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Totals: 17 Items   1.5 GB 309
PyGI 3.24.1 AIO rev1 for python 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 (32bit/64bit) Contents (introspected only): glib 2.52.2 gobject-introspection 1.52.1 gtk 3.18.9 gstreamer 1.12.0 + 240 plugins webkitgtk 2.2.8 gegl 0.3.14 clutter 1.26.2 poppler 0.54.0 vips 8.4.5 virt-glib 1.0.0 telepathy-glib 0.24.1 libgda 5.2.2 gdk-pixbuf 2.36.6 + webp + rsvg + psd pango 1.40.6 atk 2.24 gdl 3.22 gtksourceview 3.18.2 libchamplain 0.12.15 libpeas 1.16 libgit2-glib 0.24.4 spice-gtk 0.33 Guestfs-gobject 1.22.9 goocanvas 2.0.2 osm-gps-map 1.1.0 and more than a hundred more libraries Other Interpreters with GI: GJS 1.46.0 (Mozilla Spidermonkey) Seed 3.8.1 (Webkit JavaScriptCore) LuaJIT 2.0.3 + lgi (Lua 5.1) Tools (*introspected): *glade 3.19 *gedit 3.10.4 *gtranslator 2.91.7 ghex 3.18 gda frontends 5.2.2 gdb 7.8 devhelp 3.8.2 note: patches moved to github.com/tumagonx/pygi-mingw-patches/ gcc-4.7.4_4.8.3.7z contain compiler used to build this binaries gcc4 is to build 32-bit gcc64seh is to build 64-bit History ======= 3.24.x 24/5/2017 rev1: - PyCairo 1.12 and PyDbus 0.6 - Add Gtkflow - Add more GTK themes - Gstreamer 1.12 with more plugins and cleanup - Dependency fixes - Installer: make sure to filter python >= 3.5 from selection - Upstream updates - Notes: This release still use GTK 3.18 to ensure ClutterGTK works PyGObject 3.24 is the last for python 3.1-3.2 3.18.x 17/4/2017 rev12: - GTK: backport bugfixes (mostly memory leak), minor fix for windows theme - Added Gtef and Gthree - Glib-openssl: use bundled CA - Replace XP Unicode 5.2 fonts with Google Noto - Upstream updates 18/12/2016 rev11: - GStreamer 1.10.2 - Bring back GtkGlExt and dcraw (for VIPS via IM) - GWeather: revert to 3.18 - Minor fixes for WebkitGTK - Add commandline option for silent install: pygi-aio.exe [C:\python34] [Gtk] [GstPluginsmore] [ClutterGtk] ... To see available packages: pygi-aio.exe -h - Upstream updates 4/10/2016 rev10: - Glib: few backport fixes - TIFF: rev9 mislinked to 12bit jpeg, affect VipsJpeg - Glade 3.19, Clutter 2.26 - Add libmypaint, glib-openssl - Upstream updates 4/9/2016 rev9: - Glib: gspawn crash on 64bit - Webkit2: incorrect typelib - VIPS: dependency fix, don't hardcode icc - Installer: make it run from network share - Minor upstream updates 30/7/2016 rev8: - GTK: backport few upstream fixes - Gstreamer: upgrade to 1.8.x back to use AoTuV for vorbis enable _gst module for 32bit - Mismatch typelib for gxml - Minor upstream updates 19/3/2016 rev7: - Cairo: Don't use gcc vector for pixman (gcc < 5) - Upstream updates 14/3/2016 rev6: - Fix the mess of VIPS build and its dependencies - Downgrade Gedit and Devhelp - Make rpath.pth unicode aware for python 2.7 - Minor upstream updates 28/2/2016 rev5: - Upstream updates 6/1/2016 rev4: - Upstream updates - Add dax, remove rarely used commandline tools 23/11/2015 rev3: - GTK: fix button, combo-box and spinner in native windows theme, remove win8 theme - Webkit2GTK: enable pluginprocess without gtk2, but seems not working... - Fontconfig: prefer windows ui fonts optional OFL/GPL asian unicode fonts package for XP which lacking of - Installer: gstreamer plugins caching at post-install dependency fix - Invalid poppler typelib - Minor upstream updates 15/11/2015 rev2: - Enable Firebird and BDB SQL provider in GDA - Segfault in 32bit Webkit2GTK and gstvpx - Upstream updates 8/11/2015 rev1 "Long Live XP": - Full rebuild with GCC 4.8.5 MinGW-W64 4.0.4, always map *time_r to *time_s when compiling - Python 3.5 port is WIP due to switch to URT and XP drop. This is the last for XP (as gtk 3.16 already skipped) - Glib 2.46: Revert the use of GetCommandLineW to get argc in gspawner that crashed on XP Add WIN32_HIDDEN_CONSOLE flag to PyGI Glib's override - GTK 3.18: Bundling Greybird and Win8 themes, unico theme engine is back (but sluggish) Disabling GDK dwmapi (window compositing) that break XP, could use loadlibrary?. Seems incorrect for tooltip Missing reference taking in gdk_device_virtual_grab that crash DnD. Thanks to LRN Disabling network:/// fetch (nautilus?), irrelevant on Windows. - GStreamer: Fix gstvpx which botched at compile time in aio 3.14.x, use opus 1.0.3 for gstopus Added dozen more ladspa FX from Faust - Clutter: avoid cluttergtk 1.6.4, regression at embedding widget as actor - WebkitGTK: Initial Webkit2 port with WebkitGTK 2.2.8 (Webkit1 still provided) Change default UA to Chrome Windows instead of Safari OSX - Provide ICU 5.2 with customizable icudt52l.dat, make it relocatable too - Updated Javascript GI (GJS and Seed) and added Lua GI (LuaJIT + lgi), independent but share same runtime and typelib Seed now has a "lite" repl module, better than nothing... all interpreters have the consoleless *w.exe variant - New introspected libraries: Purple, GSpell, GPlugin, Infinity, Colorhug, Dmapsharing, Gdict - Replaced: GTKGLExt -> internal GTK's GLArea and TP-Haze -> Purple 3.0hg (pidgin) - Removed: Dbus-Python (Broken) and some unix/vala specific libraries - Installer: deny python 3.5 and later for now dont bundle bonjour installer fix python registry detection on XP stalled when installing DevTools - Tweak font rendering with fontconfig-infinality, bundle Bitstream Vera - Make libintl guess the correct relative localedir again, use win-iconv 0.0.6 - Move out executables (dbus services) from libexec to root, possibly missing runtime when launched 3.14.x 8/9/2015 rev22: - GIO: GDBusInterfaceVTable patch backport, provide: register_object_with_closures - GLib: Add Gspawner flag: G_SPAWN_WIN32_HIDDEN_CONSOLE. Thanks to Alexander Shaduri - Dbus: listen to autolaunch by default - Use os.environ instead of putenv for gnome subdir PATH insertion - Removal of several linux specific libraries, added pydbus - Minor upstream updates - Note: pygi 3.16 will be skipped for bigger changes in 3.18 aio 24/8/2015 rev21: - Incomplete typelibs in Gexiv2, VIPS and Gedit - Reoptimize select libraries - Add Libtimezonemap, bundling unicode bitmap fallback font - Remove latex plugin for Gedit (only for POSIX) - Invalid devhelp docs in rev20, update readme.txt a little - Use older intl version - Upstream updates 20/8/2015 rev20: - Gstreamer: Allow DSound device selection. Thanks to Dustin Spicuzza - GDKPixbuf: libTIFF is working now - Make Graphene and HarfBuzz separate package - Add LibTorrent-Glib - Fix missing icons in Devtools, fix gdb missing python import - Upstream updates 2/7/2015 rev19: - Missing JSCore typelib - Add gettext cli tools in Dev package - TIFF: enable dual 8/12 bit jpeg - Ghostscript: doesn't work with mozjpeg/turbojpeg - Enchant: Hspell mislinked - Upstream updates 4/5/2015 rev18: - Disabling SSE2 globally for 32bit except openexr and mozjpeg - Enable LargeAddressAware for 32bit (may need to apply host python too) - Gedit: should be version 3.10 not 3.14 - Gstreamer: Make gstopenjpeg compiled against openjpeg 2.1 Disabling _gst.pyd import Cleanup unstable ladspa and frei0r plugins - Upstream updates: gtk 3.14.13, clutter 1.20.2 and few others 22/4/2015 rev17: - Revert intel optimized