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pupsp3-3.0.2.tar.xz 2016-01-28 2.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
pupsp3-3.0.1.tar.xz 2016-01-27 1.8 MB 0
pupsp3-2.1.8.tar.xz 2015-08-18 1.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
pupsp3-2.1.7.tar.xz 2015-04-17 2.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
pupsp3-2.1.6.tar.xz 2015-01-25 4.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
pupsp3-2.1.5b.tar.bz2 2015-01-18 11.9 MB 55 weekly downloads
The 3.0.2 release has an updated vte utility (0.16 -> 0.25). This is still way behind the current version (0.46) but it will compile on systems with more mainimal gtk+/gnome environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 3.0.1 release fixes minor bugs in the 3.0 release -------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAJOR NEW RELEASE 3.0.0. This release is a complete clean up of the PUPS/P3 codebase. Some redundant features have been removed and the "look and feel" of the API components has been stanadardised. The level of in-line documentation in the code has been improved. In the near future, "man" page documentation of the API will also be provided. The psrp shell has also been cleaned up. It now uses "less" as opposed to "more" as the default pager and now implements command history correctly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.9 release is a MAJOR RELEASE. The PUPS/P£ API has been rationalised with more meaningful function names (for functions exported by each library). In addition, the code is now thread safe and additional dynamic DLL functionality and smart data caching facilities have been added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.8 release adds a new fast cache library. This allows caches of data to memory mapped into the calling process address space which allows for faster startup and object access within calling PUPS/P3 applications. Also added build-date reporting to all libraries and applications, some (limited) support for OpenMP and removed bugs and added functionality to the Kepher garbage collector. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.7 release adds a new function millitime() to the PUPS/P3 libraries - this returns time since the epoch accurate to milliseconds. In addition the code base has been cleaned up and several functions in the utilities library which were not threadsafe are now. Support for older architectures (e.g. MIPS, SPARC, etc) has been discontinued as has support of OS'es other than Linux. Build scripts have also been streamlined and the functionality of the Kepher garbage recycler has been improved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.6 release fixes more bugs in the automated build scripts so non protected versions of PUPS/P3 now build. In addition support for the Criu user space checkpointing package has been added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.1.5b release fixes an annoying bug which stopped the automated build scripts from working cleanly and bug in pname_to_pid() which caused erronious duplicate process errors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.1.5 release fixes more bugs in the build and uninstall scripts. Now it is possible to build a version of the software where support tools and libraries can be debugged using gdb. Also made a few minor cosmetic changes to some of the scripts and code. Added programs fadd, fsub, fmul and fdiv to add floating point support to csh/tcsh scripts supporting PUPS/P3 applications. Fixed some issues in the ask application which is part of the the shell script support for PUPS/P3i. Added fint and intf - float -> int and int -> float type casting functions to support PUPS/P3 shell scripts. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.4 release fixes some minor bugs in the main build script and the VTE build script. These were uncovered while recently porting PUPS/P3 to Odroid-x (ARMV7L) architecture which is now supported. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.3 release fixes bugs encountered when psrp server processes are backgrounded. The -nodetach flag now works correctly (e.g. backgrounded processes stay attached to stdio) and servers which have been started in the backgorund now (correctly) acquire an instance of /dev/tty (and can can communicate with the controlling terminal device (and hence the user) via stdio when they are brought into the foreground. This behaviour makes the use of P3 servers within sheel and other sorts of scripts a little easier. Added a default option to PUPS/P3 configure, Make configuration tool. Canned builds using configure can now proceed without the user having to explicitly default security options in each Makefile generated using configure. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.2 release fixes a bug in the build script (which caused problems when trying to build as root). Minor improvements have been made to the larraylib fodling matrix library to reduce the memory overhead of vector and matrix list objects. Added function to utilities library to check if a command is installed (means that functions which call popen() do not have to fail siliently). Added function to utilities library to allow PUPS/P3 processes to check CPU usage on host running them (so for example they can migrate off the host if CPU usage on it gets too high). Added -DPSRP_ENABLE to config scripts so applications using skelpapp.c build correctly. Removed deprecated X dependencies (which cuse build to break on machines which don't have X installed. Added sanity check for Intel/AMD 32 bit "namecreep" forces i686 to be synonomised with i386 so build doesn't break. Corrected error in fp_dec() command line decoder function %lf should be %F as user can now select whether P3 is built with single (float) or double precision f.p. representation. Corrected error in list array library function lmatrix_get_compression_factor() which caused an incorrect compression factor to be returned. Added add, sub, mul and div to make it easier to perform integer operations in (t)cshell, tcl and similar scripting languages. