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- QuickRev now takes the time elapsed for a review session - the 'Session Time'. This time value can be inserted into every 'TimeField' (e.g. Effort) via the new 'Session' button, which is added to the time field. Furthermore this value can be used for the internal command <set-conclusion ARGS>, e.g. <set-conclusion effort=session-time>, to set the value via configured 'Tools'. - Added internal command <set-conclusion ARGS> which lets you set the values of the conclusion fields via the 'Tools' menu. Example <set-conclusion effort=session-time; date=today; finished=true; some_other_value:ask>. - Added internal command <all-mode ARGS> which lets you select or deselect the ALL-mode and provides the possibility to add new reviewers. - Extended internal command <send-email> by allowing an optional argument 'sendCopyToSender' to change the default behaviour for sending a copy to sender. - Changed default values for required 'TimeField's (e.g. 'Effort') by allowing '00:00' as valid value. If no value is assigned the placeholder '--:--' will be shown. - Changed default values for 'DateField's by showing the placeholder value '--.--.--' for an undefined date instead of '00.00.2012'. Configuration changes: To use 'today' as default value for own defined 'DateField's 'today' has to be defined as default value even for non-required fields (which was the default in former versions). - Configuration changes: Added possibility to define a default value for own defined 'Choice' fields by adding the attribute 'default="true"' to the default 'Item' element. - Added possibility to deselect ALL mode by clicking menu 'View / ALL (4 Eyes Review)' again which automatically selects the currently relevant review phase. - Added spinner buttons to 'TimeField' and 'DateField' to increase / decrease the values by one minute respectively one day. - Added '+' button behind every command of a tool to insert a new command above the selected one. - Extended tab menu with the possibility to close all tabs to the left/right respectively above/below. - Added menu 'Copy Element Text' to context menu of UML diagrams and renamed menu 'Copy Info Message To Clipboard' to 'Copy Element Description', to copy either the element's text or the text describing the element in the UML diagram to clipboard. - When adding a comment with severity 'Spelling' to an element of an UML diagram the text of the selected element will be inserted as comment text to be modified easily. - Extended 'Show Message Pane' preferences for UML diagrams with the following options: 'always', 'on errors only', 'on errors and warnings only', 'never'. - Changed matching of exclude directories for 'Find Open Projects' dialog, by matching a substring instead of the whole expression, so e.g. 'test' instead of '.*test.*' is enough to exclude every path with 'test' in it. - menu 'Insert File Version Descriptions' from 'Information / Description' field removes duplicated entries now - fix: preserve line breaks when comments are inserted into the 'Information / Description' field via the context menu - fix: deselect removed default tool bar menu in 'Tool Bar Configuration' dialog to be selectable again - fix: IllegalArgumentException when updating the history index for very old project files (with separate 'Verification' phase) - fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException when changing the commands of a tool during execution of this tool - fix: change review phase from 'Creation' to 'Review' if files have been added only and check whether files have been added during input validation - fix: when adding new users in the 'Preferences / Users' tab the entry was accepted only when another cell has been clicked or enter was pressed, this is done automatically now Take a look at: for a complete overview.
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