zlib - Dont use stdcall for bzip2 32bit - XZ use pthread instead of win95thread - Remove gst-omx - Upstream Update: Goffice 0.10.22, GSF 1.14.33 16/4/2015 rev16: - PangoCairo: favor fontconfig over win32 fontmap by default, this would overcome "Pango Warning:... expect ugly output" - Consequently now you can install custom fonts in gnome\share\fonts for any apps using pangocairo - Replace IJG Jpeg-8 with MozJPEG 3 for faster decode and smaller image size - Replace Zlib with intel's optimized zlib with contributed assembly for win32 - Add relative cache for fontconfig (see gnome\etc\fonts\fonts.conf), useful for portable apps - Change cairo mutexes model to pthread - Disabling SSE2 in webp that crashing in binding mode - Cleanup strayed typelibs in noarch - upstream updates: gtk 3.14.12 and few others 5/4/2015 rev15: - GDKPixbuf: libtiff still broken revert to gdiplus-tiff and add more mime alias for compatibility - Add precompiled schemas that will works in most case - FFTW: some FFT functions failed if --enable-sse2 used, disabling sse2 - move gtkparasite to devtools - upstream updates: gtk 3.14.11 and few others 27/3/2015 rev14: - ClutterGTK: let clutter control input event handling instead of gtk (broken), under windows this is better than nothing at all - Minor upstream updates 8/3/2015 rev13: - Mass relocatable fixes: prevent libraries to access bogus path derived from configure's prefix. - Make ghostscript completely portable by bundling all postscript to romfs and force to use fontconfig. - Gstreamer: Reduce number of ladspa plugins, seems to be troublesome - Gtkvnc: use bundled certificate for tls - Gdkpixbuf: update to development version 2.31.3 which have multipage TIFF fixes (now use libtiff) 1/3/2015 rev12: - Cogl: need to rebuild all libraries depends on it when upgraded to 1.20 - Enable gstreamer override for win64 but don't import the c-ext (mainly for debugging) - Ghostscript name for win64 is gswin64c 28/2/2015 rev11: - GdkPixbuf: Missing Jasper in rev10 - Glib: force to use rand_s - Gio-2.42.2: use of g_content_type_from_mime_type against "inode/directory" won't work for Windows registry. Reverting. - GTK: make the "buried" native theme accessible. Uncomment MS-Windows in gnome\etc\settings.ini, be warned: glitches! make folder shown before files - Installer: should be launch fc-cache -r not just fc-cache - Gedit: version 3.14 looks "disconnected" from the rest of devtools. Downgrade to 3.10.4 - ImageMagick: enable wmf import - Update localization - Upstream updates: Glib 2.42.2, Gtk 3.14.9, Cogl 1.20 and Rsvg 2.40.8 24/2/2015 rev10: - Drop GTK 3.8, PyGTK, Javascript GI - Removal of irrelevant and obsolete libraries - Full rebuild with -O2 optimization on select libraries - GdkPixbuf: redrop openraw, update psd loader - Upstream updates - Installer: ensure normal users granted modify permission on "gnome" runtime directory change icon to gnome foot :) spawn fc-cache instead of waiting - cURL: schannel maintain its keys, no need to specify CA-BUNDLE - Add ImageMagick (but keep it non GPL) as fallback 8bit image loader/rasterizer for VIPS and GEGL - Rename ghostscript's gsc to gswin32c and add more drivers to satisfy IM delegates - GTK: should we enable sort-directories-first? see org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser.gschema.xml add 5 themes for GTK 3.14 - PyGTK (separate): bundle dozens of themes - Add a dozen protocol plugins for libpurple (TP haze) - Typelib x Dll mismatch fixes 3/2/2015 rev9: - With some win32 bugfixes in GTK 3.14.8, this maybe the last with