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QST release 2011-03-29 33 weekly downloads
QST release 2011-03-29 11 weekly downloads
QST beta 2011-03-24 11 weekly downloads
QST alpha 2011-03-11 11 weekly downloads
QTelecom 0.1 Special example 2011-03-11 11 weekly downloads
QST alpha 2011-03-09 22 weekly downloads
QST alpha 2011-03-01 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.9 pre-alpha 2011-02-15 0
QST 0.5.8 pre-alpha 2011-02-09 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.7 pre-alpha 2011-01-21 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.6 pre-alpha 2010-11-18 0
readme.txt 2011-03-30 11.1 kB 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.5 pre-alpha.rar 2010-11-02 1.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.4 pre-alpha.rar 2010-10-22 1.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.3 pre-alpha.rar 2010-10-14 994.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
QST 0.5.1 pre-alpha.rar 2010-09-27 854.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
QST (QsT SQL Tools) - is free ORM library for Qt to simplify database programming and to improve code. - Simple SQL queries generation (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE). - Declarative Field Descriptor (DFD) conception for the SQL queries. - Multiple named one-type queries for one database entity (table, view, stored procedure etc.). - Customizing query generation. - Working with separate fields and with list of fields by field names. - Qt Interview and GUI integration. - Autotuning views, comboboxes. - View and comboboxes current row data extracting. - Simple tree model with lazy load on item expand. - Dynamic filters. - Extended completer. - Some other features. QsT SQL Tools is the member of Qt Ambassador program. Learn more about program: http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/qt-in-use/ambassadors/qtambassador Basic information about using QsT SQL Tools can be found in the description of the following classes: - QstAbstractModelHandler - QstBatch - QstField - QstDefaultItemNameExtractor - Filter - FiltersManager - QstCompleter Also there are example projects in the library package: - SQLite example project, - Query generation example. Just define SQLITE_EXAMPLE_PROJECT or QUERY_GENERATION_EXAMPLE_PROJECT in the main.cpp and (for SQLite example) copy Smartphones.db to the debug/release/QST-build-desktop folder. Here you can find more functional examples of work with QST. - QTelecom - example project for QST 0.5.x (http://sourceforge.net/projects/qstsqltools/files/QST%200.5/QTelecom%200.1%20Special%20example/) - TradeDB - example project for QST 0.4.x If you have questions regarding the license, QST using or something else about QST, please contact author: Granin, Alexandr graninas [-at-] gmail.com -================= CHANGELOG =================- to (release) Changes -= General =- - Fixed compatibility with Qt 4.6.0 and higher. to (release) Changes -= General =- - Fixed bug in QstAbstractModelHandler in the reload() functions: select of databases was wrong. - In the example QueryGenerationExample added fields for sections of Group By and Order By. - Unit tests are updated. - Added QstAbstractModelHandler::model(). - JOIN clause generation added. - Documentation is fixed and updated. to (beta) Changes -= General =- - Documentation is completed. - Added a very rough generator of the SQLite dialect, repeating the generation for PostgreSQL. - Added example project on SQLite. - Added example project 'QueryGeneration Example' - Tests are reorganized. - Insignificant changes in QST classes. The QsT SQL Tools library became a member of the program Qt Ambassador. Learn more about program: http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/qt-in-use/ambassadors/qtambassador to (alpha) Changes -= AbstractTreeModel, QstTreeQueryModel =- - Fixed bug: crush on data loading into the model. -= FiltersManager =- - Added: static FilterAssembly standardHorizontalAssembly(QWidget *widget); static FilterAssembly standardVerticalAssembly(QWidget *widget); -= qstguisettings.h =- - Added constants of icons for filter show / hide buttons. to (alpha) Changes -= General =- - Added: FieldRoles. FieldRoleIndexMap. - Added lazy load on item expand in QstTreeQueryModel. - For the tree model does not matter what value parent_id means a pointer to the root. The main thing is that the value of the field level for them was minimal. - Improved work QstCompleter, written documentation. - Updated Russian and English documentation. -= QstBatch =- - Forbidden to add the field with purpose == PurposeNone. - Fixed bug with incorrect positioning of the fields with roles for a section of SELECT, if before these fields were loaded field of the other sections. - Added function QstFieldList fields(const FieldRoles &roles). - Documentation is updated. - Added fieldRoleIndexMap(). -= QstField =- - isService() is renamed to hasRole(). Change the logic function: now it returns true, if the role different than RoleNone. - Updated function isValid () for the case when purpose == PurposeNone. Such a field is considered invalid. - Documentation is updated. -= AbstractTreeModel =- - Added: hasChildren(), beginInsertRows(), endInsertRows(), root(). -= QstTreeQueryModel =- - Lazy load on expand. - Deleted: setKeyField(), setParentField(), setLevelField(). setFieldRoleIndex() added instead. - Added: root(), setFieldRoleIndexMap(), setLoadOnExpandMode(), setExternalQuery(), rowCount(), hasChildren(), canFetchMore(), fetchMore(), setDefaultParentItemLevelLevel(). -= QstAbstractModelHandler =- - Added: fieldRoleIndexMap(int queryNumber). -= TreeItem =- - Added: item(int row), hasChildren(), setFetchingMoreChildren(), fetchingMoreChildren(). 