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  • I sincerly assume this app the perfect software I at all times used! => have a look at this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • I sincerly assume this software the best app I ever tried! => check this site for Free keys :

  • If you don't mind reading a bit of code (examples, the library itself) its really flexible and feature rich. I really love it.

  • Very useful and versatile library! Like it very much!

  • Fast, responsive, mostly flexible, extendable - sometimes a bit odd to use.

  • this project very useful.

  • I love it!

  • I would not recommend using this library since authors break API not only between major updates (5 -> 6), but also between minor updates (6.0.2 -> 6.1.0). Relying on such idiots typically costs a lot of time. Also, it is very stupid to use file naming scheme different from one of Qt. It makes client source code inconsistent (compare #include <QWidget> and #include <qwt_plot.h> instead of #include <QwtPlot>)

  • Thanks guys, you really are the best!

  • I would've recommended it if it wasnt for a confusing GUI.

  • I really love the GUI, one of the best.

  • Love it Love it! what more can i say?

  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Easy install and setup! works great.

  • Good well-structured code and seems quite stable. The provided Examples help but docs could do with more overview items and drawing together of the topics. Qdos to the devs though!

  • This is an AWESOME piece of software!!!

  • Developers familiar with Qt know that its strengths lie in an easy to use API, extensive documentation and generally being a fairly comprehensive framework. Unfortunately, one thing the Qt framework is missing is an out of the box charting solution. This is where Qwt steps in. It is built upon Qt and offers a fair selection of 2d charts. Sounds good. Unfortunately it isn't. I have no doubt the author (Uwe Rathmann) is an experienced programmer, particularly with Qt, but Qwt shares non-of the user friendly advantages that Qt provides. The documentation is not easy to follow. The API is not intuitive. It is inefficient in many places. And is far from bug free. Qwt enjoys it's own sub section over at QtCentre where you will be able to interact directly with Uwe and another (rather terse) developer called Wysota. We use it because there is no alternative and we are not given time to roll our own (which I would love to do). If you love the ease at which you can use Qt do not expect the same experience from Qwt. Sadly, whilst Qwt is the best charting library for Qt, that does not mean it is good.

  • Kudos to the author. Excellent library. Some real documentation (concise tutorials building up concepts, as opposed to doxygenated source code) would help make this way better, and help the library establish itself even more. Some don't see it as a viable library just because of the lack of documentation (I consider that unfortunate).

  • Best available!

  • always reliable.

  • Thanks!

  • One of the first utilities I load on every new PC.

  • Best utility on the market

  • I install it on every computer I repair and don't forget :)

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