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  • I've been hooked on this for years. Very pleased that it now runs under python 3. Thanks a lot for the updates!

  • PySolFC is a fantastic solitaire collection, but the app has not been updated for at least few years. Check out the maintenace branch of PySolFC by Shlomi Fish and others aiming to clean up the code, add features, fix bugs, port to Python 3, etc. at GitHub.

  • Great software. I use forty-thieves, everything on automatic. Right click on the pile. All works like magic, fun

  • I really like pysolfc. One issue I have found on linux Mint 17.2 running on an Intel NUC5i5RYH: the software crashes X windows when switching games or during wnning animation. There is a GDK Warning. This may be from libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 2.30.7ubuntu1.1. This does not happen on Ubuntu 15.04 which has libgdk-pixbuf2.0.0 2.31.3-1ubuntu0.1. I would prefer to use linux mint but if pysolfc doesn't run there really is no substitute.

  • Most excellent! I am on an iMac using Mac OS X Mavericks and PySolFC works perfectly on it! Finally, there is a true alternative to those games that came with every version of Windows up to Windows 8(Microsoft doesn't include any games with Windows 8).

  • Excellent game. Android version is now available on Google Play as Solitaire Club(1000+ Games)

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  • An unbelievable number of Mahjong games. Some are more difficult than others, but all are fun and challenging. So far all work smoothly and I'm very pleased.

  • I loved PySolFC 2.0! A lot of cardsets (share in this site at can be downloaded. Excellent collection!!!

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  • Pysolfc works fine.

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  • The only Soltaire engine you EVER need.

  • Nothing you pay for now could compare to the awesome scope of this game. You will never get bored....ever. The variety is mind boggling. I was so intrigued I started looking into history of playing cards! The tarock deck was the original playing card deck but fell out of favor and evolved into the standard deck we use today. Tarock became Tarot...and performers and scam artists turned them into "mystical" cards of fortune telling. The hanafuda cards were mainly made by a company that has been around for well over 100 may know it by the name Nintendo! People without the fear of code can put their own music and backgrounds in as well. LOVE my pysol!

  • Random generation of cards is horrible on PySol - Spider (4 decks). New deals contain multiple same number 5 aces, 4 tens. New draw reveals yet another ace or some other numbered card already played. Kind of frustrating. Several months without actually winning a single game. Maybe you could create a new algorithm to generate a more random sequence of cards.

  • Amazing tool. Works perfect. Very helpful.

  • Excellent work.

  • great software! :)

  • The best ever solitaire suite! Not surprisingly, since its pysol based, contains a huge number of games for the player, to select and play. Easy to install and with better graphics than the original, it brings pysol to modern era.

  • I have been using Pysol for years - then it disappeared. I was so sad. Now I have it back and it's like getting back an old and well loved best friend. Thanks.

  • Best Free Card or Tiles game collection on Any Platform!

  • very good project

  • The best Solitaire like game ever!

  • The very best of all card games. Don't know why UBUNTU chose not to include this in there latest version.

  • Gereat set of games