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  • Why isn't there screenshots?

  • This is a great project, adds tabs to explorer and much more. Honnestly, MS should have done this from the start but hey it's Microsoft (an adorable mixture of 3 parts cinnamon, a pinch of sugar, one part incompetence and 2.5 parts of evil). Anyways, this project is real old and in 2011-2012, one of the Devs Quizo branched off and did his own fork of QTabBar and decide to call it QTabBar as well. I've used both. I used Quizo's for ages and it's damn good but it felt like he had packed a little too much into it and that it was buckling under it's own way. I decided to try this QTabBar project and I found it a lot lighter and faster than Quizo's and it has alot of really nice features in it's own right. The current release is 1.5 beta 2 and it's solid as a rock. If you want to compile it, it's commit number 260 (I would recommend use a snapshot of that commit). I would recommend you stay away from commit 451, the last commit in the trunk, it was intensely unstable and slow.

  • رائع وسهل ومفيد

  • رائع وسهل ومفيد

  • I have been using this excellent program for years but it is now discontinued. I switched to TidyTabs, which permits you to have tabs on all of your programs (not just Windows Explorer) and to merge windows from different programs.

  • Noktham is correct : this project on Sourceforge is defunct but there is an excellent new version by Quizo on It was back in April 2013 when the original developer (see his blog at acknowledged Quizo's alternative fork as the active project. For me, Quizo's new version works on 64 bit Windows 10 and transforms Windows Explorer into a powerful customisable interface which easily beats the third party alternatives. It's crazy how little known Quizo's QTTabBar is. It's not available anywhere except If anyone reads this who can help him get the backing and exposure he deserves, please do.

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  • QtTabBar, a great addition to the weak Windows Explorer, this turns WinE into a great rival to 3rd party explorers, been using this for years, after using XYplorer for quite some time (great app too), and so far no complains. The software presented here in SF is outdated and no longer in development, but someone else decided to grab it and keep it updated @ go there and fetch the latest updated release.

  • I absolutely love QTTabBAR since i've discovered it nearly decade ago, during my first Windows XP customization attempts. Now, after so many years i can't even think of using explorer (and all it's crappy anoyances hahaha) if doesn't have this phenomenal extension installed. Thanks to tabbed searching QTTabBar is speeding up windows exploration by 200%, giving instant access to everything within a single explorer window opened! Plus many other great features, changing explorer usage experience from constantly annoying to easy and user friendly - like...It will return once again. I hope so...

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  • The project looks dead since almost 2 years now. I made good use of the features but some bugs, especially crashes on windows/explorer start-up are very uncomfortable. Additionally it is a mess that I need to right-click most of the time to make the two bar elements visible plus the need for re-positioning them. If anyone at all would be able to fix that it would be nice. If I did knew about a comparable alternative then I would try it out!

  • One of the best and indispensable tools i have ever seen. Stabile under Windows 10! Top! I love the possibiliy to step up in the folder hirarchy with a double click on empty space. Never again without tabs...

  • Works perfectly! Install this QTTabbar instead of that from QuzioApps, because that one is buggy.

  • What an INSANE project! I LOVE it! Thanks for putting so much time and effort in it, i'll definitely donate some money! :)

  • Could be better if it wasn't so much centered on the folder tree. It is missing a lot of tab management features, such as: -New tab button (should be in the tab bar itself) -Drag tab from one window to the other (do it like Firefox, if there is only one tab left close the other explorer window) There is a lot of unnecessary stuff in the options window toolbar is missing an options button Capture new explorer processes - this should open a new tab in an existing explorer window, like in WindowTabs. Creating new explorer windows should be an exception not a rule.

  • Works on Windows 8.1 64 bits. Donated some to this program.

  • Great features and easy to use!

  • QTTabBar is now being developed by a new developer at this site:

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  • Amazing app. and it is mandatory for every windows 7/8 user Wait for another new update

  • crucial functionality: delivered. How did I live without this?

  • Awesome feature missing from the native software :)

  • Absolutely awesome, highly configurable and just works seamlessly.

  • This is a really great app! The options that can be configured really says a lot about the amount of thought that went into the planning and implementation.

  • i am loving this extension .. this along with listary an amazing file explorer experience ... I am an avid browser but i am perplexed how i didnt find this extension earlier

  • Спасибо разработчику(кам?), за столь полезнейшую утилиту! Пользуюсь с 2008г. (или 07г. - во время-то летит)). Зашел чтобы обновиться, и удивился что разработчик покинул sourceforge, обновы присутствуют только на сайте http :// / Я в английском не бум-бум, может кто из знающих разъяснит причину приостановки проекта на этом сайте? Спасибо.

  • Wow! Thanks a bunch. And this is super-customizable! I love the hell out of this. Matter of fact, it's so customizable that the available options are almost overwhelming. Love it, love it, love it soooo much! Thanks again. Functionally, it is splendid. This is almost science-fiction in reality: it adds so much to File Explorer.

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  • This is so useful program!

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