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  • I was searching for such an open source product for the last one week. Good that I found Projeqtor. Excellent product. Many features.

  • Very detailed and in depth software. Glad i gave this a look.

  • I use this tool since its beginning (or almost). It not only helps me to manage projects (planning, cost, time tracking, invoicing, etc.) entrusted to my company by its customers, but also to make my department management control. It is a comprehensive tool that is simple to use. What is remarkable is the management of its versions. Indeed, I had the opportunity to make version upgrades since the V2.0.0 without any problem and without the need to do them all. BRAVO

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  • In my opinion is the best open-source project management solutions for teams available the only drawback is the GUI: colors, fonts and logos need to be changed. In particular the logo: the smiling light projector seems so silly and childish that it "projects" a unprofessional image!

  • Very good tool, the level of support is excellent for such an open source program. Many regular evolutions in response to users' needs, and it is also fully customizable.

  • Outstanding software!!! Good tool, good functions, good method, and good support!!!

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  • excellent tools. i love you.

  • This product has great potential and is well thought out. Developers are quick to reply to questions and the code is fresh.

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  • Thanks for the project will be to Use!

  • Before select Project'Or RIA I have done evaluation for 14 tools in this area. I selected Project'Or RIA because it wide functionality, very good usability, and excellent support. This tool is covering wide area, so instead of 3-4 tools you can use this one. Now we are using it for 10 months and we are in the final stage preparation for ISO 9001 certification - this tool just ticking all the boxes. During this 10 months tool been growing and maturing very quickly. All my partners who seen it cannot believe it is free! All the paid tools is much worse than this one. Thank you very much for a good software and support!

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  • Has all features needed, but is as simple as possible. Is very flexible. You can start simple and grow as fast as you like and apply more and more features. Needs only php and MySQL. I work since 2010 very successful with ProjeQtOr and will strong recommend. Support is great. Application will constantly improved.

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  • Easy but complete