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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project: RainBot ('R'obot 'A'ware 'I's 'N'ot 'BOT') Version: 0.05 Details: Home built Lego Robot with NXT and RobotC Goals: The first goal is to have fun, learning and sharing. Status: Beta Author: Michael Cambay Copyright: You may use this code as you wish, provided you give credit where its due. Todo: a lot of things :-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The archive contains several sources. "Rainbot.c" is the main project file and includes all others. Compilations: ------------- With Robot 3.05 you can compile: * the global project: open the main file "Rainbot.c" and compile it. * A specific file : open it and compile it. (most files have their own task main() used to debug it). Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions: ---------------------------------------------------- myCompassDisplay.c manages the display of a Magnetic Compass on NXT screen myCoord.c manages generic 2d cartesian coordinates and fifo of coordinates. this file hasn't task main. myFonts.c manages a small font display (smaller than native NXT fonts) myMap.c manages the Robot environment: mapping and its display, path finding myMaths.c manages mathematic sub functions myMotor.c manages some basic motor commands myTurret.c manages Turret movement, sonar and light sensors RainBot.c is the main "Rain Bot" project file ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: Metrics: PathFinder v1.03 takes 1.69s to find a path from 0,0 to 13.9 Try auto switch off optimisation: ok with direct path but longer with indirect path :-( Fusion of CELL into MAP structure PathFinder uses memmove() instead of loop copy: Metrics: PathFinder v1.04 takes 1.13s to find a path from 0,0 to 13.9 PathFinder uses ring buffer but this only win 0.01s on 1.13s. Add temporary variables in Path_Marking() and Math_Writing() wins 0.12s on 1.12s Metrics: PathFinder v1.05 takes 1.00s to find a path from 0,0 to 13.9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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