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-=/ PryDevServer| Development For The Community | 2011 \=- INTRODUCTION: Guide and Info Updated 11-25-2011 Quote This guide was inspired by trinity and specialized for the PryDevServer community by Pryd. If after following this guide you still need help, feel free to ask questions on our forums. Stage 1: Preparing your Operating System: Installing the Required Software to run PryDevCore Spoiler Step 0: Update Your Computer You need to download & install the following items unless you already have them: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x86) OR Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x64) OpenSSL 1.0.0d Download-32bit Download-64bit Download the 32bit version if you have a 32bit compiler and the 64bit bit version if you have a 64bit compiler. Step 1: Choose a compiler Visual C++ 2008 Express (Download and run vcsetup.exe) or VS2008 PRO Visual C++ 2010 Express or VS2010 PRO Beware: Express editions do not support 64-bit compilation by default. Also you may need to download 7zip to extract ISO files. Step 2: Installing Software on your computer for Database Server Capability. MySQL Server Community Edition When Installing MySQL Community Server 5.5.x Use typical settings Don't use Strict Mode Don't open the remote port unless you plan on using remote. Make sure to create MySQL as a service and that the instance configuration is a success! If you have issues here, update your cpu as much as possible, restart then try again. Stage 2: Downloading PryDev Sources & Importing SQLs Spoiler Step 1: Pulling the Source a] Download and Install Tortoise SVN Tortoise SVN for windows, utilizes a GUI to help you download our sources. b] Create a directory in which Core files will be pulled (for example: C:\Sources\PryDevCore_source. Right-click on the new folder and click on SVN Checkout. c] Fill in the data as follows: Use the picture below as a reference. URL of Repository: https://prydevserver...ot/prydevserver Checkout Directory: C:\Sources\PryDevCore_source Click Ok and Let the program download all files. It might take a few minutes depending upon your internet speed. Step 2: To Install PryDevCore databases you will need SQLYog. Download SQLYog a database management tool: SQLYog Community Edition For optimal compression ratios, PryDev utilizes SQLYog. You must install our databases with this tool. Installing the PryDev databases: You can Find the Full worlds located in: C:\Sources\PryDevCore_source\sql\PryDevCore\Full_World Open SqlYog and connect to your mysql community server databases using the username and password from step 3. Create 3 databases: Auth_database, Character_database, World_database Import blizz or custom fun sqls into the world database Import the Character sql into the character_database Import the auth_login sql into the auth_database. You can find all necessary files located in the sql folder in our PryDev repository. Other beneficial administrative database tools: MySQL GUI Tools Great for backups HeidiSQL Perfect for filtering, migration, quick SQL queries, hand entries NAVICAT Easy dumps, Import with error correction, Copy / Paste features Stage 3: Getting Ready to compile your PryDevCore: Spoiler Step 1 Configuring and Generating Visual C++ solutions with CMake CMake: Download and install the win32-x86.exe file After the installation open Cmake and Before you begin, create an empty directory called PryDevCore_Build. In this example, we will use C:\Sources\PryDevCoreBuild. Open the CMake GUI (default install directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8\bin). The two top text areas are used to tell where CMake should look for the source tree, and also where to put the build files. Click Browse Source... -> Select the source directory (C:\Sources\PryDevCore_source) Click Browse Build... -> Select the build directory (C:\Sources\PryDevCore_Build) Click Configure Watch the video on how to configure Cmake. Dont forget to check the checkbox for tools! ( extractor tools ) Make sure Use default native compilers is checked and Visual Studio 2008 is selected. Check "Tools". This will compile the map extractors needed later in the setup. Click Generate. This will install the selected build files into your C:\Sources\PryDevCore_Build folder. Step 2: Compiling the PryDev Source Browse into your C:\Sources\PryDevCore_Build folder and open PryDevCore.sln with Visual Studio C++. On the menu at the top, click Build and select Configuration Manager. Set Active Solution Configuration to Release Set Active Solution