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  • I am an experienced Flex/AS3 developer and, quite embarassingly, had never coded JS in my life except for a flashy autocomplete form back in 1998. I had hopes for learning JS when Google's closure tools came out, but I still remained suspicious of HTML5 as hype. I can start being less suspicious thanks to this project. Namely: unless it's in python, it's greek to me. The declarative python aspect is like Flex MXML except it actually doesn't suck. As a side note - thanks also to Adobe for messing up everything related to Flex, failing to optimize the Flash runtime for over two years, doing a piss-poor job of now half-open sourcing their Flex package to Apache, etc. etc. to completely and 100% remove any interest I have whatsoever in going back to Flex land now that I have this.

  • Pyjamas is great for those who want to build interactive websites without learning another programming language (i.e., javascript or java). I program as hobby and this project allowed me to spend more time creating and less time learning!

  • I like it a lot, coding java web stuff in Python is definitely awesome. This has lots of future possibilities, cool stuff when you can find the right pieces and enough documentation to assemble a working something in a timely fashion. Although, I am not completely fond of developing by examples, the little projects parts I have used it for so far are great. For it's future: Good documentation is a must for this to succeed, a few basic examples of how it can be used syntactically is "icing on the cake".

  • This is powerful stuff, although as others have said, you'll learn more from the included examples than from the documentation. Please join and add your efforts to this fast-growing project.

  • Looks cool but I just don't trust it. Just running through the examples I found a major compiler bug...that was very difficult to debug, given the way pyjs is setup. For now, it seems a great project while it works, but a nightmare if something goes wrong. I have high hopes for it though; once it gets some more dev and a lot more publicity, it will be amazing.

  • Perfect for developing full-featured web applications in Python!