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QVision: Computer Vision Library for Qt


Computer vision and image processing library for Qt.

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This library contains among other things a set of graphical widgets for video output, performance evaluation and augmented reality.

The library also provides classes for several data types usually required by computer vision and image processing applications such as vectors, matrices, quaternions and images.

Thanks to a large number of wrapper functions these objects can be used with highly efficient functionality from third party libraries such as OpenCV, GNU Scientific Library, Computational Geometry Algorithms Library, Intel's Math Kernel Library and Integrated Performance Primitives, the Octave library, etc...

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  • Multi-platform: for Windows, Linux, MAC, and any other plattform available for Qt.
  • Performance: efficient libraries such as BLAS, LAPACK, or IPP are used in the background of the object oriented API for matrix and image processing.
  • Interoperability: the library also provides type conversion operators and wrapper functions to use functionality from other libraries such as OpencV, SIFTGPU, ROS, or CGAL with QVision type objects.
  • High level GUI: the library provides useful and versatile widgets for multiple purposes, such as user input, data plotting (with QWT), video output, image inspection, performance evaluation, augmented reality.
  • Object oriented and modular design: easy to develop complex applications by composing highly reusable processing blocks.


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  • williamhansen
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    qvision, easy to use

    Posted 09/13/2012
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