Platform to Win32 (if you set 64-bit compilation during the CMake configuration, select Win64) Click Build -> Build Solution. Compilation length differs from machine to machine, you should expect it to take 5-30 minutes. ========== Build: 17 succeeded, 0 failed, 2 up-to-date, 0 skipped ========== You will find your freshly compiled binaries in the C:\Sources\PryDevCore_Build\bin\release folder. These are all used to run your server at the end of this instruction. You will need the following files in order for the core to function properly. These are located in your C:\Sources\PryDevCore_Build\bin\release folder: ACE.dll libeay32.dll libmySQL.dll ssleay32.dll worldserver.conf.dist worldserver.exe authserver.conf.dist authserver.exe libeay32.dll, libmySQL.dll, and ssleay32.dll will need to be manually added to this folder, and you need to copy them over from the following installation/bin directories: libmySQL.dll: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.x\lib libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll: C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin Stage 4: Configuring your PryDevCore for first time Use Spoiler Now that you have all the necessary files, you will need to setup your core, configs, and database values. ----- Step One ----- Create a Folder called PDSCore in your C:\ Directory. [C:\PDSCore] Within that folder, create another folder called data. [C:\PDSCore\data] ----- Step Two ----- Copy everything inside your C:Sources\PyrDevcore_Build\Bin\Release\Core Folder to "C:\PDSCore" ----- Step Three ----- Navigate to[C:Sources\PyrDevcore_Build\Bin\Release] and copy mapextractor.exe into your Main WoW Folder.[C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft] Run the extractor. Once it is finished, you will have two new folders: DBC and MAPS. Copy these two folders into [C:\PDSCore\data] ----- Step Four ----- Next, copy the following three files from the map extractor folder to your Main WoW directory [C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\]: makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat vmap3assembler.exe vmap3extractor.exe Run makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat, making sure to let it run its course; the .bat file needs to both extract and assemble the maps, which can take a while. Once it's done, move your newly created VMAPS folder into C:\PDSCore\data ----- Step Five ----- Now all that you must do is edit your config files within C:\PDSCore Find the following line, change the green text to your MySQL username, and change the red text to your MySQL password: Code: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;[color="#00FF00"]username[/color];[color="#FF0000"]password[/color];auth" Next, open up the worldserver.conf file, and do the same thing. Code: DataDir = "C:\PDSCore\data" LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;[color="#00FF00"]username[/color];[color="#FF0000"]password[/color];auth" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;[color="#00FF00"]username[/color];[color="#FF0000"]password[/color];prydevcore" <-- world database name CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;[color="#00FF00"]username[/color];[color="#FF0000"]password[/color];characters" ----- Step Seven ----- Realmlist Table You need to make sure that authserver.exe directs incoming connections to your realm. Run your chosen database management tool (ex. SQLYog or HeidiSQL) Open the auth database and find the realmlist table. You need to edit the address field according to your needs: -- Also known as "localhost". Leave this setting alone here and in your configs if you've installed TrinityCore on the same computer you run WoW on, and only you are connecting to it. LAN IP (192.168.x.x)-- If you are installing TrinityCore on a different computer from where you run WoW, but all the computers involved are on the same network (router) use that computer's Local Area Network IP. External IP -- If you want other people to connect to your server, use your external IP. Visit http://www.whatismyip.com/ to find your external IP address. Warning: The PryDevCore Team and Owners DO NOT in any case sponsor nor support illegal public servers. Change the Name to whatever you want your server to be named. If you plan on playing with people other than yourself, change the address to your hostname. To make your server public (and to set up a hostname), I strongly recommend using the excellent guide my Seeker Sami, found here: How to make your server public! (Making your MANGOS/Trinity Server Public (EASY GUIDE)) (Making