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PyMOL's SourceForge README Jason Vertrees 1 What is PyMOL? PyMOL is an open-source molecular visualization system built on an open-source foundation. That means you get free access to source code--hence 'open source.' Schrodinger compiles and sells ready-to-run binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux ( 2 Source Code 2.1 Packaged Source You can download the latest release source package from SourceForge. Just click on 'Files' from the top menu. 2.2 Pulling from Subversion You can download the open-source code in the same manner as for the past decade via SourceForge. Nothing has changed here, just visit and download from the SVN repository. That link also allows you to see the changes to the open-source project, under the 'What's Happening Section.' 3 Legacy Builds To support the PyMOL community, Schrodinger provides access to some PyMOL legacy builds at no-cost. A "PyMOL legacy build" is any PyMOL build that is past its end-of-life (EOL) for support and maintenance. PyMOL products' end-of-life information may be found on our website ( Legacy builds are not supported, in any way by Schrodinger: we simply provide them as a convenience for our users. PyMOL-legacy builds may be downloaded from PyMOL's SourceForge website ( A mailing list called "PyMOL-legacy" has been created to provide a central location for users to discuss, and locate help for these PyMOL-legacy builds.
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