GTK 3.8 unless more revision made - Some GTK commandline tools missing - Bundle gdb with tui in devtools for each python - Bundle Cantarell font (via fontconfig) - Libgit2-glib's override file not updated yet 22/1/2015 rev8: - Gstreamer: move plugins not included in official binaries to gst-plugins-more - Gst-plugins, gdkpixbuf and farstream dependencies fix - Bundle timidity soundfont for gst-fluidsynth - Gegl filter has been strayed to gstreamer's filter - Libgit2-glib update 18/1/2015 rev7: - Upstream updates - Devhelp missing schema file - Convert all devhelp images to webp to shrink installer size - Add gegl reference into devhelp docs - VIPS dependency fix and now there is override file 17/12/2014 rev6: - Ladspa CALF mislinked - Hotmail is dead, Skydrive is no longer, zapojit removed - Soup 2.48.1: revert changes that ask for gnutls 3.x API - Minor updates 9/12/2014 rev5: - ClutterGST: wrong typelib should be 3.0 - Gst-neon mislinked - Wrong manifest in gtk 3.14 dll - Installer: don't write log file - Few upstream updates 19/11/2014 rev4: - Gtksourceview: Older 3.8.2 should be used for gtk 3.8.9 - Freetype: enable circular dep harfbuzz, enable bzip in 32bit build - GXML: wrong dll - Rsvg: resize patch not applied previously - CA cert file update - Upstream updates, poppler-data update 15/11/2014 rev3: - Some locales are missing - Openssl now build with engines statically linked - PyGTK did not uninstalled - Upstream updates 24/10/2014 rev2: - 64bit support build with MinGW-W64 3.x GCC SEH - Some girs were garbled in rev1 - Installer dependencies fix, license file updates - Add libmypaint and Xapian-Glib - Use Gnome bugzilla #734095 patch at the moment - Gimo: missing python loader and should use dll suffix - Gst-python overrides and part of swh plugins removed in 64bit (crashing) - Upstream updates 5/10/2014 rev1: - Full rebuild. compiler revert to MinGW-W64 2.x, previously MinGW-W64 3.x cause miscompiles and segfaults in the binary. 3.12.x installers have been removed. - Installer fixes - Remove some application oriented libraries and obsolete libraries - Remove most of C API Docs except GTK/Glib - Enabling broadway in GTK 3.8.9 - Add gssapi/sasl support using heimdal/cyrus - Revert some new changes in GLib 2.42 that break PyGI - Fix crash in libsecret - Gst-python override is back - Upstream updates. 3.12.x 5/9/2014 rev8: - Upstream updates - python-gstreamer (overrides) removed until 1.4.x version available 1/8/2014 rev7: - Upstream updates: gstreamer*,libgit2-glib,gssdp - Remove python-gstreamer for python3 which crashed under win32 - Use latest libvorbis instead of aotuv 20/7/2014 rev6: - Add python-gstreamer which turned out to be a override package - Minor updates 1/7/2014 rev5: - Missing gsettings-desktop schemas - Installer fix: can't install PyGTK - C Api docs updated - Update: libgit2-glib 0.0.18 28/6/1024 rev4: - Upstream updates - Add PyGTK that works side-by-side with PyGI (python 2.7 only) rev3: - Add a dozen more libraries - Installer fixes - Wrap WSAStartup/WSACleanup to socket call and map close to closesocket in some libraries - Upstream updates - Resolve locale path with _glib_get_localedir - Use Glade 3.14.2 instead of 3.15 for older GTK - Add Gdk-Win32 gir as in newer version - Fontconfig: enable iconv 29/5/2014 rev2: - Add few dozens more libraries - All docs (C/Python API) now in devhelp format, rebuild and locally crosslinked bundling gnome-devel-docs and python 2.7 docs - Minor relocatably patches - Revert to glib 2.38.2 due to gio 2.40.0 issue under windows - GST Schrodinger: switch threading model to win32 - Glib-networking: missing proxy schemas - GTKSourceView 3.12: backport to gtk 3.8 - GOA 3.12: backpot to Glib 2.38 - GDK-Pixbuf: Re-enable openraw support - VIPS: Fix stripped optional args docstring - By default use curl's certificate under gnome\share\ssl folder - Missing query commandline tools - Gconf: patch openldap module to use winldap - Evolution Data Server: enable flock - Zenity: enable webview - Upstream updates 19/4/2014 rev1: - Full rebuild with mingw-w64 (32bit), enabling LFS and Y3K by default - GTK: 3.12.1 is not included due to buggy UI but some of its win32 theme fixes has been backported font antialias enabled by default - Add dozens more libraries - Backport some 3.12 libraries to use GTK 3.8 and WebkitGTK 1.10 - GXPS: should use libarchive 3.x - Libproxy: should use closesocket(), similar case for GRSS too (thanks to Vasily Galkin) - Various relocatable fixes - Upstream updates - Minor installer change 3.10.x 8/2/2014 rev18: - gstreamer: removal of gstpulse (when pulseaudio server not present, gst always throw annoying warnings) - gstreamer: add gstlibvisual with actor, morph and input plugins and make it relocatable too - COGL: removal of GST glue (it crashes gstreamer) - PyGI reference docs rebuild to bring dependency graph and version availability info - Tutorial rebuild as plain html and make it crosslinked to local reference docs - Minor categorization changes - Make installer even smaller 6/2/2014 rev17: - updates: pango-1.36.2, libpng 1.6.8 (apng), dbus 1.6.18, libchamplain 0.12.6, spice-gtk 0.22, harfbuzz 0.9.26, openssl 1.0.1f - PyGI Reference Docs now made with pgi-docgen - Fixes of girs (and typelibs) added since rev8: missing docstrings, includes and wrong/missing shared library value - Use Zach9824's tweaked settings.ini to make text rendering much better across different Windows version - Removal of conflicting libgee 0.6.8 and its dependants (SKK, KKC and gtkmusic) - Mandatory docs reduced to pygi tutorial for smaller installation - Make the warning about gtk 3.10 a bit intimidating 30/1/2014 rev16: - updates: gtk 3.10.7, gtk 3.8.9, gdk-pixbuf 2.30.3, gtksourceview 3.10.2, cogl 1.16.2, pixman 0.32.4, freetype 2.5.2, poppler 0.25.1, vips 7.38.2 - match gir/typelib versioning with the actual dlls - dont include 16x16 embedded stock icons to reduce gtk dll size - remove some low-level libraries from selection list - dont rename gda control center cause libgdaui hardcoded with versioned filename of it - add some libraries - next rev. will use reference api docs geerated by pgi-docgen instead of gnome-doc-tool.. stay tuned 14/1/2014 rev15: - updates: clutter-gst 2.0.10, libgsf 1.14.29 - rebuild amrwbenc with -O2 to avoid some AV false positive - make installer a bit smaller 5/1/2014 rev14: - setup makeups - updates: libgit2-glib 0.0.10, harfbuzz 0.9.25 - make setup allow python installation path with space - make api reference chm recompilable by anyone - make installer a bit smaller 2/1/2014 rev13: - add a dozen more libraries (mostly initial ports) - dependency fixes - update: gstreamer 1.2.2 - fix dbus configuration and services - some missing data files added - update api reference chm - make installer smaller - minor categorization changes 28/12/2013 rev12: - dependency fixes - enchant: uspell removed (crashed under Windows 7) - update: libgda 5.2.2 with mysql provider - gegl rebuild with more modules - minor categorization changes 20/12/2013 rev11: - lots of glitches since categorized - embed larger portion of gnome icon theme