your MANGOS/Trinity Server Public (EASY GUIDE)) Warning: Seeker Sami recommends using port 8050 when port forwarding. We use port 8085! Be sure to replace all instances of port 8050 found in his guide with port 8085. Finally, be sure to edit your realmlist.wtf file found in [C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS]. Delete everything after the first line (patch list and all that nonsense), and do the following: If you're playing by yourself, set the realmlist to OR If you plan to play with other people, set your realmlist to (and tell them to set theirs to) your hostname (myserver.dyndns.org, for example). ----- Step Eight ----- Run authserver.exe, followed by worldserver.exe. Once the worldserver executable has finished loading everything, type the following command to create your account: account create youraccountname youraccountpassword Next, type the following command to make yourself a GM, where realmid is typically 1: account set gmlevel youraccountname 4 realmid You may now login. I would recommend downloading the TrinityAdmin in-game addon from my sourceforge, which can be found at the beginning of this post.[/scroll] =======Thanks & Credits======= Spoiler Please make sure to Thank or Donate to the Respective Dev Teams for all their continued hard work because without them my repacks would not be possible. Thank You Dev Teams for All your hard work!! First and Foremost: Quote Originally Posted by lorac Let me take the time to thank the people who have assisted us in enhancing the core functionality Thanks are in NO order just random off my head lol Originally Posted by lorac 1st Trinity core and Trinity Database For providing our base source code 2nd SPGM Considering we are using numerous patches from him Iotech for providing the link above for disabling the fatigue Kingpen for trinitycore Vlad for all the mangos source shared between communities Brian for TDB Pryd For believing in a project and creating one of the best repacks i have ever seen Pryd for the x64 compiles since I unfortunately can not compile x64 And All of you guys out there who keep posting about problems so we know they exist MrHoohaFor supplying a patch to fix compile on TC Thank you all If I missed anyone Please let me know <===Since this project started===> Again thank you all for everything you do no matter how big or small Mangos, TDB, CTDB, Trinity, YTDB, ACID / ScriptDev2, MiniManager, UltraCore Team + other dev teams. Special thanks to batuyanga for sharing those resource links Axxa for releasing new launcher sources / maze creator (supports Trin) Warren & Shadowdark for making lvl 60-80 Vendors Mitch for sharing his WOTLK 330 Items! Woot Thanks bro Mikec from trinitycore.org for the TrinGuard App! Peldor from trinitycore.org for updating the bots patch! Mac for helping with c++ enhancements! SPGM for publicly releasing updated npc prof, item npc summoner patches Lorac for Customized Core Development expertise. Iotech for Administrator / Developer Tool mastery. Spitfire for Linux Compiles / Sources Olby for the Ultra Core concept .txt-plate! Zerogx for finding and posting the Celestial and Blazing new mount display IDs ( check the repo under Pryds customs ) 13ack.Stab for the updated guide for this repack ! Thanks for your hard work! Shuda here on PryDev forums for the Ulduar scripts! TY PDS Forum Users who contribute their time and energy to this project: Rigamrts, Borgotech, Lorac, Iotech, Kain, Spiderbane, Venom_only ( Sql fixes, bug reports, item updates and more!!) If I by chance I happen to miss anyone, just send me a PM and you'll be added. TY. If you like these appz and find them useful, go to the developers and give them praise, help their project, so we can continue to have these luxuries. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Featuring updated cores for PDS-4TC users + Sources Released on SF.net/projects/prydevserver SVN! PDS-4TC Revision 230 Trin Core: 10969+ YTDB Full Worlds with Customs included -- Updated the x64 Bit Core to the latest Version 7. This includes script menus fixed thanks to NiteOwl 157 -- Gurubashi Theme Generator* New is a great addition thanks to hkarta and wolf from trinity forums. -- TeleNPC completely re-written, now it buffs, morphs, heals, gives gold and teleports you. Many thanks and credits to SPGY for the spells / buffs / code that we use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Featuring updated cores for PDS-4TC users + Sources Released on SF.net/projects/prydevserver SVN! PDS-4TC Version 5a Trin Core: 10569+ TDB and YTDB Full Worlds with Customs included -- Updated the x32 /x64 Bit Core to the latest Version 5a. This includes ToC core fixes, RS core upgrades, and lots of database work. -- Faction ( Safe ) MAlls and now fully restored with vendors / npcs and gobs. ( use Pryds TeleNPC ) FFA Mall now has T9 / T10 + vendors showing all custom / hidden entries that can be changed.. GM Armor is being crafted, it will be on my custom vendor @ .tele prydshome -- Ulduar now has my custom teleporters back so that we can work on scripting some of the final bosses.. Thanks to Rig for updating our old YTDB database! Great work! 32 Bit Core provided by an old member returned, Mitfry! Glad to have you back on the team! