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  • Qlc works good.

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  • Could everyone post which dmx interface you are using and how you like it? Just discovered the program and want to get it going live soon. Thank you!

  • QLC is the most amazing lighting software on the market! i have used a myriad of other software from CompuShow, to Sunlight, to ShowXpress, to freestyler, and none of them had the amazing ability to run a show that QLC has. Truly Gold, the interface is wonderful with the ability to set up buttons in the virtual console for preset scenes, something nothing else ive used has in such an intuitive way. Few bugs here and there, but the benefits WAY outweigh the few bugs that there actually are! :D

  • Good and useful software

  • Great software, thanks qlc

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  • Q Light Controller this is an Amazing thing to have. I recommend. tnx!

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  • Absolutely the BEST free lighting control software available. Send this man donations so he keeps it free!! (And so he adds support for Anyma udmx adapters in Windows lol)

  • Cool, What I'd like to see is a color wheel, color picker, for easier RGB color mixing with RGB fixtures... you could have it output levels to control 3 or 4 channels (3 for RGB and maybe one for Intensity like the "Mac OS" color picker) or groups. Thanks

  • Love it. He added dipless crossfades for stage use. It now has scene fades go directly to the new level, without a dip on scene fade out, so a light at 100% going to the next scene at 100% will remain at 100% through the transition. This was the only missing feature needed for stage and church use. Thanks so much for responding to my request for this feature.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Very good controller. Keep it up, I can't wait for the next versions!

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  • Very good controller. I am using it with WinXp and Enttec PRO and it works just great!!

  • good job

  • Works a treat and looks great, has the promise of becoming great due to cross platform support. We have used other "free" Windows DMX control software for the band stage show, moving the controllers to Linux was looking like a wrong move until we found this.

  • Amazing soft! So easy to install and configure. Works perfect on my ubuntu studio laptop. It's a kind of wonder with enttec open dmx, behringer bfc2000 and m-audio oxygen kb. Better than so many desks. I only wait for time in, out and wait for cues (speed buses are a bit limited) that will make QLC a must have for theatre lighting. Enormous thanks to hjunnila!

  • This looks much more powerful and flexible than the software packaged in with AmericanDJ's myDMX unit, but it looks like it takes a lot of clicks to program. I think I have some ideas for improvement, and I'll try implementing them if I can remember what I learned in my cpp classes.

  • good software entec open usb is buggy the thing isn't following how i have the fixtures address. the software still needs a grand master and sliders that are linked and it needs to be-able to auto launch in operate mode and auto open a workspace but all in all the best on i have come across so far.

  • I just discover this tiny app, that's a very good one ! Thanks

  • It is so great when you have a MIDI Controller! But it is so dreadfully that no one knows this in the piblic scene. Let us change this and shoud out to everyone changing from Win to Linux: "If you used Frestyler, DMXControl or PC-Dimmer -->QLC is the only one out now and it is even the simplest one and powerfullest I have ever seen" Where can I post featured I still miss?

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  • Tried the OS X version (3.0.4). I want to control it with midi control change messages, but I'm not having much luck. When I try to "teach" a channel to respond to messages, nothing happens. the only response I get is when I play notes, or send it pitch bend messages. Even then, the display acts pretty squirelly. Any ideas?

  • This software is seriously amazing. It blows me away that something this professional and practical exists for free. I'm using it to automate amazing glamorous sexy light shows for my futuristic new wave band using MIDI in Linux. Keep it up, I can't wait for the next versions! =D

  • I was up and running quite quickly using it to control a bunch of RGB LED PARs. Extremely flexible, but takes quite a bit of clicking to program. A fantastic framework, though, that will no doubt improve over time.

  • This is a wonderful find. I'm a Chicago based theatrical lighting designer and I'm putting together a couple of systems to run shows on. Please keep developing! I've been running Chansys' powerful magicQ software, but with a little more work, this software will easily replace that as my go to software. I'm using Ubuntu and Enttec's DMX USB Pro, and considering an Enttec playback wing. I would be happy to provide more feedback or testing if needed, feel free to contact me. Thanks for the hard work, please keep it up!

  • Since enttec open usb support has been fixed, I've got to say, this is a fantastic piece of software. I'd been reserving my opinion until the open dmx bug was fixed, but I love the highly customisable interface and the simple fixture creator. I also adore the fact that this is a truly libre software rather than the other gratis or priced offerings that are out there. More developers would be able to add functionality to the software, but it seems to me to be in a very stable configuration right now so I wouldn't be surprised if features are added in the near to mid term. Only libre software actually permits the users to make the mods that they want. ;)