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  • Works good.

  • excellent!

  • Simply awesome! Been using it daily since years. And useful and _intuitive_ features still get added sometimes, like the ALT-UP thingy in the last version. Keep it up!

  • Works well but do not provide a real "plus" to windows cmd

  • Great idea, well implemented, love it.

  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • Very useful project!

  • PyCmd is a tool for command line addicted people.Working with Cmd.exe becomes much more efficient. The persistant history works great.

  • It's a really good program, help my work with it's feature. The only bug i found is the following: 1. Start the PyCmd, the welcome path is e.g. C:\Work\ 2. I change the directory e.g.: cd \Programs\Batches\ 3. Start a batch file and in the middle of the run i break it with Ctrl+C 4. The path/prompt won't be the C:\Programs\Batches\ but C:\Work\ It's a little tiresome to change to the proper directory again...

  • Ah, what a pleasure to use! :-)

  • Kicks arse, especially when used with Console2; finally a shell that's usable and does not force me to learn yet another bizarre new approach to how a shell could be.

  • For a long time I've been looking for a Windows shell with persistant history. This one offers a lot more and is very functional. Can cooperate with Console2 - I've set it as a default shell there. Lacks some features (one of them is incremental history search) but it is great all the same.

  • I've been looking for something that makes the terrible cmd.exe more usable. It's an amazing replacement for cmd.exe, has a few bugs but nothing major.

  • Neat tool that does a lot of things I had been wishing for. Downside: I lose the great CMD.exe cycling tab-completion. Pretty cool for a pre-1.0 product!

  • Cool stuff ;-) I used to hate the Windows cmd - PyCmd is a lot better! Please consider two things: 1. Think about working together with the Console team of 2. Compile an 64bit exe too - this seems to be necessary to use PyCmd together with Console 64bit. Thanks :-)

  • excellent replacement for the crappy cmd.exe. adding aliases and functions would be cool. probably easiest is to make them in python?

  • It is not a replacement for "terminal" - use Console for it. This is an enhancement of the shell (cmd.exe), and albeit it lacks some features as of version 0.4, it is very good at what it does. Makes you wonder why no one did this before.