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  • This program has great flexibility for creating passwords for a variety of users and systems. My new favorite toy for generating passwords!

  • Was using extreme password generator, but then I randomly came across this, which I had downloaded a while ago & I finally decided to try it....let me tell you what, I haven't touched EPG SINCE! I love love love PWGen. It rules. I used the custom dictionary .txt file I made for EPG & it worked perfectly. I use really different words in mine, including slang & it makes for awesome passwords that crack me up. Great software that is really useful, RIDICULOUSLY easy to use, FULL of features & VERY low on resource usage! I recommend this to anyone looking for a solution, and even those who aren't, because they SHOULD be using something like this. It's perfect. <3 Thank you to everyone involved in developing this, I <3 you!!! Please ignore the idiot bitching about the interface. First of all, who rates good software with 3 stars just for something that isn't that bad in the first place. It is USABLE. It functions perfectly. If you don't like that, that's your problem. If you guys ruined the interface, I'd be pissed. Some of us prefer to be able to use software that doesn't enforce offensive GUI's that do not comply with our own Windows theme settings. There is NOTHING that ruins software more for me, than being FORCED to stare at a bright white window with blue freaking text or highlights. The icon is the only thing I'd change. Don't change it otherwise, please!

  • I lost my password generator when 64 bit windows gutted 16bit legacy support. PWGen is even better then what I had written.

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  • Just what I was looking for.. quick password generator with easy to configure options. Great work, thanks!

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  • Superb little program - thanks!

  • Thanks for Pwgen-win, it's the best!

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  • Good Soft! Thank. Excellent application!

  • A really nice password generator for windows. In active development, supports the most recent windows versions. Full featured, light in resources, with a nice GUI and very easy to use.

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  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Very useful - doesn't generate only passwords, but other related things such as randomly filled files.

  • good job

  • very good project

  • Incredibly useful and user friendly tool .

  • Nothing is harder than creating safe passwords by brainwork. I use PWGen for years to do this job for me.