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.1.1 release fixes bugs in the build script (fixed error which caused debug build to fail). This release also fixes problems in the list array library (larraylib.c) which is used to process sparse matrices with minimal memory overhead. Space saving based on realloc() has been replaced with a quantisation scheme as the P3 malloc() implementations idoesn't always release memory freed by realloc to the system. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1.0 is A MAJOR NEW RELEASE Build scripts have been tidied up. Support for debugging applications and libraries via gdb. Support for user selectable floating point representation (e.g. float or double). This was added to support ARM Neon, CUDA, and Open CL implemetation which do not support double. Sundry bugs in interface code and libraries fixed. Clarity of psrp 'help' and 'chelp' options has been improved. Versioning of PUPS/P3 libraries has been improved. Much historic junk has been cleaned out the build tree. MAO 08/08/2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.0.26 release adds extra debug features: The configure script can now be specified with an optional debug directive - if it is P3 application binaries which can be interactively dbugged (via gdb) are built. An editable Boolean debug_install has been added to build_pups_services.csh (the primary buiild script). If set to TRUE gdb debuggable P3 libraries are installed. If not local libraries are built (which can only be used from within the pupsp3-2.0.26/pupscore.src directory. To build debuggable sustem (from pupsp3-2.0.26/pupscore.src) type: build_pups_services.csh cluster tty force default debug These facilities are now available via the master build script: buildP3.csh (from pupsp3-2.0.26): To build (debuggable) type : buildP3.csh tty cluster force default debug To build optimised type: buildP3.csh tty cluster force default MAO 05/08/2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------- The 2.0.25 release fixes a number of bugs/features in the psrp client: 1. cntrl-c (interrupt) now works correctly, previously psrp crashed if cntrl-c was pressed before a client process was attached. 2. The simple macro language used by the PSRP client to define macro commands has beed tidied up, deprecating a number of macro command which do the same thing. See README.mtf in pupscore directory 3.The help screen produced by typing 'chelp' has been tidied up. 4. A debug option has been added to the build script - so you can build libraries and applications which can be debugged symbolically using gdb. See README.debug in pupscore directory. 5. "man" pages have been tidied up where this was required. 6. The per-process fixed resources for PSRP servers, e.g. open files, children etc. have been increased from 32 to 512 - 32 slots is tiny by modern standards. 7. The bubble memory system used by P3 has been soak tested (at last) without any bugs surfacing (yet)! An additional library, larraylib which handles sparse vectors and matrices has been added to the system to support applications which need to do linear algebra on sparse systems. This library defines a foldable list array type: objects of this type can be used to optimally store sparse vectors and matrices with minimal memory overhead. MAO 19/07/2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.0.24 release fixes a number of minor bugs in the build scripts and extends P3 support to embedded ARM linux systems: currently this release builds on the Odroid (armv7l) and Raspberry Pi (armv6l) systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.0.21 release fixes a bug which causes P3 enable applications to crash if they run in certain environments (for example called via apache). ------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.0.20 release has multithreading tested and running (at least on simple examples in embryo.c test application). ------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.0.19 release has eliminated further bugs. Dynamic objects are now correctly saved by applications when they exist and automatically reloaded when they start. I will be testing threads in the near future (which could mean further releases over the next month). ------------------------------------------------------------------ The 2.0.18 release has eliminated a number of small bugs throughout the PUP/P3 libraries. More importantly, it is the first release of PUPS/P3 in which hash and persistent object functionality is tested and working. This is a big deal as it allows multiple processes (which could be on mutliple hosts) to access shared memory via a low level interface which is similar to (and based upon) the GNU malloc library. The dynamic function interface is now also tested and functional. Access to remote psrp resources now uses openssh (as opposed to a modified ssh client) as this will be much easier to maintain without any real loss of functionality. Multi-threading (via pthreads) is now in the codebase, compiles, but is yet to be tested. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I apologise that I managed to break the build (in the 2.0.18 release of 21st August). I have now repaired this - I was adding functionality to somake (which builds shared objects for dynamic function import) and forgot it is also used in the build process to generate the P3 .so libraries. This should now be fixed. I suggest you download this version of the code if you grabbed the 21st August snapshot. MAO - 24th August 2012
Source: readme.txt, updated 2016-01-28

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