ProjectTRACKER is a HTML based SW project management tool implementing standard project planning and control methods. ProjectTRACKER also supports the Agile Scrum development methodology consisting of user stories and story point estimation techniques and with this allows to close the gaps between Agile and Plan-driven concepts. In addition heuristic project scheduling and statistical estimation functions based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies are supported.


  • Unlimited user story / task group leveling and summaries possible.
  • Portfolio task and resource planning
  • Detailed task planning with daily or hourly granularity and unlimited detail level
  • Agile / Scrum support via unlimited user stories / task group leveling and summaries possible
  • Estimate Story Points per User Story
  • Approve Story Points "Done"
  • Automatic, configurable task status changes based on time recordings
  • Full change history on all effort and date changes to tasks with a daily granularity
  • Minimum, maximum and expected case statistical effort estimations
  • Statistical effort calculations with estimation-, effort- confidence intervals
  • Resource net capacity calculations and auto plan functions
  • Unlimited number of task templates for best practice documentation and efficient tasking-out activities
  • Fully configurable Project Dashboard - all important project information in real time and in one place
  • Import tasks and resource allocations from CSV file formats
  • Import tasks and resource allocations from OpenProj XML file format
  • Daily / weekly time accounting / effort measurement tool
  • Time-boxed recording of task efforts
  • Inbuilt, fully configurable, script based reporting engine to generate tabular and / or graphical reports
  • Graphical reports via Google Chart API and PHPlot
  • Burn up charts and status overviews to check and adjust the project scope
  • Generate all reports also to MoinWiki, DokuWiki, CSV and RSS format
  • Export all views to CSV file format
  • Measurement team net capacities
  • Project metrics: variance from minimum, maximum, planned, expected, etc. efforts to improve effort estimation techniques
  • Current resources / task allocation versa real allocation
  • Statistical project metrics: estimation accuracy, task effort deviation from confidence intervals
  • Timer utility for individual time spend on a certain task
  • Holiday request and approval tool
  • Real time status information when entering the current project task status / time accountings, for all team members
  • Hierarchical team access rights model

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