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  • Agree with mitzabobitza. Apparently, using qt made this client one of the most polished in terms of UI.

  • This is the PERFECT BitTorrent platform. Very fast and simple. I love and recommend it.

  • The best Bittorrent client out there right now, no Spyware or ads. Just simple and clean. Love it

  • It is open source! It is user friendly It has plenty of features, i like it, i use it -- It has long time not solved issues: It needs new developers.

  • Thank you so much for the new update, i absolutely love the new interface as its compatible with my XPS 15's 4k screen. and for that reason only bittorrennt has become my favourite torrent client. im looking forward to seeing other updates in the future but until then i'm really satisfied with the product. I personally don't write reviews but this one made it worth it. i give 5 STARS.

  • good

  • thnx

  • The best.

  • w32/exploit.gen in qbittorrent-3.3.15!

  • WARNING – for all versions of qbittorrent – stable & beta -- up through “qbittorrent_3.4.0alpha_20160509_35c51ad3b17”. If you tell qbittorrent where your “.torrent” files are – a logical thing to do since you want it to work with your torrent files -- it will then take your collected “.torrent” files -- AND the downloaded files for that torrent -- and DELETE them ! ! ! Yes, it DELETEs them,,, after it obfuscate your “.torrent” files and hides them in ….\AppData\Local\qBittorrent\BT_backup . Will do this NO MATTER what save to / download settings you use. Do NOT allow qbittorrent to load any .torrent files from your saved .torrent files – if you do, you will have to find them again on the web and download them again. Also uses bazaar folder naming scheme for incomplete torrents – like it is trying to hide them. Will do this NO MATTER what save to / download settings you use.

  • It's amazing.Wish UI will be much pretty than current.

  • "W32.NSISSmall.E277" is included in version 3.3.11 ........... please don''t become like UTORRENT check following link ""

  • Just installed v3.3.10 and it's GREAT! I'm getting up to 5Mb/s! Bitlord 2.3.2 was killing me starting at 400kb/s and quickly falling to 20kb/s. 3GB files only take 15-mins now, so sweet! Using ExpressVPN on Win 7, 170M/12M native via Cox for those that want to know.

  • Awesome!

  • very good alternative to malware utorrent

  • Unknowingly added two toolbars to my system. FilmFanatic Toolbar and Mindspark Toolbar

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  • Best torrent client!

  • [qbittorrent_3.3.6_setup.exe] Contains Adware. Cannot be installed. Walk away. Win.Adware.Opencandy-31 (ClamAV), W32.NSISSmall.5D9C (Bkav), VirusTotal link /en/file/14b6dba7228f54e492bba21d1e0033b51d2ea29d58b38dd148ff119798a0c1fa/analysis/1472868037/

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  • 3.3.6 Seems very solid. My download speeds are faster.

  • Downloaded v3.3.4 and did a routine VirusTotalScanner check and both Opencandy-31 and W32.NSISSmall.5D9C were detected. Not good :(

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  • is great

  • Latest proper client qBittorrent v3.2.5 everything else is buggy as hell, I/O error when starting some torrents, other torrents don't even start(even with fresh format 3.2.5 vs 3.3.10 ...the 3.2.5 is almost perfect(stable) ...the 3.3.10? pfff too buggy for me) I'll stick with 3.2.5 and maybe change torrent client was good until 3.2.5, after that ...oh dear

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  • Outstanding program when it come to it's Function, but, the UI when it comes to controlling font sizes stinks. On Linux I can increase or decrease every font, except on Qbittorrent's screen. I have a 2560x1440 monitor and the Qbittorrent screen fonts are so tiny you need a magnify glass to read it. Even at 1920x1080 the fonts are still way to small (unless you are a teenager with 10/10 vision). Even when most apps, including the web browser respond to the key sequence of ctrl++ and ctrl-- to increase or decrease their fonts, Qbittorrent ignores this key combination, WHY? Is there any way to increase the fonts? Any access to Qbittorrent's css where maybe the font size is defined? Running Ubuntu based Linux Mint 17.2 cinnamon.

  • Perfect torrent client It looks a lot like bittorrent, but there's no annoying ads and stuff Lots of features and huge changelogs (authors are working really hard on this one!) 5/5

  • Execellent

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