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  • I absolutely think this program the best software I at all times tried! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

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  • The sidestep is fine, it's the same in the original glQuake

  • Excellent, only one detail, the side steps is very fast in walk mode. Should be slower if you are walking.

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  • Brilliant ... apart from one thing. +mlook looks up and down and side steps. -mlook looks left and right but not up and down!! How do you get a genuine Mouse Look - ie. up and down and left and right??? If I had this I'd be really happy!!!

  • Probably the best Quake port for now. I would like to see more advanced option menu, settings such as r_oldwater, gl_texturemode, crosshair and many others have to be available not only through console and cfg file. And I wish to have better manual, so I can learn about all features of this port.

  • Quakespasm is my favorite source port. It adds features such as scalable UI for high resolutions, music from files instead of CD and "modern" controls while keeping the original graphics and atmosphere. Speaking of graphics, this port also restores features of the original SW renderer that were lost in GLQuake, such as the warp effect on fluids which wasn't possible back then. One thing I'd like to see is an option to disable texture filtering completely to make it look just like the old SW renderer. That would be awesome :)

  • Hi :D Nice engine... hope to see more development in ta near future. Regards, Q -Mark [0!0] Qracker Jack Quake Gather Quake Archives

  • hello! quake is one of my favourite games. quakespasm is easy to use and it works excellent (I am using ubuntu 10.04.4 lts) best wishes!!! bye

  • Could be the gold standard, unfortunately mouse input appears to rely on tracking cursor location as severe negative acceleration exists at high CPI values. Needs raw mouse input implemented (since dinput has been removed) before it can be recommended without reservation as a replacement for fitzquake on Windows.

  • great!!

  • Great project! Easy to compiile compared to other SDL ports and more stable then darkplaces (for me at least). Since its ported from FitzQuake all my old maps look exactly as they were intended :)