0.5.9 to (alpha) Changes -= Common =- - Status changed from pre-alpha to alpha. - Added parameter UserDefinedQuery to the enum QueryType. - Consstants added: QST_ENABLE_FIELD_VALUE_EXTRACTING_ASSERTS_IN_MODELHANDLER QST_ENABLE_FIELD_VALUE_EXTRACTING_WARNINGS_IN_MODELHANDLER - Fixed bug in QstBatch, associated with the mapping of columns without headers in view, if the before SELECT fields were seted fields of the other sections (eg, WHERE). - Fixes in QstTreeQueryModel. - Russian and English documentation updated. -= QstAbstractModelHandler =- - Function setQuery(const QString &query, QSqlBatabase) is added. Allows you to execute custom query. In this case, all the features view autotunning are lost. - Static function exec(const QString &query, QSqlBatabase) is added. It executes custom query. - Data extracting fields are improved. -= QstQueryDescriptor =- - Added setQuery(), query() to set and return custom query. to 0.5.9 (pre-alpha) Changes --====== Attention! ======-- This version of QST is not compatible with older versions. It has important changes in field sequence in query generation. Now the fields in the SELECT clause follow each other as is seted in handler. --=======================-- -= QstField, QstBatch, QstAbstractModelHandler refactoring =- - Now QstField can have only one purpose FieldPurpose, not FieldPurposes. - QstBatch composes fields as it seted in handler. - Role "RoleTreeLevel" added. To work properly with tree model set field with this role pointing to tree node level. -= QstAbstractModelHandler =- - Interfaces of viewKeyValue(), viewFieldValue(), comboBoxKeyValue(), fieldValue(), fieldsValueMap() etc. are changed. Now optional QModelIndex required. - Fixed bug in data extracting functions if model is TreeModel. - Documentation is updated insignificantly, some errors fixed. -= QstTreeQueryModel =- - Model is rewritten. - Added: setLevelField(int). - Applied: setQuery(QSqlQuery). - Added: _setupTree(), _columnTitles(QSqlRecord), _itemDataMap(QSqlRecord), _itemFlags(QSqlRecord). 0.5.8 to (pre-alpha) Changes - Documentation updated. to 0.5.8 (pre-alpha) Changes -= QST-Interview-Integration refactoring =- - Qt's view settings added. - QstAbstractModelHandler work changed. Now you must call setTableView(), setTreeView(), setListView() and setComboBox() before the reload(QSqlDatabase) call. Old-style code (reload() is the first, setXxxView() is the second) will not work. - Separate sortings for views added. - Separate data extracting for views in one handler added. --====== Attention! ======-- This version of QST is not compatible with older versions. It has important changes in view-handler binding. Now you must call setTableView(), setTreeView(), setListView() and setComboBox() before the reload(QSqlDatabase) call: _subscribersHandler.setQuery(SUBSCRIBERS); _subscribersHandler.setModel(&_subscribersModel); _subscribersHandler.setTableView(ui->SubscribersTableView, true); _subscribersHandler.setComboBox(ui->statusComboBox); // .... _subscribersHandler.reload(); --=======================-- -= Common =- - Class QstColumnSetting added. - Class QstViewSettings added. - Class QstComboBoxSettings added. - Class QstColumnSettingsMap added. - Class QstViewSettingsMap added. - Class QstComboBoxSettingsMap added. - Multiple renamed objects, code cosmetic changes. - Documentation is updated insignificantly. - QstModelDescriptor renamed to QstModelViewDescriptor. -= QstAbstractModelHandler =- - These functions: setComboBox(), setTableView(), setTreeView(), setListView() are changed. Now they returning iterators of spcial types. - These fnctions: reload(int, QstPlainQueryModel), reload(int, QstTreeQueryModel) are changed. Now they can not be used to reload view models. To load view models used reload(QSqlDatabase) when views and comboBoxes already seted. - "enableSortFiltering" parameter removed from most places. - setViewSetting() function added. - Some interfaces are changed. - Renamed: selectedKeysOfView() -> viewSelectedKeys(). - keyValueOfView() replaced by more featured function viewKeyValue(). - keyValueOfComboBox() replaced by more featured function comboBoxKeyValue(). - Fixed bug in view current row setting. - Deleted: keyValueOfCurrent(), keyValueOfRow(). - Forbidden functions deleted. - QST_0_5_3_TO_0_5_4_MIGRATION deleted. - Memory leak fixed in view sorting. - detachView() and detachComboBox() now returning true on success and false on fail. -= QstField =- - ModelColumn for comboBox appearing column added into two constructors. - setModelColumn() and isModelColumn() added. -= QstModelViewDescriptor =- - Deleted: Type ItemViewListType. - Added: defaultView(), defaultComboBox(). - Added: setViewSetting(), viewSettings(), contains(). - Deleted: dataModel(), sortFilterProxyModel(), applyModels(), unload(), isSortFilterEnabled(). - Renamed: clearViews() -> clear(). - detachView() and detachComboBox() now returning true on success and false on fail. -= QstQueryDescriptor =- - Added: columnSettingsMap(). - Added: modelColumn(). 0.5.7 to (pre-alpha) Changes -= Common =- - QstBatch. Field duplicating is returned. But not allowed key field duplicating: QstBatch may contain only one PrimaryKey field and only one ParentKey field. - QstValue. QDateTime support added. - Partial documentation translation to English. See English documentation.txt. - Russian documentation fixes. 0.5.6 to 0.5.7 (pre-alpha) Changes -= Common =- - Enum renamed: BinaryValueOrder -> BetweenFilterValueOrder. Enum elements are also renamed. - Russian documentation fixes. - Partial documentation translation to English. See English documentation.txt. - Some changes in QstCompleter working: binding handler class must be loaded now. -= QstBatch =- - These functions was changed: addSource() and addField(). Duplicates of sources and fields not allowed now. - setLimit() function added. - operator<<(const QstBatch &batch); added. - Documentation is updated.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2011-03-30

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