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  • I found a bug in the program.Here is a screenshot .Please correct or tell me what I do in the source code to a glitch disappeared?

  • Great tagger, really easy to use for Mp3Tag lovers! One thing though: it'd be nice to have the Subdirs checkbox somewhere near the main window (or the "Open Dir" window) since it's one of the most often changed parameters. Probably on toolbar, next to the "Add Dir" button?

  • very useful tool and i really like it. specially installing that is very easy ( just dl .deb file and click on it)

  • The ultimate audiotagger! Many thanks to all developers of puddletag!

  • It is the exact equivalent of Mp3tag and itself is the best tag edit for linux, I love it!!

  • I worked years using MP3tag (under Windows), but in 2014 i migrated all my media to a PC with Linux. I agree that puddletag is the best tag editor for Linux, but (in my personal opinion) MP3tag has many useful features that puddletag has not (e.g. it is not possible copy/move the selected files to a different path). In addition, puddletag does not remember the last directory used, so you must specify it everytime. Finally the meaning of "T","F","R","I" icons is not very immediate (ie, why not "T-F", "F-T" instead of "T","F"?) It would be great if puddletag will have these features too! Thank you.

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  • Hands down the most powerful, feature-rich audio tagger out there, regardless of platform. If you take the time to explore its pattern combo box, function library, scripting functions, actions, tag sources, masstagger, extended tags view, in-line editing capabilities (such as cascading a single edit across multiple tracks and ability to copy and paste multiple fields from one track to one or more additional tracks), ability to rearrange the various screen elements to suit your needs and ability to deal with many thousands of tracks in a single session you'll realise that there's virtually nothing it can't do where tagging is concerned, even if dealing with many thousands of tracks at a time. It's clear puddletag was borne from many years of experience tagging audio and built to ease workflow and take the tediousness out of the equation wherever possible.

  • Excellent for managing my FLAC library's Vorbis comments. I used both EasyTAG and Ex Falso extensively before switching to puddletag, and since the switch haven't looked back. Couldn't be happier with this program!

  • Its simply great! Should be in the repositories

  • fast download and works, recommended.

  • Fantastic - thanks very much - Great work, Great program, Great thanks. pj

  • Stable and works.

  • I actually prefer this to MP3Tag now. The ease of configuring it and adding custom tags means that I work quicker in this than I did in MP3Tag - great piece of software!

  • Any recent windows convert familiar with mp3tag will feel right at home with puddletag - fast performance and intuitive features make it a must have for Linux music lovers

  • Mp3tag was the best until now. For Linux it was EasyTag, but PuddleTag is the new King. If you're into your Podcasts, THIS is the tag editor for you. Very easy to move a file(s) around and the developer is always listening. This MP3 tag editor beats them all.

  • Great tagger and actively developed. It's also very fast.