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Change log Query Analyzer 2016-02-06 Version - Improvements: - DB catalog can find refereces to other tables DB catalog - context menu: "Find references" - Simple "Search and Replace" for all items in selected analysis tree branch This cannot be undone completly, but changes are in undo list for each item and can be undone at item level - Bug fixes: - "File - reload" opens warning message "File allready in use" and opens file in read only mode - If any SQL executed during the DB catalog is still loading, there is no entry about SQL execution in execution history and log file 2015-12-12 Version - Bug fixes: - In version redesigned LOAD command ignored auto increment columns. This may cause problems during import. Problem is fixed now. - If LOAD errors occurs in multiple rows (for example unique key errors) user has to accept each error message Now LOAD command failes on first error - Automatic started by DB server transactions could prevent closing application. This behavior is fixed now. - Message "Opening QAX file takes very long" occurs always after file lock message. This behavior is fixed now. - Text from analysis tree root node was now shown after opening a QAX file - If SQl editor contains a block comment begin (/*) with aout a block comment end (*/) Editor freezes when executing SQL. Now the text starting from a block comment begin (/*) to the text end is marked as comment is no block comment end is set. - Improvements: - Using the STOP command you can add an user defined text, which is shown in STOP dialog message. - All text controls containing SQL command text are replaced with an SQL editor control. All SQL texts now using syntax highlighting and the are better readable. - Saving an analysis project as SQL stored tne analysis XML structure th a file with extension .sql. Now "Save as SQL" performa an export of whole analysis project to a single, flat SQL file. - ULOAD command now supports export as XML with an option to transform XML (for example to HTML) and an option to run any post procesor (for example FOP for converting XML to PDF). A simple style sheet to transform XML to HTML table is included with QueryAnalyzer setup 2015-11-17 Version - New context menue function "Run from current line" (Shortcut Shift-F9) Can be used to continue SQL execution from current line after STOP command, manual break, or execution error. - Fixed problem inserting or editing large SQL text (No response from application) - Prameter names are no more case sensitive, when used in SQL editor - Improved LOAD command - brackets may be used in command - improved column mapping from csv file to database table The column intersection from csv file, database table columns and optional LOAD command column list will be used for import A sample INSERT command with a list of used columns will be added to log file Columns not matching will be ignored - fixed error in casting für TEXT data type for INFORMIX database - Improved performance executing large SQL command sets (no screen refreshing for large SQL execution) - No logging for single SQL's in log window (loggin to file is not attached) - No scrolling in SQL editor, no success markers - improved parameter replacement performance - Screen refreshing can be set by options (Default value: no screen refreshing) - Check load performance, when opening analysis file A large execution history of large SQL commands can delay loading of analysis file In this case a message appears to delete entries from execution history ode large SQL commands 2015-10-28 Version - Option CheckForUpdates was moved to application settings The applivationn default value can be changed in QueryAnalyser.exe.default file - Changes in SQL parameter import: Existing prarmaterrs will be updated, only new parameters will be added - Buttons Commit and Rollback in toolbar were disabled if a analysis folder is selected from tree - This is unnecessary - minor bud fixes - When closing the application with open transaction a warning occured but application was closed. This behavior is fixed. - UNLOAD with option TEXT='YES': Numeric and DataTime columns will be exported using culture from DB UNLOAD parameter 2015-09-03 Version - DB catalog reader uses own instance for DB connection Now SQL execution not clashes with a running DB meta data reading - Implemented recursive execution for all SQL items in a tree - Minor bug fixing - fixed status bar message "Reading data" when executing UNLOAD with no data rows in SELECT - Enable/Disable "Execute" and "Execute selected" buttons fixed, when switching beteween items with and without text selection - UNLOAD to EXCEL failed with error when used EXCEL templates with option TEXT='YES' 2015-07-27 Version - minor bug fixing - applications settings not stored since last update - Analysis file could not be opened if path was write protected 2015-07-14 Version - bux fixes - QA crashes when executing SQL with very much statements 2015-06-28 Version - improvements - Environment variables can be used in QueryAnalyser.exe.default file - Environment variables can be used in path parameters from options - bux fixes - changing DB connection in < 1 sec causes error writing SQL log file - It is not possible to save lagacy XML file because of file lock 2015-05-27 Version Minor improvements 2015-04-09 Version - Improvements - Command buttons "Execute" / "Exceute selected" are context sensitive for SQL text selection (Switch in options) - New fonts used in SQL editor (file SciEdit.xml) - bug fixes - fixed error saving SQL commend black & white list (in result onls first entry of list was used) - fixed error exporting data type "time" (System.TimeSpan) to excel - fixed error in parameter replacement using parameters without value All parameters from list after a parameter without value are not replaced by value - Execution history was not shown in case of new, not saved analysis project 2015-02-21 Version - Minor improvements - Direct opening of * .sql files, they are included into the analysis project - Improved import / export of SQL folder structures with keeping the analysis project meta-data - SQL blacklist / whitelist editor in the options: Database 2015-01-31 Version - New Layout options (View modes) - Command line tool for creating new QAX file from SQL folder (qaxer.exe) - Bug fix DEL key deletes the whole parameter entry in parameter table when editing a table cell - Bug fix using commit/rollback in auto-transaction - Bug fix SQL error messages not written to SQL log file - minor big fixes 2014-12-05 Version - CONNECTION command: Open, change, close data connections during SQL runtime Find details in help file. Select a connection from connection manager using SQL editors context menu - minor bug fixes and improvements - wrong SQL execution markes positions after parameter replacement - Connection information and record count in data grid view - wrong connection name in SQL logfile when changing database connection - fixed some problems in autotransaction mode when an additional transaction is started from SQL command 2014-11-23 Version - Improved search in DB catalog - Option for maximizing SQL editor or data grid - SQL code snippets for SQL editor (internal snippets and snippets from XML file) - minor bug fixes and improvements 2014-11-03 Version - Option "Use SQL schema" (Standard = True) in DB catalog. If this option is set, tablename will be used as schema.tablename 2014-10-29 Version - STOP SQL command - breaks SQL execution - Improved selection for multiple result sets - Extended UNLOAD command TEMPLATE='[FILENAME.xlsx]Blatt_1!$B$2' HEADER='YES|NO' AUTOOPEN= 'YES|NO' for exports using MS EXCEL TEMPLATE - file name, worksheet name and first data cell address for data table export HEADER - switch data table header on or off AUTOOPEN - switch automatically file opening after export on or off - Minor bug fixing - Current in use SQL Logfile could not be opend from application - Button "Close" in History-dialog does not work 2014-10-12 Version - Added export format ODS (Open Document Speadsheet) for data tables and UNLOAD command ODS files can be opened by OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Microsoft EXCEL. ODS can be used for creating files for Microsoft EXCEL even if no EXCEL is installed. - Option "Editor: ExecutionOnlyMode" Standardwert = False If set to True SQL editor is in read only mode, no SQL can be modified. SQL parameters could be load in this mode. Thois mode is for inexperienced users, they can execute perpared SQL. - Integrated optional SQL log file viewer 2014-09-18 Version - Added link to SQL log file to execution history, call log file from history - Execution history is automatically stored to QAX file without changing edit state - /o="OptionsPath" - command line parameter for using options file from given path - File QueryAnalyser.exe.default may be used for default settings applied when application is starting - Option to set automatic loading of database catalogue when connection is established - Bug fixing - Memory overflow in case of rectangular text selection in SQL editor using the Ctrl-Shift-CursorUp/Down key - Error saving new analysis file (QAX file) - Sometimes error occurs when trying to execute SQL with closed database connection 