order on click buttons has been repaired. Defect about unchanged order the images for lines when records are re-sorted has been repaired. 6.04.000 - 12. 1. 2013 You can click on column header to sort list of clips in preview window. 6.03.006 - 27. 10. 2012 Fix bug increase $LimitList above 1000 6.03.005 - 11. 9. 2012 Fix bug about copy the same clip twice 6.03.004 - 10. 9. 2012 Fix bug about handling preview window called from tray menu Fix bug about loose catching new clips after show preview windows 6.03.003 - 3. 9. 2012 Fix small bug about handling preview window 6.03.002 - 2. 9. 2012 Fix close preview window in insert mode 6.03.001 - 20. 8. 2012 Fix open preview window by start, fix creating log file by default. 6.03.000 - 19. 8. 2012 Preview window has to be close manually just now. New option -$AutoDestroyPreview - allows to switch to old style. It means autoclose preview when you leave it. 6.02.001 - 12. 8. 2012 New function for Ctrl-N. Expand letter to full network specification for file specification patch. 6.01.001 - 21. 7. 2012 Excel error - Excel sometimes showed error "Can copy to clipboard" - has been fixed. 6.01.000 - 17. 6. 2012 New button for mark clip as Read-Only. Behavior about RO clips has been changed - RO clips are never deleted, moved, ... others clips are deleted. Gaps between clips are now allowed (= deleting clips below RO one). RO clips could be edited, but only in memory - last reload clips from disk (restart rclipstep) will restore original text of clip. There is a new menu for simple clipboard operation - To upper, to lower, to text - same as existing function Ctrl-V-T, Ctrl-V-U, Ctrl-V-L. 6.00.000 - 8. 5. 2012 Highlight read only items in preview windows (light green). Deleting clips respects read only attribut, RO clips cannot be deleted. RO clips could comming from IncludeDir or Attribut Read Only could be set in standard clips directory. Bugfix about navigation in preview windows. 5.06.001 - 10. 4. 2012 Small bugfix about highlighting clips 5.06.000 - 9. 4. 2012 There is a new field Modified in preview window. Date with format DD.MM.YYYY HH24:MI:SS There is new option in rclipstep.ini - $BgColorNormal, $BgColorInsert, $ExitKey There are new option in rclipstep.ini file for debuging. Its have no sence for common users. 5.05.006 - 8.4.2012 Bugfix- You can navigate by number of clip in preview window 5.05.005 - 1.4.2012 Bugfix- do not delete clips that are marked as Read-only Deleting clips executes through recycle bin. 5.05.003 - 7. 1. 2012 Bugfix loose keys up, down... when all clips are deleted from preview window 5.05.002 - 2. 1. 2012 Bugfix crash program for Ctrl-V-X (missed variable $IsPressed) 5.05.001 - 29. 12. 2011 Change behavior when you try to insert clip into program, that it not allow (typically run as other user). Then rclipstep leave Ctrl-V key for 500 ms. So you can insert clip by press Ctrl-V twice quickly Bugfixing - fixed key enter when moving, finding clips from preview window invoked by Ctrl-V-F 5.05.000 - 3. 12. 2011 New key "delete" in preview windows remove current clip. Bugfixing - fixed key enter when delete more clips from preview window invoked by Ctrl-V-F 5.04.001 - 7. 11. 2011 Bugfixing - fixed message about insert clip in applications it runs as administrator 5.04.000 - 6. 11. 2011 Bugfixing - fixed double click in preview windows You can edit/preview clips in preview windows by key ENTER Preview mode (autoinsert selected clip when you invoke preview from Ctrl-V mode) is also indicated by background colour 5.03.003 - 5. 11. 2011 Bugfixing - Loose keys when message about deny access appears. You can edit/preview clips in preview windows by mouse "double click" (click three time on same row). 5.03.002 - 28. 10. 2011 Bugfixing - Page up (down) in preview windows is scrolling by window If application where Ctrl-V is pressed runs as admin and rclipstep runs as normal user, then error message appears. You can run rclipstep as admin if you runs many application as admin. 5.03.001 - 24. 10. 2011 New button in preview window for delete one clip Bugfix store "0" when bitmap clipboard cannot be open. 5.02.000 - 22. 10. 2011 Bugfixing - setting keys for preview windows. New options in .ini: $ImageHeight, $ImageWidth - you can specify width and height. You can use negative value (percent) for relative size You can specify path for external program for editing text clips and bitmap picturers by $BitmapEditor, $TextEditor You can preview full text clip by Ctrl-B in inserting mode. Title of prewiew window indicates mode 5.01.004 - 17. 10. 2011 Bugfixing - delete clip previously opened for preview When delete clips from preview window then function Ctrl-V is lost. 5.01.003 - 16. 10. 2011 Small bugfixing - blinking tooltip for Ctrl-X Check if delete clip operation is not succesfull. 5.01.002 - 13. 10. 2011 Showing last clip has been fixed in preview window. 5.01.001 - 10. 10. 2011 Fixed delete bitmap file when deleting range of clips. Preview for .png, .tif has been fixed. 