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  • I installed RBTray because I want to place C:\Windows\regedit.exe in my Win 10 sys tray. To quickly open the Registry Editor, hopefully without getting the pesky UAC message that has recently started obstructing me. But right-clicking its Minimise icon just displays the standard menu and does not allow me to place it in the tray. -- Terry, East Grinstead, UK

  • Using this for many years, very useful tool!

  • It worked like a charm on windows 10 for the purpose I needed, to minimize WhatsApp Desktop. Suddenly it stopped to work. Right-click and nothing happens. Stopping Processes, restarting Windows, nothings fix the problem. Only change on the laptop was made by Windows update... Truly sad :-(

  • Very good, but it's working less with Windows10. Some windows (that I could minimize in Windows7) cannot be minimized anymore

  • Perfect ! Works with any application...

  • Everything works from first try!

  • It does work on Windows 10, great tiny program! One question though, how do I auto start with windows another program (Hangout App) and then put it in the tray automatically, so I don't have to right click the minimize button every time windows starts?

  • Not working with windows 10

  • Doesn't work for all kinds of windows. I need to minimize cmd and console type windows...

  • Nice app!! It worked fine on Windows 7. But it no longer supports putting VirtualBox VM to tray under Windows 8 (8.1). Could you fix this? Many thanks in advance!

  • Justo lo que buscaba. Bueno y sencillo

  • Es excelente! Minimiza a la barra de sistema simplemente con un clic derecho!

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  • Simply works!

  • Just works!

  • Excellent !

  • Fantastic little utility. A great way to unclutter your taskbar. I can have internet radio running all day without the button getting in the way on my taskbar. Also saves me having to open slow loading software repeatedly. After use I just minimize it to the tray until it's needed again.

  • This is an awesome utility. It's so simple and effective! I've tried all the others but this one just works, tiny and fuss-free. Perfect for Win 7. Thanks a million!

  • not working on windows 7 for me. its on task manager but nothing shows up on the bar and it isnt even in the customize section of the taskbar section

  • Easy to run rbtray

  • Truly an amazing program. I run a large number of gaming programs through the commandline, and having 10-15 identical command prompt windows is downright unsightly and cumbersome. This allows me to collapse them into the notification area (I'm on Windows 7 x64 BTW) where I can hide them as I please.

  • Excellent work.

  • A really great tool! After a first touch of scepticism I must admit that it really works and reduces the chaos in my taskbar significantly. A big Thank You to the devlopers and I hope that the project will be maintained for long time.

  • RBTray increases my productivity by removing clutter from my view when I don't need it. Sometimes you don't want to kill a window but remove it from view view and come back to it later. This kind of functionality should be an operating system feature but thanks to RBTray we now have it!

  • SYSTEM ESSENTIAL - BRILLIANT! RBTray v4.1 (Dec. 2010) Very few apps I have ever make it to a category I regard as 'System Essential'. RBTray made it into that category several years ago, within a month of my using it. It truly is an astonishingly useful addition to a Windows system. Contrary to some of the comments made it does work with *some* portable apps, though not all. Ah, well. I wouldn't dream of removing it from the system for the sake a minor blemish. Give it a try for a month, then take it off the system. You'll be putting it back within the hour. Small, Brilliant - ESSENTIAL! Keep up the excellent work, guys! Many thanks.

  • Nice and good! But need to add CMD optios

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