2014-09-07 Version - Improved execution history Execution History will be saved to QAX file - Minor bug fixes - Sometimes no SQL commandsare written to SQL log file - Sometimes import/export path for LOAD/UNLOAD/EXPORT command was not completed right for non-rooted path names - Copy & Paste doesn't work for single SQL item in analysys tree - Error in EXPORT command, if file name column contains file name without file extension - Error in LOAD command for legacy file format, if header line contains less then 14 characters 2014-08-26 Version - QAX file extension, QAX used as default file format for analysis files AQX file associated with QueryAnalyzer application XML analysis files can still be used XML analysis files can be stored as QAX file (Save as...) QAX file structure: ZIP package with XML files for analysis file, parameters and version info - Extended parameter context menu: Delete, Import, Export, Collect parameters from analysis file - Option "Report Standard ODBC Types" (Default = True) for INFORMIX connection wizard (used for reading BLOB fields from INFORMIX database) - Minor bug fixes and improvements i.a. - Bug fix saving options from connection wizards - Copy & paste within analysis tree: adjusted presentation for pasted folders - Adjusted presentation fro numeric values exported from data grid to EXCEL (in other then English cultures) - Adjusted sorting for copying cells from data grids 2014-08-08 Version - Implemented EXPORT statement: extract data from blob fields to file EXPORT TO 'Path\filename_with_oarameters' [EXT [=] '.extension'] COLUMN [=] column] SELECT colmuns FROM table - Exort table data to file dialog: Wizard for adding parameters to filename text box - SQL log when connection is closed - Direct call of SELECT if any existing table is selected in SQL editor (first 1000 rows) - Minor bug fixing in connection manager 2014-08-02 Version - New connection manager - Connection wizards for selected databases (Informix (ODBC), Oracle (nativ), MS SQL Server (nativ)) - Duplicate, import, export database connections - Imporved Auto Complete function, Auto Complete can be called by ctrl+space key even if automatically completation is switched off - Save and load von Optionen to/from preselected preset directory - Faster selecting of large text blocks in SQL editor - Minor bug fixes and improvements 2014-07-18 Version - Import SQL folder structure: files and folders are sorted by name - Implemented "UNLOAD TO '<filename>' [FORMAT [=] CSV|XLS] [DELIMITER [=] '<ch>'] SELECT ... [Column1, [Column2]...]": Export data table to CSV or XLS file - "LOAD FROM '<filename>' [DELIMITER [=] '<ch>'] INSERT INTO <table>": handles DBUNLOAD files - Display transaction state for transaction started by SQL code (implemented by configuration data bases Informix, Oracle, MS SQL Server, erweiterbar) 2014-05-23 Version - bug fixes and improvements - Improved SQL error dialog - Improved / corrected SQL Splitter with analysis tool - Display execution status for individual SQL's in the block - SQL execution as a single transformer balanced-SQL or as a stack - Export the structure of the analysis tree in a file system folder structure as a SQL file - Easy SQL files import - Import SQL files from a file system folder structure in a folder structure of the analysis tree 2014-04-25 Version - Improved handling for big database columns and blob Columns, External data viewer for big values, export data values to files - Encrypted connection string saving - Optional login form for connecting to database - Optional SQL splitting for executing only single SQL statements - Multiple SELECT opens a single data grid for each SELECT 2014-02-21 Version - Improved SQL Editor - SQL Editor keeps layout and data grid content even if SQL items are changed - Automatic import of all installed data sources - Improved data base catalogue functionality - many new features and bug fixing 2012-05-11 Version - 32 bit and 64bit Versions 32bit Version can be used on Windows 32bit and 64bit, it can be used only with 32bit database drivers 64bit Version can be used on 64bit Windows only and it can be used only with 64bit database drivers - fixed EXCEL Export problem Error: 0x80028018 (-2147647512) Description: Old Format or Invalid Type Library - fixed problem in LOAD to INFORMIX database 2012-05-04 Version - works on Windows 2008 Server 32Bit and 64Bit QueryAnalyzer is a 32Bit application, so it works only with 32Bit DB drivers 64Bit version coming soon 2011-10-11 Version - respecting Windows 7 security policies - supporting MS EXCEL 2007+
Source: README, updated 2016-02-06

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