5.01.000 - 9. 10. 2011 New variable $BmpExt in .ini file. You can choose format for storing bitmaps. Available formats are .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PNG and .TIF Default is .PNG for lossless data compression. !!! It is recomend to delete all existing clips before use this version Otherwise existing bitmap clips will remain in clips directory in previous format and it will never be deleted by rclipstep 5.00.002 - 7. 10. 2011 Bugfixing - delete clip name from old position when moving clip - When moving two bitmaps, one of then has been removed. 5.00.001 - 5. 10. 2011 There is new buttons in preview clip. Edit clip, rewrite clip, move clip, delete range of clips, find clip 4.01.002 - 2. 10. 2011 Bugfixing preview window Change color: Bitmap - blue Found clip - Yellow Found clip name - Orange 4.01.001 - 29. 9. 2011 Message when no clip found 4.01.000 - 28. 9. 2011 You can rewrite large clips. Some bugfix has been repaired 4.00.000 - 26. 9. 2011 Two new option in menu - search clips and rewrite clip. You can rewrite only clips up to 100 characters. Big redesign of preview the clips. Color icons. Green - bitmap picture Blue - bitmap picture with name Red - normal clip with name Yellow - clips found with search Cyan - clips with name found with search 3.04.003 - 20. 9. 2011 Small bugfix 3.04.001 - 17. 9. 2011 Small bugfix with preview windows 3.04.000 - 17. 9. 2011 1) You can assign a name for each clip. It could be usefull for many same clips like order no. 2) You can show window with preview of bitmap pressing Ctrl-B during inserting clip 3.03.000 - 15. 9. 2011 If you click on bitmap clip in clip preview then small preview of picture is shown. 3.02.008 - 13. 9. 2011 Unwanted debug message when deleting multiple clips has been removed 3.02.007 - 12. 9. 2011 Repair deleting range of clips - clips on disk was merged together instead of replace it. 3.02.006 - 9. 9. 2011 Start rclipstep without changes automatically create folder Clips. If you don't want it, set $DirName=NoSaveClips in rclipstep.ini 3.02.004 - 7. 9. 2011 Small internal redesign. 3.02.003 - 6. 9. 2011 Fixed tooltip windows over tray. Re-register program as clipboard viewer when you pasting clip New option $iQuality for quality of stored jpeg pictures. Default is 100 3.02.002 - 5. 9. 2011 Fixed tooltip windows over tray. It shown last inserted clip instead of last active clip. 3.02.001 - 4. 9. 2011 Show tooltip windows when you move mouse over tray icon of program. Try to store the clip into unicode 3.02.000 - 4. 9. 2011 New option - rename bitmaps clip Minor fixes about bitmaps 3.01.001 - 31. 8. 2011 Change position of actual clip for bitmap clipboard has been fixed. 3.01.000 - 30. 8. 2011 Fixed preview clips. The storing bitmaps (jpg) has been allowed. New option $StoreBitmap is in rclipstep.ini 3.00.004 - 28. 8. 2011 Start rclipstep when folder Clips is not exists has been fixed. 3.00.003 - 25. 8. 2011 Comparing programs by Class needs exact match (case insensitive). Fixed help (about) for Czech rclipstep.ini 3.00.002 - 24. 8. 2011 $IncompProgType for Class:ConsoleWindowClass has been fixed in rclipstep.ini Small bug has been fixed 3.00.001 - 23. 8. 2011 Bypass storing clips by pressing Ctrl-Insert (compatibility with version 2) Compiled version for 64-bit system has been added 3.00.000 - 22. 8. 2011 Internal conceptual redesign. rclipstep is registered as clipboard viewer instead of trapping key Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V. New functions in rclipstep.ini: $ToolHeight, $ToolWidth - you can specify the exact position of tooltip baloon. New action for incompatibile programs: S - send the message instead of send Ctrl-V V - is same as blank, send clips directly into program (same way as you type it from the clipboard). You can identify programs by its class by [Class:XXXX] construction. XXX is class name of the program, you can get it by AutoIt Window Info 2.05.000 - 25. 7. 2011 New variables - BeepDuration, BeepFrequency. You can enable beep when you copy clip into clipboard (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X). Implicit status is disabled, for enable this functionality you have to set variable BeepDuration in rclipstep.ini 2.04.000 - 11. 6. 2011 New key L - lower text, U - upper text are added 2.03.000 - 6. 3. 2011 New auxiliary functin in Ctrl-x (delete all clips, move clip to position) 2.02.000 - 10. 1. 2011 Some fixing and enhancement about incompatibile programs. See rclipstep.ini 2.01.000 New variable in rclipstep.ini - $IncludeDir. There you can store clips, that are allways loaded into queue. It is common by start for all disk queues. Hint - you can fix clips in single queue by setting file as Read Only. File readme.txt (this file) has been created. 2.00.000 Rename translate.ini to rclipstep.ini. Implementation of handling startup parameters.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2015-11-27

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