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  • When writing code, I like to keep my code comments-lean, but at the same time want to document it carefully. This means that I put all longer comments in separate note or help files, which reside in the same directory as the file containing the code. In order to keep code and documentation close together, I was writing: ... CodeThatRequiresCommenting # Tricky part, see FunctionComment01.txt ... QuickOpen allows me to put the cursor anywhere on FunctionComment01.txt, which opens when I press alt-O. Perfect, so thanks.

  • Windows 7 64bit. Notepad++ v651 unicode -- From what i have tested, it seems that the plugin works when the text containing the file name is in an 'actual' file, that has been SAVED, but if I type a name on a recently opened "New Tab", then the plugin does not open a file pointed by the text I have just typed. If I type the filename on a tab that belongs to an existing file, even before saving said file with the filename, then I AM able to use the plugin to open the appointed file. sample: create file1.txt, save it create file2.txt. save it. Edit file1.txt. type c:\file2.txt paint the text [c:\file2.txt] press Alt+o, or the menu icon, or the menu option on the menu Result: it works. Test 2: Open "new tab" type "c:\file2.txt" select the text "c:\file2.txt" and press [Alt+o] Result: nothing. failed. Does this make sense? hope I am not reporting a 'false negative'... THANKS

  • the files that I edit are almost always LINUX based. they use "/" instead of normal "\" used in windows based files and addresses. there, you also never find ".." as one layer above. addresses start at one point and just continue downward. could you please ass this capability to the plugin? Regards

  • Can you also add feature to open file with full path? Thanks