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In the two directories of the QUAD toolset you will find: QUADcore ======== QUADcore is main part of the QUAD Toolset project developed by Arash Ostadzadeh as the "dynamic profiling" part of the "Delft WorkBench" (DWB) in the Computer Science and Engineering Group of the Delft University of Technology. The tool is open source and provided under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), specifically for academic (non-commercial) purposes. QUADcore has been deliberately maintained in a separate directory with the aim to offer simplicity and ease of use for experimental academic purposes, meanwhile, to provide the primary functionality of the QUAD toolset. **Important Note** Now you can access the new QUADcore tool (v2.0) which is re-designed for performance gain both in terms of the instrumentation time and memory footprint. The performance of the new version, by far, exceeds the original one and is still under development. Please check back later for further releases. QUAD ==== To use the complete QUAD toolset including the graphical visualization features refer to the 'QUAD' directory. **Important Note** The complete QUAD toolset, found in this directory, is using the old QUADcore design and does not reflect the new design at the moment.
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