into gtk dll - enable all enchant backends except zemberek, make hspell and voikko dicts relocatable - include top 10 languages spell dicts - include public-domain damase font as fallback for rare unicode - include hundreds of frei0r and ladspa plugins - make telepathy gabble relocatable - make gtk switch to tahoma/segoe ui as default font - lipeas/glade should not have python versioned plugin - self-signed installer - setup allow package selection, setup ask elevation in vista or later, previously incorrectly install rtvc9 - shortcut should have workingdir - unico removed (crashed) - some executables missing from rev7 11/12/2014 rev10: - enable apng patch in libpng - enable lzma in libtiff - switch to gdiplus tiff for gdk-pixbuf because of thumbnail issue, disabling openraw (doesn't work) - separate devhelp from devtools - switch to gedit 3.8.3 because 3.10 can't work with gtk 3.8 - libinfinity missing dependency rev9: - Python API Docs in CHM format - MSI cancelled (too complex), 7zipSFX provided with zenity wizard - Glade catalogs have the wrong soname - remove gtranslator's gdict plugin (crashed) - GIO: should call rundll32 with libgio path as workdir not launcher's - GJS: correct private typelib loader - Some missing files and misplaced dlls/files - ReDrop python 2.6 (pygobject 3.8.3): with newer glib it cause https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/1229041 - Updates: GOffice 0.10.9, GTK+ 3.10.6 and LibPeas 1.9.0 (now with gjsloader) 29/11/2013 rev8: - categorize the binaries - Add license files, some missing dlls and C devel files. Prepared for installer - Add dozen more libraries - Add python 2.6 3.1 3.2 3.4 port - initial port attempt for GJS 1.38 (Spidermonkey 17 engine) - Seed need no repl.js as there is no readline support yet - updated to gtk 3.10.5 22/11/2013 rev7: - disabling LFS by default - separate runtime dll, one for 2.7 and 3.3 (mixing different new msvcrt cause FD crashes) - add more stuff - add alternative GTK 3.8 dlls because GTK 3.10 a bit buggy under win32 - initial port attempt for Msitools and Seed (JSCore engine embeddable via libpeas) - use gmtime_r for libgsf - use strerror_r for gpg-error - use localtime64_s for telepathy - babl plugin path still incorrect - patch rsvg's incorrect "smart" scale - use realpath for rsvg - try to complete gstreamer plugins (202) - re-enable SDL backend for COGL - updated with gnome november bugfix releases - openraw isn't initialized inside gdk-pixbuf - geoclue should relocatable from libexec - make libskk relocatable - consolidate some common dll into one to reduce the number of dll - some docs missing - fix fontconfig unreferenced html - timestamp rev7 files -remove bundled aspell-en dict rev6: - recompile all typelibs after merged with opensuse girs - added much more libraries and tools - python 2.7 port added - p11kit not loading trust module in win32 - make gcrpyt stop warn about diskperf - babl-git should load plugins like the rest - gstladspa: assign relative path lib\ladspa-1 as default plugins pool (also see http://opensourcepack.blogspot.com/p/ladspa-for-win32.html) - gstfrei0r: assign relative path lib\frei0r-1 as default plugins pool (http://code.google.com/p/osspack32/downloads/detail?name=frei0r-1.4.7z&can=2&q=) - ghex need "rb" mode to open file - add gtk3 themes rev5: - add more libraries rev4: - revert glib static build patch that cause gio schemas problem rev3: - detune optimization rev2: - barely works rev1: - fail
Source: readme.txt, updated 2017-05-23

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