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  • Good project

  • Este tipo de programas fueron los que me llevaron a probar linux Gracias por este magnífico proyecto

  • Outstanding! Doing physics with the this using the units conversion is great! It says Beta but aside from one minor functionality it never crashed, mislead, or failed. Since I am inclined to break things (clumsy) this is a welcome surprise. I am studying Exoplanets online and like a lot of engineering/physics fields there are a multitude of units and formulas you are supposed to "know"; well at my age I don't even bother trying to remember; just write things down. Note: Turn "Enable Denominator suffixes" off; under Mode->Unit Display I had problems and will put in a bug report. I didn't want that feature any way. Putting the gonzo pink aside the user interface is also great! I think the authors are members of 'Pink Helmet Posse' :):) i.e. look up "Gnarly in Pink" on youtube. Rather than just take from the developers, maybe I will put in scripting. Although you apparently can do equivalent things under create functions. Oh yes: the manual is at: 'http'//

  • Qalculate works wonderful.

  • Amazing calculator. As an Engineer I have been using this calculator daily and it always makes me smile.

  • By far, the best calculator I ever used. Its key features (for me) are unit/constants support and calculation history (with copy & paste). I can't work without it!

  • It's just the best OpenSource desktop calculator I have ever seen! It fills the gap between normal desktop calculator applications lika "calc" and fully-featured computer algebra systems like "maxima". I also appreciate very much it's support for unit calculation, i. e. that I can write "2 V * 3 A" and will get "6 W". Another very nice thing is that one can enter a simple equation like "3 * x = 24" and it will display "x = 8" automatically - no need to invoke a special function for equation solving.

  • Great program, but there's no Windows version

  • Quite a useful tool. I am glad to see it resurrect from oblivion.

  • Nice package, thanks for the update.. I thought the project was dying, glad I was wrong.

  • Best calculator for desktop i wold like to see it in windows! Goodby Microsoft Math