The Pyreal project is dedicated to enhancing the compatibility and playability of an unsupported multiplayer game. Pyreal is an open source project written in C# on the Microsoft .Net Framework under the LGPL license.

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  • Awesome work! I have now been running around in Dereth and had some nice nostalgic flashbacks, thanks Oplock! I'm currently playing with the code/db to create a command to save spawn information for mobs for fun. I would like to contribute to the project. Pm:ed you about that. Kind regards /Icetooth

  • ^_^ Can't wait!! Wish I could bring something to the table on this one... Sadly I am a far cry from a programmer, just a PC Repair Tech. :(

  • If I had won the lotto for 100 mil and had to pay programmers and whatnot to recreate this even under wraps, I would pay atleast 5 mil for it. Unfortunately I have not but I would consider donation to the creator who has probably put a TON of work into this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PULL THROUGH! But we need updates! Keep us posted more frequently so we don't lose faith! There is an underground social network here waiting for this to hit the fan!

  • Wow! Nice to see that the old AC2 will go live soon again! :)

  • Yes i want it back preferably with the original crafting 1. Nothin like crafting a sword in the field. Been waiting forever for a working project for this and been disappointed more than once so far. I hope you guys pull through.

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