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  • The stand alone installer does not work with Mars. It worked with Luna. I think the artifact.jar and content.jar are missing

  • I've been using PyDev 3.2.0 and PyDev 3.3.3 with eclipse 4.3.1 Kepler version. I got an error named "Error reading ThreadSuspended" and detailed "Error logged from Pydev Debug: Unexpected XML error reading:<xml><thread id="pid48151_seq1" stop_reason="111"><frame id="31288976" name="release" file="Z%3A/eventlet/" line="105">"</frame><frame id="71958416" name="SetTrace" file="Y%3A/dist-packages/pysrc/" line="71">"</frame><frame id="71601248" name="_locked_settrace" file="Y%3A/dist-packages/pysrc/" line="1577">"</frame><frame id="71622560" name="settrace" file="Y%3A/dist-packages/pysrc/" line="1510">"</frame><frame id="71624480" name="extract_args" file="Z%3A/heat/engine/" line="31">"</frame><frame id="71616928" name="create_stack" file="Z%3A/heat/engine/" line="277">"</frame><frame id="71376720" name="wrapped" file="Z%3A/heat/engine/" line="61">"</frame><frame id="71385136" name="dispatch" file="Z%3A/heat/openstack/common/rpc/" line="172">"</frame><frame id="71384128" name="_process_data" file="Z%3A/heat/openstack/common/rpc/" line="461">"</frame><frame id="71387728" name="_spawn_n_impl" file="Z%3A/eventlet/" line="80">"</frame></thread></xml> Thread not found (pid48151_seq1) " with both PyDev versions. Pls help.

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  • Manual install don't work.

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  • Pydev works fine.

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  • Pydev works perfect.

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  • This is most advanced piece of open software I've ever used

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  • Works great every time, never any trouble.

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  • Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment.

  • Top notch python IDE for serious projects.

  • very useful extension!

  • Most essential plug-in for Eclipse

  • Great tool and getting better!

  • Really very good to find errors, navigate code. Integrated debugger working perfectly. Very glad wih the integrated pep8 support...

  • Very good computer software, I tried a number of photos and I could not tell the quality main difference despite the fact that the dimensions was significantly diminished.

  • Equal and surpassing a lot of licensed tools. I especially like the integration of pyunit, pep8, pylint, etc that help to improve the quality of my code.

  • Outstanding style and really nicely made.

  • So so useful !

  • Great and useful work

  • very good project

  • What a great Eclipse plug-in

  • Advanced a lot in the past few months and is now a very respectable IDE solution for python, especially if you are already accustomed to eclipse in java. Still a few missing features (like proper unit-testing GUI and better navigation and refactoring), hope to see better releases in the near future.

  • I tried to install this plugin using their update site in Eclipse, and nothing happened. I tried downloading the zip file from here and installing the plugin manually, and nothing happened. There are too many unresolved references to org.pydev.core etc. that aren't included in the distribution. Please post what version of Eclipse this is supposed to be for. I'm using Helios and I can't even uninstall the plugin from Eclipse, even after deleting all the features and plugins files by hand.

  • Great!

  • Very useful tool. I particularly like its mark occurrences and code analysis features which help eliminate bugs even before you run your program for the first time.

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