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Featuring updated core for PDS-4TC users + Sources Released on SF.net/projects/prydevserver SVN! Trin Core: 10569 Trin DataBase: 10366 TDB 335.11.35 Script Version TDBAI 335.0.2 -- Updated the 32 Bit Core to the latest Version 3C. x64 update too with a new custom item reguester! Thanks to Naygath! -- Player Bots are in a work in progress. We could use any help that we can get with making the playerbots function better, or even getting npc minions back in. Our source is up, so guru's can extend a hand if they so choose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Featuring updated core for PDS-4TC users + Sources Released on SF.net/projects/prydevserver SVN! Trin Core: 10569 Trin DataBase: 10366 TDB 335.11.35 Script Version TDBAI 335.0.2 -- Added into the core Player Bots! Ah Bot enhanced can sell glyphs! + Icecrown Citadel, Eye of Eternity, Ruby Sanctum, + more!.. Thanks goes out to Lojak and Naygath for the player bots & ahbot! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Featuring updated database for PDS-4TC cores! Trin Core: 10341 Trin DataBase: 10366 TDB 335.11.35 Script Version TDBAI 335.0.2 -- Added into the database over 40 thousand extra gameobjects Note you will still need to find the mpq's / dbc files to use them! -- In this release expect Pryds Guild House Master to return from the grave. It has, once again, been re-written to the new standards by Pryd so look for v2b coming soon.. The Guild Master features an NPC that can buy / sell guild houses. Only 1 unique land per guild meaning, 1 guild can own GM ISland and only 1 Guild. :D Also I've tested and ensured that the SELL option works perfectly after the final conversions. An SQL is included for those that use their own databases or prefer to see how it's done otherwise the guildmaster will already be in the updated world database for v2b. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=/ PryDevServer| 4 The Community Repack Version 2a |2010 \=- -- Featuring updated database for PDS-4TC cores! Trin Core: 10340 Trin DataBase: 10366 TDB 335.11.35 Script Version TDBAI 335.0.2 Fixes by TDB.. check their forums for more details. -- Added into the database are over a thousand extra (hidden entries) -- custom items that I have brought to light over time. You may mod them as you please as they are meant to give private servers the ability to use / have custom items that work, with no core hacks etc. :D Many hours of matching numbers from dbcs and making queries alas my hard work shouldn't go to waste. -- We have a new jukebox machine as well as a teleporter. Look in the creature template. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PryDevServer: 4 The Community Repack - TC/TDB 10270 - 2010 If you want to contribute fixes, customs or get guides or help concerning this repack go to: http://prydevserver.com/ultracore/ make your account and login to our forums. One of our public repos for the community's benefit. http://sf.net/projects/prydevserver/ Official Credits on our repo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Pryd: How to UPGRADE - use these files for intermediate to expert admins. 1) Import Full world using SQLYOG 2) Copy over new core 3) Update your configs 4) Update any sqls you need for realmd / character or world. I provide all the numbers make sure to use them. Example Core Ver 10270. And that's a wrap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to contribute fixes, customs or get guides or help concerning this repack go to: http://prydevserver.com/ultracore/ Thanks and we hope you enjoy this work! PDS TEAM Problems / Questions / Comments? Contact Pryd with your concerns. Special thanks goes out to all the development groups and individuals who make this repack possible. Thank You!
Source: README_FROM_Pryd.txt, updated 2011-11-25

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